Shin Hisako's Colors


Color 5 is for me. For the price, I’m glad it’s just 5 bucks for the character and not 10 bucks for the character and some KI Gold (because I don’t really care about the ingame currency).

Excited for the presentation (too bad I won’t be in the audience).


Red one is my favoite. Was hoping for a normal flesh color version though


Nope. She is not for me. Enjoy it though for those who do.


I like the colors, especially the green. I agree, though that her posture looks weird. Hoping she doesn’t come out floppy.


The Blue one is cool.

Hoping to play her soon. Really excited!


well. I stand corrected. They always seemed heavier because of the movements I guess. Also, I’m used to seeing Zweihanders and such portrayed as heavy chunks of metal (a la Dark Souls). When really the heaviest a usable sword was, was between 2 and 10 lbs, and even the 10lbs is generous.


just curious… not to get off topic … how do I get ahold of someone about problems I’m having with the game on my pc


Yeah, typically you don’t want your weapon to be so heavy that swinging it would throw you off balance. A big zweihander is probably only 7 pounds, since it needed to be light enough to be swung quickly enough to be effective, as well as to be used for long periods of time.

Besides, even though they work from a gameplay perspective, the player character in any Souls game doesn’t seem to actually be very good with most of the weapons they use: banging them into walls with every swing, making exaggerated motions so the opponent sees exactly what you’re doing, throwing away their shield with each strike to leave themselves open… not things you’d want to do in a sword fight. :stuck_out_tongue:

To give further example, katanas usually weren’t “swung” like a baseball bat would be. It was usually a quick flick of the wrists or turn of the arm. Small Circle Energy is what I usually see it called: building up a large amount of speed and force in a very small movement. That’s also how Bruce Lee would do the One Inch Punch, as well as many other sword fighting and martial arts techniques from around the globe.
After all, the blade is sharp. You don’t need to swing with all your might to cut through an apple or a piece of meat, do you? :wink:

But back on topic:
I’m happy there’s a purple color. My girlyfriend was very pleased. I’m a fan of 5 and 7 myself, and I like the warpaint on Color 9.

I’m also really digging the fact that the calligraphy on the blade changes colors!


I’ve actually heard that Katanas were usually only used as backup weapons and we’re dull to some degree. Maybe another bit of misinformation.


Love the colors! Especially that cool kabuki looking one at the end. These all look very nice.

I’d like to hope that her stance is “a” stance and not her only stance, but I’m thinking that ship has likely sailed, which is fine.

I don’t mind the lack of a normal amount of retro gear. Characters like her, Kilgore, Shago and Omen don’t get that treatment. Regardless of whether we like that or not, at least they’re being consistent.

I just… Eh, man, that stance, and the way she’s holding the katana. It just looks so wonky and off. I’m sure a LOT would’ve had to have been done to change that, but I wish they could’ve done it somehow.

Even her walk, which we saw in the video Rukari deleted. I believe she was walking backwards. She looked like a cartoon character from the 80’s sneaking on their tip toes while high piano notes play. Mate I just didn’t catch it right or something.

Either way, I hope stuff is polished if it’s not looking right in the final product and while that seems far fetched, I at least hope she turns out to be fun, cuz that’s what matters first and foremost.


Swords generally were a backup weapon in any culture that employed them, but they were always sharp, at least enough to cut flesh. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a reason to use them.

The only dull part of a katana is the back of the blade. Like kitchen knives, katanas are single edged blades. This means the back of the blade can be used for non-lethal strikes, while the front could be used for swording.


Shin Hisako Color 9:


@MandrillManiac is gonna love this


Ha. Ugly shins hisako is the first Samurai with multiple sclerosis.


Her stance seems somewhat childlike, which is actually kinda fitting Shin Hisako’s name.

Really digging the green one


Disappointed by how much overlap her stance has with standard Hisako, but hopefully she animates differently enough.

The color choice is just okay TBH, but maybe with certain accessories she’ll pop more.


how to make a lame character even lamer … This


Color 5 is my favorite, it has that bioluminescent look.


She looks less ghostly, and I like the hairstyle XD

Yep the stance looks a bit wierd, but I have to see her in motion to judge.

Her original stance was built around her using the naginata to stay on her feet, maybe there was I bit too much animation recycling? Hopefully she looks different and good in motion.


Really hope that her current stance is a place holder for now :frowning: