Shin Hisako's Colors


Accessory set… only gets one set just like Kilgore


I’m not saying that her posture doesn’t look odd. I’m just saying the sword itself wouldn’t have anything to do with it.

Though the stance does kinda remind me of the Cobra stance we’d occasionally use back in my karate classes. So she might be doing it intentionally, rather than out of habit.

Maybe standing upright will be part of her instinct? Or perhaps she’ll be able to switch postures to do different things, like Riptor’s predator stance. Maybe the possibility of standing upright comes with help from Swordad taking control.




Wait… Is it confirm that she will not have more accessories? Just one accessory?


Just like Kilgore. No retro, either.


Ah thank you for reply my post. I’m looking forward to see Shinsako’s gameplay! :slight_smile:


See you Saturday!



I could not see you saturday, I live in France…
I love you Ruk.


I wish. I enjoyed meeting you at EVO though. Too bad I’m having money issues after acquiring my car. I can’t believe how expensive it is.


Was looking forward to a different stances, This tells me her walk speed is the same (I could be wrong), which means if she not human, but different entity…does this mean she’s a zombie?


Walk speed is not the same.


Aw, ok, But i’ll tell yah, Saturday cannot get here faster!


I agree. Unfortunately, I’ll still be at work during the gameplay reveal. :frowning:

Hopefully, I won’t have a long day.


Her stance looks really awkward.

Colors are great though! :thumbsup:


WE have a whole FORUM group coming to stalk you Rukari …mu ah ha ha ha!!!

**Insert meme here ***but I dont do memes cuz Im lazy LOL


Her colors look cool. The stance just defies what a good pose is in animation. I really hope it’s just a placeholder or a part of her full animated stance where she just so happens to swing the sword up in that way.


Not even joking…I love when people come up to talk to me in real life. You create personas for folks online, and it is sweet to actually get to meet and see what the real-life version looks like.

Also, you are all way nicer in person. Maybe because I am tall. Still trying to decide. (Not Finchomatic tall, though).


Ha ha…yeah everyone’s a bad ■■■ online. Ive always said 99% of the things people say online they will not do in person.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone!


Now that we get some more info, lets get some complaints re-tuned.

It is now clear that her stance and (MAYBE) animations will be re-used.

It is now clear she will have less accessories than a normal character.

She wont have a retro costume, but those cost extra on all other characters anyway.

In summary, arguments that she is a lesser character than others are now justified. She is a “Bonus” character in design, but a full character in price. The only thing i am dissatisfied with are the lack of accessories, but i feel everything else we have seen is still enough to get my $5.00.

Haters, you are now free to criticize, as there is now evidence to back your arguments. But please, do not start making new arguments based on things we havent seen yet.