Shin Hisako's Colors


Check out all the colors here:


Why does my browser download the photos instead of opening them like usual?


Hmmm lemme check…


I’m getting the same thing. Using Chrome btw.


Same here.

Colors look great but that stance. >.<


Gonna have to get that fixed. Have a feeling it has to do with the site refresh that happened in December. Yes, this is the first time we’ve linked to some big ol’ images in such a fashion since.


Yeah. The stance is a little awkward considering the sword’s size and her height. I think a Siegfried stance would have fit better.


Maybe it’s just me, but seeing Shin Hisako makes me think that Hisako might be the first KI cast member to have a definitive turn-for-the-better. Like, Hisako was broken, twisted, and full of righteous anger, while Shin Hisako seems whole, sane, and calmer- Am I on to something here? :ghost:



Hell yeah! She comes in PURPLE!

My girlyfriend will be soso happy!


I like the colors and design…but do not like the stance… it doesn’t look right.

A rush down Glacius or Shadow Orchid would have been the better remix option IMO…as far as remix goes


Colors look pretty nice. Really hoping that stance looks way better in motion though… =S


if I am to say that the posture is not good, all to attack me, but I see that many share my thoughts. Posture Hisako was built on the Naginata, she stands on the naginata how to stand on a crutch. Shin Hisako should have a totally different posture. I understand that it is a carettere remix, but even in these things you have to show class and consistency, otherwise it comes out something horrible and unnatural. I hope it will be changed before release.


Swords only weigh about 3 or 4 pounds though, and katanas are especially light weight. Even a heavy katana only weighs 3 pounds (1400 grams)


Fair enough i thought she was alive while holding the blade. At least while grabbing the sword :scream:


Anothing thing that makes the stance odd is that in her teaser she’s clearly standing fully upright, so it’s not like an upright Shinsako doesn’t exist in the game already.


Damn no black/red color for this version. Oh well. This katana also has a disproportionately long handle, lol. It’s actually more of a Nagamaki. I do have to agree sadly that the straight up position looks odd for her posture. It would just look less “off” if she held it leaning back against her shoulder in a half-step between a mid and high stance as I imagine her preferred techniques will favor coming from that higher stance as opposed to the low stance proposed by @Ziarist. Still kinda cool to see a Nagamaki as you don’t see them very often. Hopefully her accessory set is cool and maybe comes in my color(s), lol.


Now we wait for the accessories.


I think it mostly looks weird because the stance looks like she’s holding a naginata but there’s nothing supporting her weight for that sort of posture.



Yeah. A high stance would probably be her preferred style since it allows the blade to do most of the work when swinging. It would also look more natural to have a mid-stance like Mitsurugi.