Shin Hisako's Colors


Your right it looks exactly like hisako’s stance lol


White hair! Yyyyusss!
I also love the aqua blue one. :slight_smile:


Just for a second I thought he was referring to her stance…


Color 9 seems like a Game of Thrones reference, what with the white hair and the dragons:


That doesn’t seem like a proper way to hold a katana…


It’s a dream come true…


Yeah, @Ziarist I think the confusion just comes from the definition of “dull.” There’s a lot of mythology around katanas that acts like they are razor sharp. They aren’t. If you sharpen a sword too finely, then it will get nicks and notches any time you hit something harder than a cotton ball, and it will lose it’s effectiveness very quickly. So yeah, swords are always sharp enough to cut metal or leather and flesh. But you aren’t going to shave with one and you can probably even touch the blade without too much hazard of cutting yourself as long as you aren’t being insanely reckless. So, not the “drop a hair on it and watch the hair split” sharpness of anime legend. But “dull” is a mischaracterization.


ya, I think that’s close. it’s the force of impact motion transferred into the thin edge of the blade that cuts. I believe that the longer the handle is, the more transferable energy is applied to the small area of impact.


Length of the handle affects the probable length of the moment arm for the swing. Actual cutting impact is just a function of force and area (of the edge). As the edge gets thinner, the stress applied to the cutting surface increases commensurately per the function Stress = Force/Area. When the stress becomes large enough, the surface will yield/deform - i.e., be cut.

Because of the many ways the weapon can be handled (angle of slash, stab, follow through), the moment applied in a given swing can vary considerably or even be nil (as in the case of a stab). The stress function is the main governing equation of any cutting or piercing action. If you wanted to get really technical you could also layer in impact equations in there, but who wants to go through all that work? :joy:


Oh for sure if anyone pulled the crap they do online next to me on an arcade cabinet oh lawdy.


ya, hydraulic systems work the same way. large potential energy area transfered via kinetics to a smaller volume. energy or mass at rest Dosent have potential energy.

however, a recent scientific discovery has yielded that any energy or mass at rest can indeed posses potential energy through kinetic.
if u want to blow your lid off, Google time crystals. that’s some crazy shizzz right there


Any reason why it’s asking me to download the images when I click on the previews?


Yeah the stance is silly. Made since on regular Hisako because she was basically holding herself up with the Naginata. Here it looks weird.


Credit goes to Rizza D. Marco from Facebook. Made the stance seem a bit more natural.

Granted one of her feet is backwards but I’m sure that was an unintentional mistake.


Just a minor point here, but it’s not really an unintentional mistake. He cloned the front foot and rotated it slightly to make the back foot. He could have flipped it so the big toe is on the inside but then the lighting would be off on that foot (light would be coming from other direction). So it’s not so much a mistake than it is just a compromise given the constraints of what he’s willing to put in for a quick mockup :slight_smile:.

But yeah, this pose just looks so much better to me.


That would be our very own @Ravan86 . ^^


Arm positioning is better. Not the bottom half though. This looks more like an in between frame of a strike. Kinda made it worse. :frowning:


it’s just a quick example …


That seems better.


When a forum member has better skills than an ms character design art team