Shin Hisako's Colors


I think a better idle stance would be for her to hold it over her shoulder.


I really hope it’s just a placeholder for now.


Her stance doesn’t have anything to do with art design though…


Because photoshoping is equal to design and make a working character, with animations, lighting, and all that stuff

Yeah, no


BTW, I feel they missed the opportunity to make Oni, Shin Akuma, and Akuma colors


You’re darn right photoshop is equal to all design aspects of gaming!

But akuma has nothing to do with shin Hisako, though

Yeah, no lol


Its a way to do a tribute to the “Shin” part of her name. Also, if some characters would ever get “tribute” colors, like, Jago getting a red bandana and white clothes, that colors would be very popular for sure

Also, color palette would be cool


No offense to @Ravan86, but photoshopping a still from the game is absolutely nothing like actually making an in game animation.

Sometimes I wonder how you guys can be so dense. The thesis is that it would be quick and easy to make a better stance for the character but the developers just didn’t bother? Smh


if something can not be done in an excellent way, it should not be made. I think so, especially because it is a game that sees the whole world, it is not a design that do to your home. Stating that Shinsako has this posture because we wanted to change it too much money, it is a serious lack the image of KI.


I agree @Ravan86 it’s easy for people who can’t fathom design essentials to ‘like’ senseless downplay aspects of the industry.

I don’t have time for instructional lecturing etc

Staying the obvious hardly gets you anywhere in this forum

As if we don’t already know it takes more time to produce art than copy paste ftw. No duh really are you serious

Just enjoy being on the consumer side of production.


It’s also relatively easy for someone with photoshop to touch up a still image of a 3D model.


in any case now I understand, this character must be placed in the same category of Shadow Jago, Omen and Kilgore, however, only Shinsako, she remains the same person. she’s not possessed by any one entity, and she is not about another robotic model …
It is the same person just that one morning you dropped the other side of the bed.


Well, if you are willing to bankroll the production of new characters, instead of just lobbing critical bombs from the sidelines, then more power to you. If not, then you’re just full of hot air. And all these fifteen minute photoshop jobs you throw up saying “KI should look like this” are deliberately giving people the wrong impression. They have as much relationship to the actual game development as me putting up a photograph and saying “make it look like this.”

Again, platitudes are great. “If it’s not worth doing well, then it isn’t worth doing.” But you are looking at a fighting game industry where every single game re-uses assets. And none of them take the kind of heat that KI does. Not one single person has stated “Shinsako has this posture because we wanted to change it too much money.” Keits mentioned “cost,” which could be interpreted in lots of ways. If you are going to put words in everyone’s mouth why not add the rest. “We created this remix character to provide additional content to our players. On the balance of resources, including time and money, we have chosen to re-use assets, including Hisako’s idle stance. We believe that we can create a unique and original character that meets the quality standard our fans have come to expect, and that Shin Hisako will provide a new and engaging experience for our players.”

There’s no disagreement on facts, it’s just a question of perspective. [quote=“Ravan86, post:92, topic:19302”]
in any case now I understand, this character must be placed in the same category of Shadow Jago, Omen and Kilgore
This was always going to be true.

In any case - pretty much everyone agrees that the stance looks wonky. But it’s a question of degree. The stance looks wonky, therefore:
(pick one)

  1. KI has gone into the toilet. The game is doomed and I can’t believe they would do such terrible things to me!
  2. The stance looks wonky. Let’s see how the character plays.


I agree with everyone who says her pose is weird/awkward/unnatural… Sad really. At the very least she should be dragging it by default like sako does when she walks fwd…I remember back at the beginning of Season2, IG mentioned something about creating “character frames/body poses/skeletons”, and that it was somehow very difficult… Not sure how it could be more difficult compared to creating a remixed character all together in the first place… Why not go the extra mile and make her more unique is my question… And don’t blame it on budget. IG is where they WORK right? So why not have someone over a few days create a new pose while they’re there? Keits can’t do it all…


Animation is a lot more strenuous than you think. It has been stated (on these forums I’m pretty sure) that the amount of effort and cost it would take to adjust all the animations to fit a new stance would be so much that they may as well make a completely new character.

This is far more than “an extra mile.”

And I have to side with @Dayv0 and @BigBadAndy with the photoshop stuff (this isn’t directed towards anyone specific). Making cool looking art and trying to suggest things to the devs is always appreciated. But when you make a photoshop to try and suggest that you can do something better than the devs, you are not only being ignorant to what it actually takes to make that change in a game, you are also giving that wrong impression to others and generally making things worse.


Sigh… okay, you are asking this rhetorical question, but why don’t you answer it yourself? There are really only two possibilities:

  1. The developers are lazy and stupid. They are not smart enough or creative enough to have the good ideas that people on the forums come up with. If only, we the fans could develop the games ourselves and not have to deal with this lack of effort!
  2. I guess I know nothing about game development, or at least a lot less than the professional game developers actually making this game. It probably presents a significant challenge to adjust an idle stance and then redraw every one of that characters animations to start from and return to that idle stance. After all, if they could just knock it out in an afternoon they probably would - since the developers have demonstrated over and over again that they are fans of the game just like we are.

I’ll let you decide on your own which is more likely.

On the bright side, I’m really excited about an idea this thread has given me. I want to find people who complain on this forum, and other video game forums, and then get game developers to come to their workplace and spend the day with them telling them why everything they do is crap. I’m guessing YouTube would love it.



This is such an obvious thing that people fail to understand.


Well, they’ve done it 20 times over already lol… Should have the hang of it by now I would think.


This nothing against the beautiful animation of current characters- but

Remix characters were planned last YEAR before a survey.
The whole timeline of characters of season 2 were planned even before Combo & Mayas reveal, as a dev was remarking on the vast diversity of the cast.

Don’t assume MS just surprised developers with a shin Hisako idea last month.


This might actually be my first complaint in the 3 plus years KI has been released… I never said everything or anything they do was crap, so I’m assuming you must be talking about the people that complain on a daily basis.