Shadow Skins in 3.5

Just a recolor of an already existing skin. While I appreciate it, understand why this isn’t hype for me. Been there done that. Was hoping for something along the lines of color 9 ideas where textures were altered for a new look.


For over a year I have seen your posts complaining about the game. They are called VIDEO games, not sound games. Therefore 99% of what a game improves on is going to be visual. I don’t want to be mean, but at some point you need to understand that video games are not made for the blind.


You know, in a way, at least we will get Shadow Orchid, Shadow Maya, and Shadow Kim Wu :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

We finally get Shadow Shadow Jago! :smiley:


but why they don call it shadow mimics? Shadow shadow shago?! Aww…

I get that the shadow color changed to purple but i really wish these were blue. That’s just the color I’ve pictured shadow characters for the last three years…


Thanks IG! I’ll be wearing these on everything for everyone c:


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Now if only the smoke coming off Omen was green/purple instead of the default blue

Thanks for telling me that, glad to know they fixed that.

Though my post still kinda stands with that aside.

The sound design of KI is just as important as everything else… as you should know they take great pride in that… The fact that people can play this game without actually seeing it is an extrenemy positive and beneifial element. There aren’t that many games that can do that. The fact you just complained about Sightlesskombat whom ‘complains’ a hell of a lot less than other who can use all there senses is beyond me. This guy has been noticed and interviewed by community managers etc for that fact… and it is a special thing and KI is a leading IP for this kind of sound design. I 'd think about things before you start bad mouthing people who have actually helped shape this game. Majority or minority… its all the same when it comes to the KI community. Be more respectful.


Do you make video games for a living? Not being sarcastic, I’m legitimately asking because I’d like to know what qualifies you to make the declarative statement and actually deem these “copy and paste” quality.

Do you know what process they use or how much time or technical expertise it takes? I’m asking (not assuming, but asking) because if you’re going to declare a certain level of quality, I’d like to know if that’s based on anything beyond your eye test or your gut feeling. Do you know how much goes in to creating these or are you just assuming because you think your money entitles you to a certain level of knowledge and insight and this is some “the customer is always right” garbage?

Would I like to see something more along the lines of a Shago skin for each character? Yeah, that’d be really cool. Same goes for the mimic skins. But what if this is what they have the time and budget to do even with our money? I still think they look nice, and I still think it’s cool to have a reward like this for Shadow Lab. Can’t that be enough without being seen as accepting less?

You don’t? Not sure how else to take this comment. You know the guy plays and plays well, regardless of who games are “meant for,” right?

I’m pretty sure he knows what they’re called, but thanks for enlightening everyone in the whole thread with that pro tip and capitalizing it to really drive it home. That’s some clever, subtle stuff right there.

This is just a suggestion, but given that he’s been a great community member for a long time and also has a unique perspective on what he’s talking about, how about you let him communicate his concerns and let the devs decide what to do with them. He’s not just trashing the game, he just wants to enjoy as much of it as possible. Why get on his case for that?

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Very disappointing.


Thanks so much for reiterating that I’m not trashing the game, far from it. I just want as many players, regardless of how much sight they have, to be able to enjoy the new unlockable content this game has to offer.

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Thanks very much for backing me up, I really appreciate that. I will continue to reiterate. I do not “hate the game” or anything like that, I merely want to have as much enjoyment for myself and other players with no sight, or even those with limited vision, as possible. Making adjustments to content to possibly include additional audio (maybe in a diferent engine in a future game) isn’t too much to ask. Also making accessible methods for getting around certain scenarios like ranked leagues’ point system is, I believe, workable. I just think that were the team bigger, we’d have two scenarios:

  1. They wouldn’t even listen to feedback from the general community, let alone the narrower bands like gamers with no sight (think Capcom for example).
  2. We’d get the support still but it might take more time to come. THis would be workable as well, but I appreciate the fact that the devs are working with what they can and all the work that has allowed me to play to the level I am at now has really helped me understand how the game works etc.

You are not the first to say this, nor will you be the last. However, as much as you “don’t want to be mean” you are, I feel, in the same breath, doing just that. You as a Killer Instinct player should, without a doubt, be aware of how much time, effort and detail the audio department and the rest have put into making this game sounds as good as it does now and with the addition of accessibility related audio cues (added partially because of my personal feedback), I believe that you should have more respect for how much the game can be played without sight. Hey. maybe you should try that yourself - play without sight for a while and see how you feel about Shadow Lords, without getting any sighted help (as if you did, you’d probably have a very borred/confused sighted person with you). Maybe then you’ll see why I am not complaining, merely stating the “facts” as I see them, from my own relatively unique perspective.

They might be called Video Games, but doesn’t mean Video is the most integral part of the core game. Most players only rely on Video because it’s all they know. But Sound is just as, if not more, important to others. The graphics do not make the game, as the industry would hoodwink you into believing. Above all what does make the game are the mechanics and story (where the latter is sometimes substituted for other elements like exploration). If these foundations are as strong as they can be, you could have a really terrible looking game that plays well and sounds at least reasonably good, but it would still be an enjoyable experience.

Whatever, kind of cool I guess. :unamused:

I am also disabled, so I don’t need to wonder what it is like to not be able to do things that others do. I am aware that you are a good KI player and that it takes real skill to do what you have.

The thing is that you don’t need to point out that you are blind in every post when there is some update to the video settings. 90% of the people here already know.

Now believe it or not, I am sorry that you can’t enjoy Shadow Lords.

I think the bigger thing to take away from this is that user created shadows will be playable in Shadow Lords, as many people have requested. Even if you’re disappointed by the free skins, its a win-win situation for everyone.


I like the dark purple. These are what the Mimic skins should have looked like in the first place IMO.

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