Shadow Skins in 3.5

No official word yet.

Glad to see further customization content, hope there’s a lot more to come!

I do think the human Mimic (and Shadow) skins would benefit from having a color other than their default (Color 1) set underneath the effects, though. Tusk’s hair and beard in particular are too contrasting against the green and purple, and I think it would look better if his Color 6 (black clothing, dark brown/black hair) was used for the Mimic and Shadow costumes. I’m sure most of the other characters would benefit from this kind of treatment as well, if it isn’t too difficult and the team can find the time!


Just wanted to throw that in for you :slight_smile:

On my take, I’ll admit these Shadow skins aren’t super exciting to me, but I’ll still use them anyway from time to time. I’m not gonna complain about free stuff :unamused:

Not a complaint and glad to see new content but really hoped even in season 3 that KI would have had the vast costume options that SFV or even MKX had.

Hoping there’s talk to implement original new designs and not just a color blend over the original costumes.

Thanks for the purple smoke colors- I’d actually love a silver/ black smoke color more

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Oh weight a sec…Crap…do we have to unlock these again the same way we did with the mimic Skins because that would suck. I just want to play with them I don’t want to have to unlock more stuff it was hard enough unlocking everything else. Can we just put them as one of the character levels between 1 and 50 again instead of the hole needing to beat so many characters in shadow lords or better yet just being able to use them as soon as they come out that would be beast.

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You don’t have to beat anyone in SL to get them they are bought with shadow points from shadow labs or with KI gold.

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Shadow Lab points my god that’s even harder I haven’t spent a single point since the mode 1st came out and only have 380 points.

Well it’s to encourage people to use their shadows since they’ll now be in shadow lords.

I agree… Personally im actually tired of the themed season colors used in this game (purple and green) Although, I did like the mimic colors because it added like an afterimage along with the green smoke. I know that it’s the theme for the season but for me…now it’s an overkill. For me when it comes to a shadow type color im thinking either a dark blue-ish or a grey and black like color, not purple… and then when you do a shadow move along with that purple color… way too much purple. But all and all it is free (which is a good thing) and it’s not a forced issue to use the new skins, at the end of the day i’ll continue to play KI no matter what!

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So for those of us who have millions of shadow points thanks to the bug that occurred early in Shadow Labs release are we gonna have a problem buying shadows? Will our points be reset?

all very nice, but you have to improve the effect of these skin. both on character models that the images in the VS. how you have improved the look and impact of the shadow moves.



People do use there shadow’s but using a shadow dose not give you points if you are using it out of shadow labs and if there trying to get people to play shadow labs more then instead of giving them skins here is what they should do.

  1. Let people select there color and stage for there characters instead of just accessory’s and nothing else.
  2. Let people have shadow’s for every character instead of just two of them.

And there done.

Work harder or pay money. You know, like everything else in life.

I dunno man. these shadow skins are copy and paste quality. I personally spent 120 on this game, so did the vast majority. anything developed in SE3 we paid for as their budget is tight and they know well in advance what we’re getting.

“you were so preoccupied with wether you could, that IG didn’t stop and think if they should”.

I’d like to quote a Jurassic park line from Jeff goldbloom.



You get points by challenging other people’s shadows and you can get decent amount, also not many people do use shadows anymore (at least in my experience) and they’re left there to essentially be canon fodder.

Obviously some shadow skins look better than others. This is definitely a step in the right direction and hopefully we see more skins and options in the future.

It seems slightly odd to have these look this way given how different Shago is from Jago. Is this going to be explained in any way? I wish there was a way to put some character specific effects on them (as well as the mimic skins) to make them more than another color with a smoke effect on them and something more unique.

But, taken as they are, I really like them! They’re stylish, and a very cool way of indicating an accomplishment, even if they can also be purchased and it’s awesome to have something like this and the mimic skins to unlock by playing.

I’m hoping we’ll get more stuff like this over time, perhaps a bit more customized to the individual characters, and that unlocking them isn’t quite as arduous as some of the current requirements, like 100 matches for Wulf and Hisako, but for me, this is awesome stuff to have and I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Looks cooler than the green Mimic ones. Kinda made them look like they were REALLY smelly. :stuck_out_tongue:
Now they just look cool. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Good job.

to be honest im kinda disappointed. I thought they would be something stunning. Far superior from green mimics by reclying Omen’s body VFX using them at their exoesqueleton but ended being purple vapor effects… If they say they would upgrade this to shadow skins that would look like Omen i would just throw my money on them. Pls lets make shadow skins something that really worth to be fighting for.