Shadow Jago Live Stream Wednesday

Well, you have technically 2 weeks, before the “Official Release of Shadow Jago comes out”… :grin:


I just realized the stream was going on 12 -1 pacific standard time. Why?

IG is in Chicago…or is MS running the stream this go round from Seattle?

Who will be showing off Shago? I was hoping that Keits and team were doing it.

Because whenever I write something, I use the timezone I am in. Not to mention anything I ever write from KI uses PST for timing.

This is a joint effort coming from IG with James Goddard from the MS side in attendance too.

So you guys just put it PST for ease of use? That’s pretty smart. Never would have thought about that. It’s just easier that way I assume?

I wish I could record my reaction to the stream w/chat like I did with Cinder, but the time doesn’t work with me. I either watch it live on my crappy phone without recording or record my reaction without the chat.

This is honestly a big bummer because the twitch chat I recorded during the Cinder reaction was hilarious. “BROKEN FIRE BROKEN I’M MAINING HIM BROKEN BLUEEE” LOL

Dat Pre-Game Hype

Twitch Chat:


Friggin awesome.

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Thank you so much! Though I’ve already decided I’m not doing the reaction, Can’t wait even an extra 2 hours for this lol.

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Wait, the stream is on already?

Not yet, but everyone is hanging out in there talking.

Because of the twitch app stupidity, I can’t see the chat unless the stream is online. Please be soon

Just woke up, without setting the alarm.
Shago and I are destined to be together.

Sorry no time left for :bath: if the chat stinks, it’s me.


They’re in the dojo today. Noyce. :smile:

Hey, it’s James!! Awesome.

That Shago figure looks SO good!

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I am impressed so far. Great character!

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Thanks for the live commentary, fam! :smile:
I’m living the stream vicariously through you!

Shadow Jago has some Street Fighter type juggle combos. Those combos were crazy.

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Oh man, that 9th color variation… So freaking cool.

Love his move set, or what I could watch of it anyways.

The surge mechanic is very cool.

Wonder if the stagger mechanic is the only new mechanic added to season 3… Either way, it’ll be cool to try it out with Shago before S3 launches.

Wish I could’ve watched more but my data plan is pretty weak, so I need to conserve. But yeah, LOVED what I saw so far and can’t wait to watch the whole thing when I get home tonight!

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