Shadow Jago Live Stream Wednesday

Ready to see more of Shadow Jago’s goodness? Iron Galaxy is going to bring you a stream tomorrow, Wednesday December 2nd, in preparation for Shadow Jago’s launch on the 4th.

Check out the full details here, and please note they are tentative: Shadow Jago Live Stream Wednesday - Killer Instinct



…as in you guys are going to make us wait for 15 minutes because that’s how long it’ll actually take for you to start AFTER the scheduled time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wow guy that’s bold!

In all honesty we are just making sure we get our timing down perfectly. At the time of writing this, we weren’t 100% confirmed, but we’re just so damned excited to bring you this stream!

Still, I doubt you’re as excited as the rest of us. You already know what’s going to happen! You’ve spoiled it for yourselves! For us, it’s ALL NEW. :stuck_out_tongue:

…well, mostly. :smirk:

In all honesty, I’m just happy to know that if I get called into work, I will STILL be able to get home in time to see it. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it! :bust_in_silhouette: <- That’s Shadow Jago waiting to be fully revealed :yum:

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It’s a different feeling, that’s for sure. Imagine being Santa. Waking up the day before Christmas knowing you get to deliver gifts. I legit could not sleep last night because I knew what was happening today!

Waiting without knowledge is tough, but knowing, I think, is way tougher.


Sweet! Thanks @rukizzel. Looking forward to see you there! Do you participate in the streams or chat? Will you get to play SJ? You seem busy now SJ has been revealed. Lol :slight_smile:

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Alright, Santa - just don’t expect us to put out the milk and cookies… :wink:

Q: Why didn’t I see anything resembling a “tether” in the trailer?


Perfect question for tomorrow’s stream. :wink:

The trailer was awesome. Really looking forward to the character himself, the culmination of IG’s work and the community’s determination and desire to have this happen, and their outpouring of support “capital” comes to fruition.

I’m ready…

@rukizzel Did I tell you guys already that I love you? Here’s a cookie :cookie: no here’s two :cookie: :cookie:

Well, I know we’ll see it in the stream tomorrow - It’s just that most trailers show ALL of the features of a character and this was a cool aspect of the character that I felt was held back when it could’ve been used to really showcase the character. Instead, a lot of what I saw was some of the same ol’ Jago kicks…

@Rukizzel, please tell me that it was just a sort of a placeholder character in the trailer (such as an earlier version of Shago) similar to how other trailers have shown early pre-release versions of characters and that a lot of those standard Jago moves have been changed (and that we’ll see that in tomorrow’s stream).

Q: How big is the update going to be?

This particular stream will take place in Chicago. I will not be there. James Goddard will be in attendance from the MS side, though! You can catch me in chat.[quote=“BoJima404, post:11, topic:2994”]
@rukizzel Did I tell you guys already that I love you? Here’s a cookie :cookie: no here’s two :cookie: :cookie:

We know. Han solo voice.

Please use spoiler tags. Now you’ve ruined the new SW movie for me!

…Hey, it’s a forum, so you have to complain about something even if you don’t make any darn sense :smile:

@rukizzel Looks like the current timing of the stream is during my work day - will the stream be archived?

Question for the stream: Will current Jago level progress copy over to Shadow Jago, or will all players’ Shadow Jago profiles start at level 1?

I picked up on what I feel is a lot… But did I really feel essence of Ryu Hayabussa from DOA in the idea behind Shago?

PS: Just eff it and remove the background/stage for Ultimates so everyone can do one… And of course Shago can always Ultimate finish? Please eventually say “Yes.”

So the stream is gonna be live (going by the tentative times) at around 2AM for me. I know who’s calling in late to work tomorrow :smile:
Whatever questions I may have had will probably be answered later tonight, won’t ask until the stream is over.

I hope your backup isn’t a KI player too. Especially a Jago player, lol

I have it planned out already too :smile:

Just love you guys… This game is just even better because of the awesome community. Waiting for the stream!

fortunately and unfortunately just the one person I work with plays KI and we work in different departments so I’m definitely covered :smile: