Shadow Jago Live Stream Wednesday

YES! YES! YES! :smile:

omg finally a stream ^^ i’m excited! I can’t wait… i’ve missed all of your faces IG peeps! if you shout me out i’ll love you forever </3 (plz stream more often again ;:wink:

Who do you think will be teased at the end of the stream? Kim Wu in all her glory? Tusk in his Les Stroud survival gear or newcomer?

Was actually going to make this exact analogy, heh.


Good luck to you too on s3. Not sure if you will update your guide again, but it will be even tougher than before with new characters coming, changes to existing ones :confounded:

The workload will be pretty intense, yeah. I’m weighing my options for it. I mean, obviously I would like to do it, but it’s not going to be easy, heh. Of course, the launch of S3 is when a lot of new players are joining, and they would love for a guide to be available, so… me saying no would kind of suck too!

I plan to do Shadow Jago, though. I’ll take a week to figure the character out/watch others play him, then write the guide page.

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Thanks, next we should do a community fundraiser to update Infil’s guide for season 3. Not sure what I would love more an Omen redesign or your complete updated guide :grin:


If you have suggestions for things you’d like to see in my guide, let me know (in the guide thread to stop the derail here)! I’m pretty curious. Then I’d be able to tell you if a fundraiser would be needed or not, lol.

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Man alive, so excited for the 4th! Shago looks like scary fun.

I, and I am sure many others, would greatly appreciate if someone archived/uploaded the stream. I’m going to be at work the whole time :frowning:

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Damn it, guys, if you just delayed it by one hour I could watch the whole thing…

Wait, will the stream start at 12 PM PST and end at 1 PM PST? Or is that the start window?

I’m sure it will be archived so that you can catch it after if need be. I work during that time but after I will surely watch it from start to finish.

I never doubted that knowing and not telling was way tougher than not knowing. In both Fallout 4’s case where they had to keep it secret a few months prior to release. Not the same extension of time here but a couple days from release, it must have made you guys twitchy.

Start time and end time!

Of course the stream will be archived.

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Thank you for the confirmation!

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SWEET, thanks friend! :smile:

Still sad that I can’t share this moment with everyone.
I’ll be in Twitch Chat in spirit! :scream:
(No, that is not a Hisako pun, I swear)

That’s some serious dedication, right there!


Thank you, now I’ll be able to watch it live through my crappy phone. Better than nothing, I suppose.

Moon is so hype right now. LOL

You said it. I believe this man deserves a Shadow Jago Code (If he doesn’t have him), for his dedication to keep a stream open for HOURS, so he doesn’t miss the stream. Plus, he’s from outside the US, so he has to factor in time zones too.

But, Not telling you how to do your job Rukizzel. Carry on :grin:

I know what you mean, I’ll be in a similar position (hopefully, if people start contributing to the Killer instinct Community Guide), but I’d like to think that there will be multiple guides up by the time of season 3.