Serious question, why do you want Gargos?

  • He’s a huge part of the story
  • A gargoyle would add variety to KIs roster
  • I want to see his redesigned gameplay/look
  • I want to hear his redone theme
  • One of the last 2 characters from KI1/2 that isn’t in the game yet

Because if we get Gargos it makes it more likely that Eyedol stays in the dumpster where he belongs.


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Just look at how awesome he is (presumably) going to look… if he is playable and looks that great ill be maining him with Spinal lol


he’s part of KI. Gargos is the main boss. so… yeah i want Gargos.

Because I saw this

Credit to Ravan86


You know, this picture right here seems perfect to me, although I am not doubting IG and what they can deliver, I really hope we don’t get a purple version of this lol.

Sold. I think This a correct recreation of the original gargos.

Is it official or fan art ?

It is fan art from a good while back.

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Looks like it would fit nicely in the game.

He’s the final boss of the game.

He’s an awesome character.

KI’s season1 and 2 were building up to this, why waste it on another boss?

He’s been mentioned so many times in the story he’s obviously going to be in the game.

If tey don’t have Gargos come out now all that build up is wasted. Because what the hell is everyone else gonna do? go out for ice-cream? the story will have a long and delayed kind of point into the game. It’s like starting the car and not going anywhere. and in perfect weather no less.

Long story short, Gargos has waited long enough, it’ time for him to make his debut

I also believe there is room for Eyedol to return as well one way or another there’s no reason Eyedol can’t come back and be in the same game as Gargos.

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Congrats to the artist then, it’s quite cool. IG take notes please.

My imaginary S3 check out this topic. He made more like that, including eyedoll.

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He’s been a long time coming. Every Season has hinted more and more at his return, since he seems to be woven into every character’s story in one way or another.
He’s currently Killer Instinct’s ultimate villain, a being so evil that even the bad guys (Ultratech, Kan-Ra, even Omen) are looking for ways to fight against him.
If he gets a redesign that makes him feel like a truly monstrous, to have gameplay and looks befitting a final boss, befitting a giant demon akin to something out of doom, or and amalgamation of all things evil from every culture…

So yeah, a big ugly demon would be a great way to finish things off.

Iron Galaxy (for the most part) has done an amazing job redesiging the rest of the original KI characters and doing the designs for the new characters. I have faith that Gargos is going to look extremely badass and fitting of what they have been building up to.

He is the ultimate villain, if this was the last season he would be the series finale (hopefully it won’t but it would be a fitting end). His power seems to resonate from other dimensions as well (in hisakos backstory, her father says there is something going on with the spirit world. If that aint proof enough that his power is felt everywhere even the land of the dead, idk what is.) Like said before, he has waited long enough, His return is neigh.

Also it’s very rare to play as a badass demon gargoyle beast in a fighting game and that would be up my ally.


IG Should be ashamed of their version of Tusk when you see what this guy did.

The Belmont vibe is more relevant to the metal depressive viking thing.

Nice touch with eyedol too.

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I prefer Gargos over Eyedol, I cant stand that 2 headed freak, he cheats like a ■■■■ lol.

Why so skinney?