Serious question, why do you want Gargos?

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You do make a good point. I am just saying his move set was a bit boring, he had only 1 combo.
So perhaps if they bring him back, he will be much improved character.

Not really sure why you got flagged for that, that Ravan’s fanart is pretty badass.

I want to see gargos due to his ties with the other characters.
And now with all of the build up to him for the last two seasons, it would be a shame for nothing to happen with it.

Because he used a word most commonly refering to a certain male organ is my first guess.

Yeah probably because I used the word " chode " to describe the original Gargos lol its w.e though. I stand by what I said, old Gargos looked kind of funny to me. That’s not to say I dislike him though, I am looking forward to him more than everybody else confirmed/implied to be in S3 tbh.

They should be ashamed of redesigning tusk because someone else redesigned tusk, Wasn’t your complaint that the new tusk doesn’t look anything like tusk to you? This guy is good, I like some of his designs but that tusk might as well be a new character.

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I want Gargos because he is going to be a character with a flying stance, he’s evil, is gonna spit fire, is gonna have an air to ground pickup command grab and is going to feel op as hell. Or thats how Imagine him being.

I want Gargos due to the evidence since Season 1. At this point, it wouldn’t make sense to leave him out so bring him on!

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That’s true, but This version of the char is less akward to see. Ig s version of tusk is not a problem because it s a new char, its a problem because its very no-inspired. IMO.

Dont remember when and who talked about it(maybe even it wasnt about this game) but I somewat remember a designer talking about final bosses.

He said that unplayable final bosses doesn’t have sense nowadays, because they are a waste of resources and time, making a character unplayable, but still spending a lot resources creating it.

Gargos will make it, and he will be a normal character. I can see a boss version tho (enhanced shadow and instinct meters,more priority…)

For example, for Aria, as final boss of s2, when she is controlled by the IA she could have 3 full life bars, or she always has 3 drones while in instinct…

Making any character a cheap final boss its easy. So we can have two Gargos and everybody wins.

Same with Eyedol. Make him return please!



I don’t think they’ll make em’ cheap just to be cheap. I would expect Gargos and Eyedol to give me a run for my money. In KI1 and KI2 they were basically just cheap. In this game however they can be challenging.

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This is the first KI in 20 years

All characters have to return, period. Imho.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think this answer is “lame” to be honest.

I am not saying it doesn’t matter or what not just the thread is about why people like Gargos and want to see his return. Although, “he was in the okd games he should be in this one” is a valid answer in itself I meant it more as why do you like him? You think he is cool, does his story seem cool to you, do you like his old moveset or the possibilities in his future moveset, his design etc

All the answers of I want him just because he was in the old game so he should be in this one isn’t really that good of an answer but not hating if that is why people want him without a real liking for him then that is okay.

Every character has its fans, and this forum clearly shows there’s many fans of Eyedol. You can not deny an Eyedol fan the pleasure of his favorite character returning. Is this fan less worthy than say a Riptor fan?

Also there’s the sense of completion. These characters have been on the fridge for 20 years, and since this is a nostalgia driven reboot, they are treated with extra care and it shows: retro costumes, retro idle music themes, retro announcer… Eyedol is a classic character and needs the pemium treatment just like the others.

Also, if Eyedol does not return, he will be the only character that is not in the game. Why? Because devs do not like him? Well I’m sure there’s many nostalgia driven things included in the game that the devs would rather not have had to spend time developing. But since this is a community oriented game, a community driven game, and, you could say, a community developed game (since many aesthetic and gameplay requests by the community have been included) the community wants Eyedol, and in my opinion he deserves to be in.

In fact, I don’t even understand about this “should ■■■ be in the game?”. Of course all classic characters should be in the game. I don’t even understand why this has been always a debate in the first place.

Also, people is fickle: never anybody expressed any hate towards Eyedol until the devs started hinting that they don’t like him.

I even remember in old streams the devs saying that they never saw the appeal in Kim Wu or how Cinder was “just a dude on fire”. Well, they reimagined Kim and Cinder and the result was great wasn’t it? Now the same can be applied to Eyedol.

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Gargos is one of the two known antagonists among the community. Also theres bene a lot of hints surrounding Gargos.

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Why is there always those select few people on every thread who completely misunderstand the point of it?

Thanks for the rant, no one is hating on your views but this isn’t a


This is why do you personally like or dislike Gargos thread. You can continue to argue what you want or you can join the more social and sensible people and share why you like/dislike Gargos as a character.

& as many as they have dragged out of retirement, it’s be kinda silly to stop at 2 shy (Or even one for that matter) of the full cast.

& Honestly, it’s one of those things people are just going to keep on asking for them until they’re put in…even if they don’t get put in this game & a sequel is made, they’ll be people be crying for them then. If they went ahead & put Eyedol & Gargos in, after this game they could declare them dead & gone & move on, & I doubt too many people would be upset…well at least not nearly as many people as if there would be if they don’t exist in this KI game.

& to be quite frank, there’s honestly not a lot of content left to pull out of the original 2 games…the two bosses, Ultimates & Humiliations…why not go ahead & pull it out (Maybe not Humiliations), add them to this KI, & then there would be no more 'bring back ______"…because there would be no more _______ to bring back, & then it’d be nothing but new horizons from that point forward.

Why? Because I like him. Why? Because he’s cool. I just wanted to elevate the quality of the ongoing discussion.
If you wanted simplistic answers for a simplistic thread, there you have it: I like Eyedol and Gargos because they look dope.

By going off topic? Makes sense.

Aside from your attitude and obvious sarcasm thanks for your opinion. That is all this thread is a sharing of opinions not a discussion on who should or shouldn’t be in the game.