Serious question, why do you want Gargos?

Straight forward, I am curious to hear all of your reasons why you want Gargos in the game.

List all relevant reasons why you want Gargos to make a return. If you do not want to see Gargos why not?

Just want to know the opinions of others.

Cuz…he’s evil.

I mean why did people want Tusk and Kim back?

Because they like the characters, there’s no mystery to unravel.


Actually I’d much rather have Eyedol than him if I could choose, but today, as the lore was developed, I think it would be incomplete not having Gargos, so I only want him to end the cliffhangers.

You answer my question with a question? lol…

I just want to know why people like him is that a crime?


No, its not a crime I’m just kinda getting tired of having to justify why we want characters back. As a fan of both Eyedol and Gargos I don’t think we should have to explain ourselves to everyone in order to be understood. Every original character has a fanbase, a fanbase who wants their favorite character back.

The reasons are kind of irrelevant, you never saw threads asking why people wanted Riptor back or why anyone wanted to see Cinder return. They were no-brainers, nobody would even think to question their inclusion in the game yet for some reason fans of the bosses get the third degree every time the characters are brought up.


What if he is just misunderstood?

I think the lore behind Gargos is cool I personally rather see him then Eyedol butt you know…

To me he was more memorable more so than Eyedol. Soo… much salt fighting that b-tard. Beats the $hit out of you, gains life merely flapping his wings, on top of all that he LAUGHS at you while doing. I have a love hate relationship with that gargoyle.

Because hopefully he’ll be leagues more intimidating than ARIA ever was in the story. She just doesn’t intimidate or have that boss “feel” to her. And if I’m completely honest, I kinda figured that through all the combat data we provided her over the course of season 2 (canonically), she would have come up with something a little better than shotgun knees and grenade high heels.

Overall, she’s the one character from season 2 I’m not taken with at all. I like all the season 2 characters except her.


You are totally taking this whole thread the wrong way. I want Gargos I just want others opinions and reasons why he is cool i.e he is a gargoyle, looks cool, his moves, nostalgia…

Damn man take a chill pill.

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Because I hope he would be a better villain than ARIA…

In the classics he was just kinda…there

Seriously though Gargos I hope would be like M. Bison or Shao Kahn who is pure evil and it powerful like them

Eyedol I would have hoped the same but…well he is M.I.A

I like Gargos. But I would rather have another new character on the roster, because 3 of the spots are already taken up by guest characters, thus not new original characters, and that disappoints me.

I was looking forward to see more of IG’s creations, because I think they did such an awesome job with Season 3. So far, Mira is the only one. And there’s 3 more spots, which means that if Gargos is one of those, and the one-who-shall-not-be-named takes up another, there will be only ONE other original character. And that saddens me.

I do like Gargos though. If it was up to me, the guest characters got the boot so more new and original characters could join S3.

Sorry, as I said I’m sick of getting berated every time the topic comes up so being asked why is kind of annoying. I want him to come back because he’s awesome, aside from Eyedol he’s one of the coolest bosses I remember from my childhood plus I really want to see what IG and MS do with his new design.


I know what you mean (this forum sometimes smh) but I the OP genuinely seems to be asking out of curiosity sake.

For me it’s because he’s a big ■■■ winged demon that wants to spread chaos and destruction wherever he goes. Plus I’ve always preferred evil characters over good anyway.

To be honest, I wrecked Gargos, Eyedol gave me 100x more trouble untl I cheesed him lol so much salt fighting Eyedol hate that mother eff…

Completely agree Aria was really underwhelming imo like her as a character but boss nah… to me Shago was the real boss of S1 :smile:

I tend to like demon characters, and I like Gargos’ design, and I think he is seeming very interesting to the current KI story right now. I don’t like Eyedol enough to want him return, despite how he important he was to the old KI story.

It’s all good man and I understand completely as I am in the same boat lol my only hope is they do not make Gargos too scrawny he was pretty buffed I want to see a Gargos with an instant intimidation factor as that is the vibe he gave off first time I saw him in KI2.

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I kinda hope he is a little bit thinner allowing for Eyedol to be a beefy beast by comparison. If there are two huge boss monsters it would be cool to have one smaller fast one and the other a brute.