Serious question, why do you want Gargos?

Yeah I agree with wanting more original characters but at this point I am fine with 2. Gargos didn’t have the most robust moveset so there is a lot they can do with him especially if they make him a full-fledged boss character (hopefully no story exclusive moveset like S1 Shago). I think Gargos can be one of the best characters in the roster if done right but I agree please no more guest!

Yeah I agree just not super thin like Omen or Kan-ra something like Glacius or Tusk size give or take a few inches would be ideal imo.

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I just want to see what IG has in store for him. Every returning character so far feels like a fresh new character and I want to see what Gargos (and Eyedol) looks like in 2016.

Eyedol gave me a hard time too. I got hit so many times with the club.

My issue was Eyedol used to punish me for every little opening. Gargos atleast in my playthroughs was a little more forgiving with punishes.

I’m kinda excited to see what IG can come up with for Gargos, don’t get me wrong.
But I just would’ve wanted it a bit different… not Gargos’ fault though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay that’s funny that’s how I felt with Gargos! XD

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He needs to be in KI, as dose Eyedol. To complete the roster.

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I think it’d be really silly to have the game build him up SINCE THE BEGINNING and then he turns out to not be playable in any form.

Honestly if I were to choose between Eyedol or Gargos, I would definitely choose Gargos. One half because I have more memories of KI Gold than the first one. And the other half simply because I liked his boss foght more. Not to mention he has more epic music in my opinion. It makes me feel so much hype to fight him.

Also say all you want about Gargos having a generic design or his boss fight is basically the same as Eyedol’s, but at least his fight was fair (still hard but fair)

I agree to a extent cause i was one of the guys on the old forums who was aginst guest characters but now after seeing the 2 and hearing the rumor about the 3rd im kinda interested in them now. I cant wait to try arbiter and the 3rd, not to much into
rashes play style but to each there own.

I am disappointed about only getting 2original characters, that really does suck.

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But on subject i love Gargoyles and i believe IG will do justice to him when it comes to play style, i would like Eyedol as well even know he is the biggest piece of ■■■■, cheap ■■■ motha ■■■■■■ boss i ever played in my life. I think the only reason i am slightly disappointed about Gargos is the fact he will not get his own stage.

You know what would be pretty coo though, is if Gargos was the bonus character of S3 leaving us with 3original characters this Season.


You swear alot. I can even hear the bleeps as I read your posts. XD

I would love to see him, but I’d prefer he not be playable.
I get the impression he’s a giant Cthulhu-esque being who needs to be banished. Gargos would be a pretty lame villain if all we have to do is beat him up to defeat him.

Sorry was projecting the anger i had when getting smashed as a kid by Eyedol. The memories of almost winning just for him to launch me into the air with his mace then stomping the ground healing a majority of his life back. Sssoooooooo cheap

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I’d love to see what they do with gargos’ new design. I feel like something drastically different and yet, the same, would be awesome. Plus, he’s pretty much the main antagonist. As much as I love aria, she never felt like she was the big bad. Maybe of season 2 but not of the whole game. The plot has transpired in such a way that he HAS to show up. They could make it a cutscene only fight but, the backlash would be too big.

Of course, he might be in season 4. I don’t remember IG ever saying season 3 would be the last one. But with the of season 2 I doubt they’d postpone his arrival.

I think he’d have some interesting plot points with quite a few characters. Omen,s backstory hints that he wants to break away from gargos, and I doubt he’d like that. It also mentions that shago has shown up, despite omen not being bonded with jago. Presumably he’d want to absorb shago’s power so he wouldn’t be a threat.

mainly cause he is the games overall big bady and it would be awesome to see a redesigned gargos

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I want Gargos back because he was one of my favorite KI characters growing up, this menacing, powerful demon lord who in design was that of a Gargoyle (gothic themes are really awesome imho) also holy crap he had the coolest music in KI2.

I always considered him as the true villain of KI alongside Ultratech, Eyedol was just slapped together like a fighting game platypus and put in the game just so there was a big bad boss at the end, but Gargos was already there manipulating events since the beginning, pulling strings like a puppet master by fooling Jago and using him to help Orchid destroy Eyedol and unknowingly pave the way for his return, and this rewrite just makes it better (although FOR NOW, Eyedols existence has been retconned) with Gargos being more than a demon warlord to an Astral being, an enigma wrapped in mystery and literally hiding…in the Shadows

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I feel there is enough build up to him that it would pretty disappointing for him to be no more than a cutscene character. That and his wings and demi-god power could be very interesting in gameplay. We could have an actual flight character. IG could really do a lot with Gargos to make him fun and feel good to play as.

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Because I love omen and want to herald gargos return lol