Season 4...By RDM

time passes and the ideas flying … but I will try to capture it all in here.
(The images are the result of large photomontages and retouches.)

The no-soul

Eagle possesses weapons that are a cross between the blades of Fuglore (claws) and the tomahawk of brother Thunder (weapon that you hold). Eagle is an empty and soulless man, a zombie! not in pain and he does not lose blood, but still has a link with the world of spirits, in his past life was a powerful shaman in touch with the spirit protector of the world Eagle, this spirit is manifested from his body and its scars on his back and on the shoulder, in the form of a wing of an eagle. This wing allows you to run sprints that allow Eagle to move more nimbly, since Zombie Eagle is rather slow. The eagle’s wing protects against bullets if necessary and can send them back by hitting them.

To recharge his spirit eagle bar, Eagle has to hit his opponent to feed your warrior spirit. Instinct mode in the wing has an infinite power, Eagle has powerful jump in attacks that make it look like an eagle takes its prey, his body is enveloped in flames fatuous.

If eagle stays still for 3 seconds his life energy heals slowly like a real undead!

The no-soul is back to take revenge of Ultratech which reduced him so, his goal is Fulgore once killed will regain consciousness relished.


Werewolves hunter

Selew uses kicks and rifle shot, at close range for his combo.
She has 5 main weapons:

  • A shotgun with silver buckshot;
  • A single knife for every match, if the knife hits the opponent (only bullet) poisons throughout the match, his vital energy will be consumed slowly and gradually.
  • The Selew boots have heels, these are two silver poles;
  • The crossbow is an important relic of the Sabrewulf clan.
    The crossbow can throw two types of darts
  • Silver Dart: deals damage;
  • Rope Dart: This dart sticking on the opponent and tends a rope. Selew rewinds the rope like a grappling hook and catapult on the opponent piercing him with silver heels.
    Selew can hold on and continue his combo with other darts or gunfire, or she can make a big leap backward to outdistance.

The crossbow can also be used to move around the Stage using the darts chordates.
Selew is the granddaughter of Count Von Sabrewulf, was benefited by a great power which has given it a head of hair with a pale color like the moon, and a long lasting life to the forces of good service.
Instinct mode:

Rope darts used in the stage, releasing additional ropes that impede the opponent and slow, Selew can also create a cage of ropes to block your opponent for a few seconds.


the sea monster

Yokku have one thing in common with Aganos, he dominates an element that influences the stage, but in this case, has no effect on the opponent.

Yokku can generate the large bubbles floating liquid similar to water, these remain at the point where Yokku has created, or during a jump or on the ground.

Yokku can jump from one bubble to another bubble, giving the feeling that “swims” in the air. If the opponent hits Yokku while he is inside the bubble, this is broken, Yokku does not receive any damage. If the opponent touches the empty bubbles, they tremble but neither undergoes any effect, the bubbles are invulnerable. however, the bubbles break and fall by themselves after 30 seconds of permanence.

Yokku can create up to 5 bubbles at once, but must be careful not to become dehydrated, its special bar “water” can be recharged with the special move Shadow “gland sweating” that lets the special bar to regenerate alone for a few seconds. if you use 2 “gland sweating” quickly, the effect is increased.

Yokku was an old enemy of Spinal, and shares his internship. “The monster that comes from the sea” He wants the mask of the ancients, a treasure that was stolen from Spinal centuries ago, Yokku not, however, knows that the mask is cursed.

Special attacks of Yokku pierce poison damage, potential damage continue to grow even if Yokku stops,
Bubbles can also be used as projectiles, Yokku can make a “crushed” like volleyball, and hurl the ball on the opponent. The bubbles extend the possibilities of Yokku movement and are thus an important resource.

During Yokku instinct mode has “water” unlimited, the bubbles take on a greenish color, and if the opponent touches them is poisoned with potential damage.


Ultratech demolition unit

Character N4 is an old, but still a valid concept of a Primate fighter, “Monkey” in the past, now MONKER.
The concept is still the same, a cyber-gorilla, units of demolition and destruction of Ultratech. He owns a wrecking ball attached to a retractable chain that stretches from the palm of his hand and rewinds in any gear on his shoulder.

Monker can use the ball in battle until the chain will not be broken, if the chain is broken and goes back to the ground, only Monker can touch it, and kick it to hit your opponent, the ball shall have an autonomous movement inside area. Monker can only take advantage of his proximity to it for some bonus moves.

Standard techniques instead, when Monker still possesses the ball attached to the arm, are many and varied, one of the most effective is to throw the ball behind the opponent and rewind to throw punches behind, inflicting stagger and continue the combo.

the ball is like a bullet that can always hit and acts just like a bullet. An opponent invulnerable to bullets can easily overcome it and hit us.

Monker hits his opponent with a lot of punches, one hand is bigger than the other, it can grab the opponent and crush him.

The instinct mode, increases the agility with which Monker uses the ball, increasing several frames, if the instinct is activated over the ball, Monker Fix the chain and can again use it as before, if the instinct active instead Monker away from ball, a powerful magnet will be activated which draws the ball towards Monker, Monker in this way can be used for other purposes.


the harpy

Rosalie is a character always hovering above the ground, but not too high, this gives immunity to low blows. you can choose to rest your feet on the ground and fight normally, but harpy loses power when not flying. Rosalie is a character with some compromises, such as Mira, Rosalie When flying, the damage is greater, Rosalie can parry attacks while in the air, like any other fighter, and attack with the legs and the pointed stick.

  • Rosalie can scream very loud, and inflict stagger;
  • Can set off a storm of sharp feathers;
  • Can grab the opponent and take him into the air, then hit him with force and do slam to the ground;
  • Rosalie can flap their wings and generate air swirling, this slows down the opponent and cause the regression, this move also slow down the opponent’s bullets;
  • Rosalie can create whirlwinds after generating a storm of sharp feathers, this will unite the two attacks and the whirlwind will inflict additional damage.
  • Rosalie can make consecutive air projections;
    The Rosalie wings can be destroyed if you hit with a cross up attacks, in which case she can not fly, but she can use them to attack normally.

In instinct mode Rosalie regenerates its wings, every flutter generates a whirlwind that disturbs the opponent, you can flap its wings very fast to create unlimited whirlwinds.

Rosalie comes to KI after a mysterious portal has dragged in this era, Gargos created several portals to the world, bring these powerful fighters of other eras, in our present. They are offered only two choices, join gargos or die by his hand.


The Genius

He, too, is an old acquaintance.

Ja-Deen is a disembodied character, however this does not give him any immunity, because it is thrown into our reality. Cursed by the King switched to live forever in a golden lamp, Ja Deen has found a way to break free, he experienced “the lie” and after betraying the man who has found his lamp, this freed him pronouncing some words mystical. Ja Deen was a fortune teller, but the king punished him because he had the wrong number at war predictions.

In fact the lamp is a dimension in which Ja deen could live consumed by hatred, and in the world of the Jinn could refine some magical skills that allow him to break the link with the lamp, however, he seeks a skillful sorcerer who can destroy the spell forever and free it completely. Kan-Ra could perhaps help, but this involves an alliance.

Ja-Deen pronounces the following sentence when it enters the match
"You will not get any desire from me"

  • Ja Deen can stretch and extend his body, and can reach his opponent at much greater distances;
  • Ja Deen holds her lamp tied to his belt, but can throw it away in order to materialize the point where it is launched, this means that Ja Deen can teleport in his bullet.
  • His internship is a great treasure chamber.
  • If the lamp is struck, Ja deen is damaged;
  • Ja deen can take refuge inside the lamp to avoid the attacks, becoming very small, but if it fails in its mean and the lamp is struck while Ja deen is inside, the damage is doubled.
  • Ja Deen may swell his body and prevent the opponent you pass with a jump;
    Ja Deen uses a sickle to fight and short-distance energy that emanates from his left hand during the combo.

During the instinct mode the lamp is surrounded by a dark energy that makes it immune to damage, Ja Deen can take the opportunity to take more risks now.

#7 AXE

the phenomenon.

Axe is the Robert Sheridans cousin, founder of Ultratech, after TJ Combo affairs, Robert is furious and nourishes revenge, Alex Alias AXE, volunteers to undergo the same experiments that suffered TJ, but this time the experiment is performed in the whole body and not just the arms, the result is a true abomination, a huge mass of muscles and uncontrollable fury. Axe has only one purpose, to destroy the name of TJ Combo, and ensure that their plans to tarnish Ultratech be overshadowed or even forgotten. The world wants the show, violence and blood, the KI tournament is aired on all TV, Axe will give the show that people want.

Axe is almost as big as Monker and Aganos!

  • His dash breaks the bullets;
  • When Axe received a severe knockdown, the earth trembles also fall the adversary;
  • The Axe body is thick and absorbs damage, if Axe blocks an attack, 10% of the damage back on the opponent.
  • Axe can generate shock waves, hitting the ground, and can accomplish very aggressive jumps that reach the opponent while it is in stagger;
  • It has many classic moves of wrestling;
  • His taunt caters to viewers;
    -Axe can bounce off the walls to give a thrust (in a way similar to Hisako wall jump).

the Axe Instinct increases your chances of generating one stagger, if the opponent hits you while you’re parrying, besides the return of 10% of the damage, can cause one stagger. Axe has many advantages in battle originating in its blocks.

Axe is a recoil character.

#8 ERETRA - Boss character

The last Ichorien’s queen.

Eretra comes from a bygone era, the same had they come from Eyedol and Gargos.
The Eretra kingdom, was destroyed by Gargos during his hunger for conquest. Eretra created Eyedol, with the arcane techniques, similar to those needed to create the orcs, to defend the kingdom.

Eretra is now a dominatrix without a kingdom, furious, because her fighters were stolen …
Today Eretra has only one goal, to find and dominate all the mighty warriors of the world and put them in her service. The witch with the passing of centuries has withered, her body was destroyed over time, now lives through numerous technological fragments, the greatest power lies in the mask, the mask of the ancients.

For a time the mask has been lost, however, this was found by an old pirate treasure hunting, Spinal! for many years the mask checked Spinal, but Eretra warns that in today’s world there is a great power, and responsible for the destruction of her kingdom is at this time, Gargos. Also responsible for the capture of Eyedol and other powerful warriors is here present, Aria!

Eretra not interest in the tournament, her focus and capture all warriors, all back in the past and transform them into her personal army.

Eretra is a mirror fighter, can reflect and deflect all attacks, its power is concentrated in a special bar called “reflex”

  • As Hisako, Eretra can block incoming attacks, but can not start a combo, limited only to send the entire damage to the opponent, as if struck himself;
  • The bullets can be returned to the opponent, enhanced by the power of Eretra;
  • Eretra can perform combos at any distance, some spheres are detached from her body and hit the opponent from all sides (like when Magneto - xmen - escapes from the plastic prison).
  • Eretra can dissect his body and become unassailable, all of these techniques require the “reflex” bar;
  • You can fill reflex bar with charging ender;
  • Eretra can be both right and left and attack from both sides at once, the opponent can be drawn to safety by jumping into this case;
  • Eretra can regenerate her vital energy at the cost of the entire reflex bar, but when reflex is totally empty, Eretra become slow and weak, his damage is lowered.
  • Eretra can execute an attack that destroys an entire opponent’s life, but it is an even more risky move of Omen outlet, and takes time to be loaded, in addition consumes 75% of Reflex bar.
  • The effectiveness of Eretra on the battlefield, it depends on Reflex, sacrifice it for the life energy or for a super attack, it depends on the moment.

the Eretra instinct mode, generates some balls spinning around her body, they can hit the opponent at any time, the opponent must have the right timing to attack.


I can’t make a good psychic character.

I’ve thought of something…

  • Kitana
  • Rose
  • Psylocke
  • Ermac
  • Kenshi
  • Viola
  • Raven
  • Mewtwo
  • Carrie

Have you thought of a character that can use wind/air?

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Here are a list I have in mind. Pick what you can…

  • Detective
  • Mad Scientist/Alchemist
  • Psychic
  • Elder Fighter
  • Indian-Indonesia Fighter
  • Blonde Fighter
  • Speedster
  • Ape
  • Wrestler (male/female)
  • Gunslinger
  • Zombie
  • Archer
  • Wizard
  • Wind Character - Djinn
  • Insect-Human Hybrid
  • Symbiote Computer Virus
  • Ninja
  • Rockstar
  • Tengu

Really digging your Eagle concept art and general idea.


I dont like Eagle @Ravan86 for me Eagle is not thunder.

in my mind Eagle was used by ultra tech to power ALL Fulgore unites minds. he was capture after winning KI 0 because of his power to adapt to many fighting styles. He also could use multiple weapons and whatever that was put in his hands he used with 100% efficiency. Agile swift and extremely competent his abilities were just what Ultra tech was looking for.

Using Eagles brain pattens Fulgore fighting ability was finally harnessed. Any weapons fitted to the Fulgore unit were used to the same efficiency rendering the new Fulgroe almost unbeatable.

BUT as we know Fulgore learns and becomes self aware to the point that he hates the impurity of his once human mind, its at this point (and gargos’s attack) where Eagle escapes. Used, battered, brainwashed Eagle is on the verge of death. Having seen so many awful things his rage is all consuming.

For me Eagle would be:

Swift and agile
Uses a bow and dagger so is close close and range fighter.

he would at this present time look:

Thin and gaunt
slightly zombied
be hell bent on rage
confused but supremely powerful
twisted almost psychopathic (at times)

this kinda compotiton but male.


Cybernetic Gorilla… I praise you good sir!

my proposals are developed to be absolutely different from all the others, had I imagined Eagle in this way, I would have to change Selew. Nothing clones characters in KI.

good boy! make a new eagle! :smiley:

Selew is good! i like her! we need more girls in KI!


i hated the gorilla untill i saw this picture… not sure on the leg… but the fist and ball YES!

well done!

I wish you can do something with the monkey “Planet of the Apes” style.

Got any more characters in mind?

Man the first 2 look really nice. Im kinda digging the third one (we need more monsters in ki). The gorilla looks tok basic imo but it could work somehow.

Great job @Ravan86


ok, overall i quite like them, but not in all the ways.

  1. eagle must be less indian and more zombie. beyond this, no tomahawk please, no clones, indians can use many other weapons like arc

  2. no primates or monkeys please

  3. the harpy must be a true monster, not a beautiful girl with angel wings

  4. i’m ok with wendigo, lovecraftian, witch, water monster, mummy, frankenstein

  5. i’d really like a redesign of riptor more serpent-similar, as the original one, as an another ultratech experiment

  6. i want the old master in the ki gold training session, he must be in this time

Alot of the image-links are broken. They say “Content not found” when clicking on them.
Maybe upload them to or something. ^^

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That would make an AWESOME ALT FOR KIM WU!!!

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Actually, that is kind of awesome. Use Kim Wu as a base, have them share some normals, but he wouldn’t have the nunchucks. The only thing they would really have in common would be the dragon based combat trait.

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And he did manifest himself through Kim when she DP after being hit down in KI2!

You can hear him as she performs her recover DP! Lol

I hope that the old has a style very different from kim, even if based on dragon spirit

that girl remind me of Bright River from the Comics

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Monker expects Raam execute the first move…
I have always been fond of my baby, Monker is a truly original wrestler for the series of KI, in this screen I wanted to imagine it ready for the first match, so I added a special bar which consists in the integrity of the chain, has a Monker characteristic of Arbiter and a Maya, that of Arbiter consists in the permanent loss of the use of an ability, in fact, as the ammunition to the gun, the chain can not be repaired once broken, forcing a change in strategy, while the in common with Maya, it is that the ball like daggers, is a unique and intelligent object, which remains where it falls, and only we can interact with it.
The chain has a relatively high resistance and allows to attack long distance, retiring later, the ball toward us, but intensive use will see us fighting melee when broken, and when we find ourselves in the vicinity of the ball, we can combine all for an attack that exploits yet.
For example you can kick it with such force that it bounced throughout the area, inflicting stagger your opponent whenever it is hit. When the chain is broken and the ball remains in the soil, the remaining chain hanging on the monker arm will be used as a whip for normal combo without the ball, then a change similar to when Maya has her daggers and must change the his style.
In instinct mode is something special, the red magnet on Monker chest illuminates and draws the ball more towards you, whether it is broken or still attached to our arm, the ball loses its gravity, and floats, allowing you to place crushed and targeted shots, taking advantage of the different angles and the entire battle area.
Monker can also walk on the ball in rotation, like the circus, but if we fall, the ball continues on its path to the edge of the stage, forcing us to reach it.