My imaginary S3

Well not really, for S3 perhaps. But the inspiration can come from some of these ideas. Shark-man is pretty cool, so is Yokku (or Youku?). Really feel like we need a water-based character.

Really? YOU’RE gonna phrase it like that after calling it “uncool” when someone said that about your suggested character? :unamused:

I don’t want another cartoon character like Rash join KI. I mean, her look is really cartoon and big eyes.

Someone already say “boring and lame” about my Shark Man. I don’t care.

I personally think a shark man would be cool. If ya add some elemental stuff to it, it might be a very interesting shark character


I totally dig a Sharkman character. The point I was trying to make though was not to respond in kind. Just because someone calls your idea stupid doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing yourself. Be the bigger man, be constructive instead of dismissive.

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just call him achilles

how about just Warrilla :wink:

I dont like the Shark idea either. Im with you…cant stand it. I respect others opinions, but it isnt for me. I also dont like the gorilla…sorry. I honestly dont like any of the new ideas that are on here.

I love the Gargos, Eydol, Kim Wu and Tusk…but the new characters… not a fan of any of them. I think IG/MS has the new character stuff down pat…I leave it to them.

My favorite is the Gargos…thats just sick man…so awesome!


My hero!!

I got told off on this post so i cant say nuffin lol

I have a name for Monkey. Gorril. Gorril the Mystical Ape.

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Well a slogn as he isn’t directly attack the one who disagrees with him it should be fine. The admins don’t mind if we debate but as long as it doesn’t escalate to attack each other like they do in politics no ones getting in trouble.

Personally I think it’d be great and to add to it, why not water based attacks. I don’t know how many sharks would form things like a powerful blast of water or something like that.

Now the most recent pic/art of the water based creature throwing the water wall looks cool, its the great white headed with muscled body that looks silly IMO

I wonder what Kim wu might have looked like if @rizzadmarco did her appearance

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I kinda agree. Something slim and fast, based off of a mako shark that can use water elements to attack would interest me more. Especially if he could swim in mid air.

Actually real talk I would love a muscular shark only if it’s a badass land shark. Even more if it is dragon based. Swimming underground for mobility to contrast sadira and cinder air mobility would be cool and a way to bring a heavily under represented fighter in a game.

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Shark seems too… Basic. I’m thinking it’d be like gill man but with exaggerated characteristics. Maybe even Bioluminescent features, you know how much IG loves particle and lighting effect being shown off.

Viperfish would be a sweet influence.

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can’t wait…


your chars are AWESOME, except your tusk who sucks a lot, but really a lot.

as a tusk fan, since he is my main, i would be a raging thunder if they would have contorted him in that way. i’m already irritated for have making him in a viking from a barbarian, but with a retrò costume, mods for fix it and replacing his voice with the old one, i will be ok.
i really hate your vision of tusk, thanks god they haven’t made him that mad way. for change in this way a char, then don’t even call him “tusk”, just make another totally new and different one and give him a new name, this is the only sane way.

instead, eyedol and gargos are simply gorgeous!! kaor and elana perfect new entries, but eyedol and gargos have the priority, obviously. but i still hate you for your vision of tusk and can’t say good words anymore about your (very very good) char design, sorry. thx god tusk isn’t that s**t, i need to say it again and again.

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ahhahahahaha XD

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Monkey interface emblem.


Follow new topic :wink: