Primal Rage


Surely there must be some arcade machines around still…


True, but I’d even settle for a Sega Genesis or an SNES version too. I wished I had a copy of Midway arcade Treasures 2 as well.


Hey check this out


Just saw this. That was pretty cool. I love how the guy kept taking pot shots at SFV. By the end I was cracking up over it. :rofl:


A preview of the next battle


Man, that’s really good.


Man, I really enjoyed this! I don’t think I’ve ever really seen something like this before; a developer actually talking in depth about the timeline of a cancelled game, what it meant to him personally, and how history has changed perceptions of the game over the years.

Honestly, I know he’s working on another game, but I really wish that he could somehow acquire the rights to Primal Rage and continue refining PR2 for a release on consoles and Steam. Whether it’s just PR2, or some sort of Primal Rage and Primal Rage 2 collection, I think it would sell. Hell, maybe he could go back and do some of the things he wanted to do with the first game but didn’t get the chance to. Have the original arcade version, his version and a completed PR2. I think that’s be AMAZING.

It sounds strange to say, but given how much of his heart and soul he and others on that project put in to PR2, I honestly want to give them money for a finished product, even in 2018. I’ve played PR2 at Galloping Ghost (as I’ve mentioned ad nauseum) and I thought it was really fun! So it’d be awesome to have his fully realized vision of the game that I could play on my home TV any time I wanted.

Until that day though, I’m really glad I got to see this. Thanks, @justathereptile! Much appreciated, man!


As awesome as it would be to see Primal get made again or re-released, we have a better chance of forming a space colony in this current period. Heck if I was in charge of primal rage I’d probably would do a few things to it.


Letting you all know that Jeff is hard at work on the Talon vs Vertigo video.
It should be ready soon.


I am looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


He’s working around the clock.


Primal Rage Vertigo vs Talon is up.


That’s really good guys. I’m very impressed.


Thanks, Jeff was working around the clock making that animation. He even pulled it off til 12:00 am
to get it done the other night.


Check this out


A concept image of Vertigo I made

What do you guys think?


Warner Bros. owns the IP now. NeatherRealm Studios should do a reboot of this series.


I doubt they would though.

IPrimal Rage it was one of my favorite games of all time.I’ll post a close up of some of the colors of Vertigo.

I think I should do one of Talon Next.


That’s a really cool design. We need to do something to drum up interest in the series


Are you sure about that? IP issues can be really complicated…