Primal Rage


If it does that, then no problem at all. Just keep the battle between the gods.


That’s always been my standpoint, too. I was referring to the humans running around your legs in the first game.


That sounds pretty neat.

The problem is I can pic a god but a human avatar may still be someone to fight. The fact that they are even a playable option gets my goat. No human fighters period.

We all are in agreement then, seems like we all got a nice round of a shared opinion XD


Ever heard of slashfang? he can be added for a PR remake. Same with Necrosan (he was the planned final boss for the original game)


Dang. That looks really good…


Heres what w ehave on our upcommign Primal rage fan-battle



I would love a new PR so so much.


Me too friend. If I could bring ti back I would take the gameplay keep what worked, throw away what didn’t work. and make the gameplay very fats and addictive while also keeping in mind on how each character works in gameplay.


Agree completely! It looks like it would be really fun to play today. I don’t get why they don’t remake it. Is it because dinosaurs and fighting apes aren’t popular enough?


Well the factors are this.

The game was canceled because Atari (the folks behind Primal Rage) felt that PRII wouldn’t make enough sells. (which I think adding playable humans would play a part in that down side) and as a result Primal Rage’s popularity died.

On top of that I think everyone who has worked on Primal Rage had left to pursue other things, and with Atari not working on any of their old works. I highly doubt it will ever come back.

Even then, I think few people r member it. Even a few among Fighting game fans would remember it.
In fact this is why me and @Jeffron27 created these fight animations like this one. To not only make something to pay tribute to a game we love, but to also to keep the memory alive.


Ah primal rage a game from my childhood I loved that game it had a nice small roster and I liked the designs sadly the game lost popularity after the sequel was canceled and honestly it didn’t have a big story to tell however I would also like to see a modern version of it the game needs it. Also Riptor in the reboot kinda looks like Talon.


Indeed she does.

though if we get a modern one the only thing I would leave out is the Avatars. Just giv eus the original 7 and add Slahsfang and Necrosan plus new hybrids of beasts.


Man I wish it would happen.


I suspect tracking down and obtaining the intellectual property rights for the game would be challenging and expensive and that developers are (rightly) not convinced that this relatively obscure fighting game is worth the effort. I would love to see a new one but it’s hard to imagine someone putting the work in.


I do to man. It sucks that PR will never be coming back. Unless something happens. Aw well, I will still look with some degree of hope.


Yes let’s hope


I do wish they released the midway arcade treasures 2 for the xbox one, or at least steam.


I am convinced now more than ever that this game is ripe for revival. They don’t even need to make it Primal Rage, just a “spiritual successor.”

The key elements are adequately convincing players of the size of the dinosaur/creature combatants. One overlooked feature of Primal Rage in the arcades was that many of the units were huge projection screens with (like KI) increasingly loud bass heavy speakers. This meant that the impression you got if the game was huge and loud and impactful. Beyond just the visuals and the fighting engine.


I agree, Though I still wish I could play Primal Rage again.