Primal Rage

Any Primal Rage fans in da house?

For those who don’t know or do not remember, Primal Rage was a fighting game that was form the 90’s. while it had the blood and gore that many MK knock offs had at the time, Primal Rage made up for it for it’s roster of dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts.

Sadly, the Sequel never saw the light of day. However a lot of stuff related to Primal Rage 2.

Here is a video show casing what the fatality of Necrosan (a planned final boss in the original primal rage, before they decided to save him for the canceled game) Don’t be fooled that is not Necrosan’s primary color.


My dream would be to bring 3 of the 90’s fighting games back under IG - Killer Instinct (done), Eternal Champions, and Primal Rage. For me that would be, well, simply awesome.


Primal Rage was in many ways similar to KI. The claymation graphics were really impressive and in the arcades it was often displayed on projectors and huge screens. It had big sound effects and was truly something to behold. What it lacked was anything resembling good gameplay. Sadly, the home versions were all pretty lacking and so no ones been able to really enjoy the game properly unless they have an arcade machine somewhere.

This is a game that you enjoy despite its flaws (not unlike the original KI) and I think it is begging for a remake on modern hardware. I really wish someone would do something with the IP.

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Primal Rage was actually the reason I bought a PS1 back in 1995. I loved the finishing moves in that game.

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I thought the gameplay was decent, sure it wasn’t like the other FG Giants but it was trying to make itself different. If I remade the game, here are some changes I would make.
1: press directional buttons and then hit the right button for moves and fatalities (a lot of the complaints came from the way the controls worked)

2:Add Slashfang and Necrosan (Of all the fighters that appeared n PRII I think Slashfang and Necrosan would defiantly qualify)and it would keep the idea of playing as prehistoric beasts which make sit a little bit more different than other FG’s which would have you playing as humans, non-human monsters or both.

3: Add new gods (there’s a ton of prehistoric monster’s to choose from. A pterosaur, Spinosaurus, Mammoth and a variety to choose from)

4: Add retro costumes and even give some secret skins

5: unlockable content ( from elemtal outfits to some-various designs)

That’s what I would do.

These are good ideas. If someone were to remake a Primal Rage game, I think there’s a few things they would need to do as well:

  1. Modify the controls - you are absolutely right. Even people who didn’t hate the games control scheme never really said “this scheme is great.” There’s no need to keep weird “hold these two buttons then hit D-U” to do a move. A more traditional control scheme would make sense.

  2. Try to preserve the stop motion animation feel of the game. This might be a bit challenging, but I think it would be great to copy the stop motion style of the original. This could probably be done without actually using stop motion techniques. But something about the technique and the animation gave the characters the feel that they were very large.

  3. Maintain and expand the crazy “worshipper” mechanics - this game had a whole bunch of tiny humans running around on the screen, and if I recall you could occasionally eat one to get your health back. This is a unique feature and could be built into a more in depth mechanic

I’d put money down on this in a heartbeat. Dinosaur combat on current Gen hardware? Sign me up! Give it improved controls and a ton of extra goodies and I’d be set for life.

Now personally do you think/believe that Primal Rage should get a reboot anytime soon?

I do. I would love to see it and I think someone could make a ton of money if they did it right.

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I do think it deserves a reboot. Sadley I’m abit pessimistic about it since not many people remember it.

In the original, there weren’t that many characters, and with the amount of characters in today’s fighting games, it makes me think that if it was revived, it would certainly need more of them. Following that train of thought, what kind of new characters/dinosaurs would you like to see in a new Primal Rage?

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If I had to choose, I have a few ideas.

-Spinosaurus. Long reach, not a ton of damage.
-Smilodon, the sabertooth cat. A short, stocky, heavy duty grappler
-Quetzalcoatlus. An airborne fighter.
-Mammuthus. The fluffy tank.

As for the original characters, I have a few ideas.
-Armadon. The not so fluffy tank, more defensive. Unchanged visually, though as the god of life he is adorned with flowers and vines.

-Sauron. Combination of rushdown and grappler, like TJ. Slowest character, but unmatched up close in terms of damage. A tyrannosaur just like before, but with an emaciated/distended gut and multiple rows of teeth, for he is the god of hunger.

-Diablo. Lots of fireballs and other fun projectiles. Visually akin to an Allosaurus put through the Cinder program, with internal flame glowing within their charred body, and lengthened eye horns to add to their status as god of destruction

-Chaos. A bit of Blanka and Akuma. Visually more similar to a baboon, with large fangs and beady eyes. Slightly zombified to show him as the god of decay.

-Blizzard. The love child of Sub-Zero and Glacius. Visually like a gentle, albino gorilla, his apparent wisdom a sign of his status as the god of virtue.

-Talon. Like Riptor, but minus fire with more crazy kicks. rushdown. Maintains the old look, but with a bit if a Native American vibe to emphasize their status as the god of survival.

-Vertigo. Zoning and manipulation. Maintaining the image of a cobra monster, but with a more feminine, Medusa-like figure. Lovecraftian influences would add to her status as the goddess of madness.

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Beleive it or not. Slashfang is the smilidon in PRII

Also that gameplay would fit nicely for the original characters.


Defintalt NOT human fihters :stuck_out_tongue:

but it should be a mix of many different prehistoric monsters and beasts to whap the diversity up to level effing 11!

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Indeed so Jeff, how ever for the one show are not bipedal Ithink it would be good to either mix them or give them legs.

Still wishing we could get another Primal Rage game, so let’s revive this thread.

I would love to see a “glass cannon” Pterodactyl character; it files all the time, and has either projectile or swooping attacks. It’s harder to damage because it mainly needs to be hit with anti-airs or jump-ins, but when it’s on the ground all it can do is block or try to get back to flying - sort of like fighting a Kan Ra.

If you can get it grounded and start pounding on it, you’re going to do massive damage. But it’s going to wear you down while it’s airborne.

I do wish Primal Rage would come back, sadly most people who grew up or played games 90’s and 80’s don’t remember it much. Mostly us fighting game fans know what it is.

Also Intresting idea.

I thought someone had done a kickstarter for a new Primal Rage no? Pretty sure I saw it the problem was the team were trying to access the rights or something similar?

The original was quirky and fun and hell you get to pit awesome dino vs awesome dino, what on earth is there not to love

I don’t think there was a kickstarter, just some small dev company saying they wanted to do it and were looking to acquire the rights.

If there was a kickstarter or gofundme or whatever, I missed it entirely.

Could of sworn I saw something :confused: Must have been that dev team, but I honestly never understood why it never got a revamp?