Post your Stream links here! Twitch Stream Link thread for the Forum Friends!

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Streaming KI. I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at


Im on it! Dont forget to take a few screen shots fro the Snickerdoodle screen shot challenge!


Quick KI stream while the kids are gone to karate! Come by for a second!

*** Well that didnt end well LOL… wona few then lost a few…Damn I hate Sadira…I hate her. I want to see someone beat a really good Sadira with Omen.



Streaming NIOH here in about 10 mins…from 9pm -11pm central time. Come by , hang out, chat, and help me through this Japanese Castle that is on fire! Straight to the boss room… a NPC ninja that throws bombs and has a Hawk or some sort of bird Living animal skill. Oh man its tough!

NIOH time!!! I was thinking of warming up with a few matches of Omen of Sorrow??? Thoughts?


Ill be streaming Shadow of the Colossus here shortly!!! Come by and say hello!!!
Id say probably 10:30pm central time!


I’ll be streaming KI for a bit come and hang out :slight_smile:




TIme for a NIOH stream! I havent been streaming in a week due to catch a flu type bug… butIm feeling a little better today. COme beck it out and see me get wrecked by Otani SHitsuguru! lol Hopefully i can get passed him this go round!


Shadow of the Colossus and Nioh streams inbound in 10 mins! Come by and follow me!
I made it past Otani last night on NIOH and the through the battle field and to the next boss. That’s were I stopped as that next boss is really tough. Shadow of the colossus Im up to the 4th Colossus.

Post your streams!!!


I haven’t been streaming lately. Time to change that.

I’ll be on in a short while playing some KI, if any of you just want to chill or even say hi, drop by for a bit. Hopefully it will run smoothly.


I havent streamed in a while eaither…those 3 weeks while I was sick kind of throhg me off my routine. I too need to get back to streaming KI, and I guess now The Witcher 3 since Im takinga break from NIOH. I might stream some Nier Automata as well sicne I started that game tooday.

Ill swing by your stream in a minute. Please paste the link every time there are 4 of more posts a head of your newest post so non followers dont have to search for the link.


I’m online!

Come say hi and chat or play a couple rounds. Hope to see some familiar faces!

Edit: Yea, stream was laggy. Will try later


Whats up friends!!? I havent streamed much lately but I am tonight and I’m streaming The Witcher 3 THe WIld Hunt!
Starting now!
Ive had this game fro a while, played it for a bit when I got and it was too slow for me at that time since I was heavy in to Dark Souls and Bloodborne. But now that I have returned and Im a good ways into the game now where its much more enjoyable and move faster. Plus I know how to craft and use alchemy now which at the beginning its just too much to take it all in at once.

Witcher 3…onward to SKilleage and Triss the hot red head…oh yeah…Geralt gonna get some of dat ace!!! lolol


Witcher 3 stream now! The Search for Ciri and hooking up with Triss in Novigrad… lets go!


I had a great KI stream earlier…thanks for those that tuned in and are now new followers!

Now Im streaming Assassians Creed Rogue remastered! Come check it out!!!


KI stream inbound in 15 mins! IM home alone so no kids or woman in my way tonight! COme stop by and say hello!
Ill prob stream Dragons Dogma or WItcher 3 later as well.

Link is in the post above

**** I think Twitch is messed up*** My stream had an error onthe preview of my dash board and I went and just clicked on my stream logged out and it was just black. But all the other stream view and app seamed to be working fine. Ill try agian later after I eat.


Coffee and Dark Souls time! Boss of Adalia’s keep…Gaurdian Dragon time!


I’m streaming right now if anyone wants to watch.


Man I missed it… Ill watch the replay. I always miss it when people stream live ■■■■ it!