Post your Stream links here! Twitch Stream Link thread for the Forum Friends!

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Dark Souls 2 and Coffee time!!! Come check it out as Im at the end of Dark SOuls 2 Scholar of the First Sin! Only 2 areas left (Not including DLC)
Tonight I will be wandering around through the beginning areas and onward toward the end so I can easily capture some souls and hit up any spots or items I missed earlier in the game.



I’m live with KI I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at


Its been a minute…Time to stream a bit of Dark SOUls 2 Scholar of the First SIn! Im heading straight to the GIant Lord Boss fight and then onto the end game…Throne of Want.
I may do some Twinkling Titanite farming and Rat covenant trolling as well.

Here we goooooo…


Streaming GOD of WAR here in about 15mins once the file update completes! Come check it out!!!


Hey I’m playing injustice 2

I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at


Streaming Dark Souls 3 on the XBox X. New character, Pyromancer with the Deep Axe. Unfortunatley the servers are down …AGAIN! Thats twice in 2 weeks DS3 has been down and DS2 was down for 8 days!!! WTF Bandai or From???

Anyway…come check out the stream!


More DS3 stream inbound now! Come chat!


KI @ Texas SHowdown live now!!!


God of War and …“Tha Boy!” … Streaming now! Come check it out! 4K 60fps!


God of War time!!! ^^^^^^^


Streaming God of War!!! Return to the Forest Witches hut!


More God of War!!! Exploring the coprse of Thamur the giant and retrieving the sacred whetstone. This game is amazing!!! Lets GO!!

^^^^^^ Link above^^^^


Dark Souls Remastered Stream! The beginning! Going for Depreaved this time…I cant decide what type of build I want to do. I always seem to fall into the same build in every DS game LOL. Hoping to fall into a different direction this time… we shall see!


Streaming Assassin’s Creed Origins for a but! Im looving this game! It looks amazing in 4K! I didnt like the feel of the new changes at first when it came out since I was deep into SYndicate but now Im used to it and I love it. Probably the best looking game on the XBox X right now IMO. Come by and check it out!


Come check out Agony and see why it was censored by the ESRB!

Streaming Agony in about 15 minutes! Waiting for the update to finalize and Twitch to stop acting stupid lol


Streaming the new game VAMPYR here shortly!!! Come by and check it out!!!
Im just waiting for it to load up! ^^^^^^^^^


Streaming Bloodborne now! NG+…lots of invasions, and epic boss battles.


Streaming Bloodborne now! NG+, Sinister Bell invasions, and Castle Cainhurst! Come by, chat , or trade follows if we havent already! ^^^^^^^ link above

RIP VInnie Paul


Im off all week! TIme to stream a little bit!
Im about to Stream some Xbox X…including Assassin’s Creed Origins, Killer Instinct, and Dark SOUls Remastered.
Tonight Ill be Streaming Ps4 Pro…including PS VR (Rush of Blood, The Inpatient, Skyrim, Bound and Resident Evil 7 Gold edition.) and regular games such as Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Nioh.

Games will rotate out throughout the week. Come by and chat!


I just bought FIghting LEX Layer and Im going to stream it for a bit. Lets get wrecked! lol