Post your Stream links here! Twitch Stream Link thread for the Forum Friends!

Plan on Streaming your favorite game or a new game? Post the Twitch/Beam link, date and time here!
Looking to watch someone else Stream KI or other cool games? Search here!

This can be the place where we say “Hey come check out my KI stream!” Or "My Injustice stream"
Dark Souls, Horizon Zero Dawn, Rocket League…whatever you stream post it here so the forum friends can easily see it and check you out!

I noticed this last few weeks a bunch of us have been streaming pretty regularly…or watching streams daily.
@TheNinjaOstrich @STORM179 @ItzTymeToDul @PCKPharrohYami @BigBadAndy @KevBones10 @DurtyDee810 @FallofSeraphs76 @F3Sleep @MaruMDQ

And with that said Ill be off on my "stay-cation " all week from work so I plan on streaming twice a day with KI during the day and The Surge, Horizon Zero Dawn, and a new game i just grabbed on the Xbox sale… “The BUNKER” at night!

Also if you drop by a stream please hit that FOLLOW button and help us all out in that regard.

Thanks! And lets get some links up in here!

Also tag anyone you think may get some worth out of these links. I could only tag the 1st 10 that I could think of.


Tonight @ I will be Streaming my progress on the beautiful game “Horizon Zero Dawn” from 11pm to 1am central time. I dont have a PS camera so no crummy video of my awesome face lol…but Ill getting a PS camera sometime this weekend.

Saturday I’ll be streaming KI just before or after noon on Beam or Twitch, haven’t decided.

Whats everyone’s thought on Beam compared to Twitch? I thought I couldn’t use Twitch on Xbox anymore but I tested it today and it worked fine. I never get any views on BEAM.

Tagging more that I couldn’t fit in the OP.
@SadisticRage76 @GothVampirella @xSkeletalx @WandaMaximoff @MDMMORNING @Fwufikins


I think Beam has changed it’s name to Mixer… unless I’m sober and not thinking straight. lol

Its still Beam but Mixer is the Social app part maybe? Its definitely still called Beam when actually manage your Stream page.
I prefer Twitch to be honest…Beam is cool, but there just isnt anyone on Beam…like at all.

Well I’m not confused at all. :slight_smile: lol

No, It’s Mixer now. It got renamed. It’s probably something they forgot to switch.

Send me a message when you start.

@TheNinjaOstrich is correct, I just looked at my home page and it reads " The Same Beam you know but with more YOU!" Welcome to MIXER!"

So yeah, new name, but same exact everything …no one watching and weird lightening bolts and stuff LOL

@SadisticRage76 Damn bro I just got done…I played a little over 2 hours on Horizon in 4K… damn game is awesome. Just the right amount of action to keep it consistent and fun…not too hard, not too easy or slow… " A medium pace" :wink:

Damn. Sorry. I was talking to a friend in person “you know that thing when you see someone on front of you”. I just wanted to make a joke. Most people now day just talk to people using texts.

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LOL…yeah, its a strange world nowadays. When I left work today my friend Chad works up in the office and is into gaming too. When I left work I said "See you online this weekend!"
Then I thought about it, like that was weird, I will see you in this fake cyber world this weekend because we dont go places anymore or hang out in person… ever.

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I would rather hang out with someone in person when ever possible. I get that sometimes that can’t happen. I don’t like to text when I can talk to them.

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Well you are a rare person these days…its usually the other way around! lol
When your phones rings instead of text it like "eh eh eh eh eh! OMG they called instead of text…NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

great idea @FallofSeraphs76

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Yeah I was going to stream KI this morning but my kids are running back n forth across the living room and Krista fell asleep on the couch next to me so… yeah… just not a good streaming environment around here most the time.

Im def going to stream tonight though. Hoping to trade some follows out of all this throughout the week Im off.
Heading to Gamestop here in a minute to grab a PS4 camera.

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Well I got the PS4 camera and I have to say the Stream set up within the PS4 is way better than the Xbox stream set up. Im surprised XBox doesn’t have the options to zoom in on the camera, add back grounds, and other link up options like PS does.

Anyway, I streamed about an hour of Fall out 4 (my first time to play a Fall out game.) and Im might stream my first play thorough of The Last of Us or continue onto Horizon Zero Dawn. Oh… or maybe THE BUNKER! I have way too many games to play ahhhhhh!

I should be back on around 10:30 pm central time.

Streaming Horizon Zero Dawn now!

Streaming Little Nightmares with my kids! They are scurd! LOL

Tonight @ 10pm I will be streaming “The Bunker” on Xbox One. Its a choose your own destiny game with real action filmed by actors. Its looks really cool and is on sale on Xbox store now.

@ 11:30 Ill be jumping back over to PS4 and “Horizon Zero Dawn.” The stream I did last night was a blast, this may be one of the best games of all time. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Where is everyone else’s streams at? I havent seen anyone else post or stream on Xbox community either…where yall at?

Wading through life, lol

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Streaming KI right now for about 45 mins (until the kids get home from Karate)