Post your Stream links here! Twitch Stream Link thread for the Forum Friends!

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Back on my Horizon Zero Dawn “Lets play part 3”…come check it out if you havent seen how amazing this game is!
Its games like this that make the PS4 so worth getting!


Streaming Horizon Zero Dawn “lets play part 4” …live now! I just cant stop praising this game… if you have a PS4 you have to play this game. If yo dont, you are really missing out!


Hey guys! Remember to post your Streaming times and link in this thread so we can all band together and follow each others streams!

Anyway… does anyone know how to remove that BLUE BAR (View count and mins) at the bottom of Xbox streaming on your personal screen? It covers up heath bars, dialogue and other important things and I cant seem to find a way to move it!
Viewers can not see this Blue bar, only the streamer can see it on his screen. This doesn’t happen on PS4, only on Xbox one.
@Sasuke99I @PCKPharrohYami @TheNinjaOstrich


Well looks like it is not possible ever since the April 2017 update that removed SNAP!
UGHHH that is some bullshitz! Here is a Twitch suggestion link where you can vote to try and have it removed or toggled.


Yeah, seems like they really want Mixer to do well, because it’s the only one where you can move and change the overlay. It’s a great stream service, with no latency viewing, but there’s hardly anyone there. Maybe in a couple of years…


How can you move on MIxer? I could of sworn it was present on that as well? Maybe IM tripping?


hey sorry, idk why i never got a notified about this. Stream for #ComboKillers week 7 will start at 4:45pm cst fyi guys @


Please post your streaming schedule hear! Let us know so we can all follow one another!

I will be streaming tonight at 10pm central with the brand new PS4 game…“HELLBLADE- Senua’s Sacrifice”!

This game is a Dark Souls style game with a female fronted, viking nightmare and death action RPG as she battles the tales of Ragnarok!

Its gonna be siiiick!!!


Guys! You have to check out this Hellbade Sansua’s Sacrifice! OMG it looks amazing in 4k!

OMG!!! Mind friggin BLOWN!!! This game is scary as fukkk …you have to wear headphones to get the full effect, and turn them up loud! The intro of the game even recommends that you do so. Check out the archive and definitely get this game for 30$ now if you have a PS4… go to the menu and change to 60HZ for the best quality!
@Fwufikins Dude, this is you all the way!

*** Note to self…Turn up the game volume…turn down my mic volume in the Twitch settings LOL


Streaming Hellbade again! Check it out! I just had a bad ■■■ 5 min BOSS battle! OMG!


Streaming Bloodborne and Hellblade now!
Come check it out and add me on twitch! Ill return the favor!

Also post your streams here damnit!!!


Next Wednesday I’ll be leaving for Stockholm for about a week, got invited to a scandinavian SFV tournament…

Can I get a Top 32 Star until then?
Let’s see. :sunglasses:


Props to @PCKPharrohYami for still hosting the Combo Killers tournaments! :slight_smile:
Wasn’t able to catch it that much yesterday sadly. : P

My main Arbiter is coming along great! MAN, I love doing his MP/HP target combos as manuals - so much fun!
Prophet’s Bane boys. <3

Let’s get another 1000 points tonight! =D


I tuned in once a week or so ago but wasnt able to watch long. Ill try and stick around longer tomorrow or the next stream.


Im heading up to game stop here in a minute to pick up Uncharted Lost Legacy! Ill be streaming it from 10pm-12am tonight. Drop by for a minute if you can.


*** Well I’ll be damned!!! You cant Fn stream Uncharted Lost Legacy yet! It wont work with this “application!” WTF!!!

*** Changed my time zone to London and it worked! Yeah biatches! LOL @WandaMaximoff

Uncharted Lost Legacy Blind play-through Chill stream! Come check out the new game and chat for a bit!


Uncharted Lost Legacy Play-through Part 2! Come check it out! This game is beautiful and kind of funny!


OK friends! I’m finally streaming a bit of Killer Instinct while the family is a the first football game of the season! So I have about 2 hours to get an uninterrupted stream in! Come drop by, tell me what I’m doing wrong, play me in a set… follow me and Ill follow you!

Post you streams here as well!


@SadisticRage76 @SneerfulWater57 and the 5 others I didnt know…thanks fro dropping by and playing a set! GGS @SneerfulWater57 NIce KIm Wu!

Guys please follow me though so I can follow you back… sucks when ppl watch for an hour and dont follow you. We have to build the KI stream community by trading follows friends!

Ill try to stream some more KI later tonight and tomorrow afternoon. Hope to see you all then! Maybe we can get some sets in @SadisticRage76???


I was going to play a set, but my son is using my headset. I want the full KI experience, so I want to talk ■■■■ as we play.

Maybe we could do a double feature or a hat trick. Ft5 in KI, Ft5 in MKX, and Ft5 in Injustice 2.