Post your Stream links here! Twitch Stream Link thread for the Forum Friends!

Sure maybe tomorrow? IM getting on Dark souls right now PS4…thanks for dropping by dude!

Friends…check out my YouTUbe channel where I will be uploading all my videos…there are some old band videos on there as well from not too long ago. I plan on adding full concerts soon once i can rip the DVDs to my PC and upload to YouTube… work in progress but I have over 20 live shows on DVD just waiting to be seen!
Subscribe and Ill return the favor!

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I think that I will change my gamer tag to 14 yearoldcronic, amd change my main to Glacius :laughing: I also think Glacius is a little to strong. I pointed that out a while ago, also said that there would be more people playing him now. Nice to see I wasn’t wrong “time for the Glacius fan club to start in” :grin:

I will look for you when in get online tomorrow. I will take the headset from my son too.

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Going live now! Dark SOuls 3! I had a great KI stream earlier today and met some new KI fans!
COme on guys!!! Post your stream inks here so we can follow one another much easier!!!

@BigBadAndy @ItzTymeToDul @TheNinjaOstrich and whomever else IM missing!
SO far only @INDIxion and I are using the thread. There is no need for your own personal stream thread… we should all post in the same thread to be more efficient.

Anyway…Dark souls 3 now!!! and tomorrow at 5pm Ill stream KI again as Im practicing for the upcoming Mid South championship… if I can make the trip.


I’m just having a bit of trouble trying to find time to stream. It will happen one day. I promise! :slight_smile:

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My schedule and my gaming life are a disaster right now. I’m so rarely home that when I’m home I’m trying to do stuff with the kids, but keep tagging me. I want to support the streamers in our community.

Incidentally, when Monster Hunter World comes out next year I plan to do some multiplayer Mixer streaming. It seems like the perfect game for that feature so I’m going to give it a whirl.

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@TheNinjaOstrich @BigBadAndy

I know guys, its hard to find time…but if and when you do…please use this thread so we will know. Otherwise there is no way for anyone to know unless we are followers of your channel. I cant be a follower if I dont know your channel exists.
The only other way is on Xbox live feeds but that still doesnt link you to the channel…it just says “Jimmy John streamed KI…yay!”

We can alos auto host one another…whatever that means LOL…I still havent figured that out yet.

PS…I sound very country and nasally on stream…I hate my voice…so please laugh/dont laugh…but I try to be funny and talk if there are views and chats make it even better.

Met a new friend yesterday… he hates the forums and loves the Facebook group though ;(
He also thinks OMEN has 0 winning match ups LOL

Jimmy John was streaming? What kind of sandwich was he? I like when the roast beef streams, but the turkey streamer really pisses me off. :laughing:

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He was talking to fast so I couldnt understand him :wink: LOL

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Streaming Uncharted Lost Legacy right now! Come by and chat fro a minute! Its a great game, fun to watch, and I might need some help on the puzzles! :wink:
I might jump back to Dark Souls 3 if time permits.

Im also looking for new followers to trade with and Hosts. I’ll host you if you host me! Lets build this streaming community together!

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Going live in 5 for a quick MSC practice stream! Come join in and lets play or chat!

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Uncharted Lost Legacy streaming now! Then moving on to Killer Instinct this afternoon as warm up for this evenings Online tournament with @PCKPharrohYami ! Be sure to check us out at 5pm central on his Kombo Killers stream!

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@SadisticRage76 Hey dude, I found the way to unban people from the chat! lol… kind of odd how difficult it would be to figure out on your own without this video. SO you are good to go bro! Now I know not to just press random buttons trying to make a MOD…lol…I sitll need to figure that one out.

This guy has a ton of great tech for Twitch chat commands! The 2nd video has the best stuff

Nice. I will need to watch it.

The trick is just
/unban sadistdicrage76

OK so if you haven’t seen or played HELLBLADE…my stream and boss battle last night was EPIC …OMG I was impressed with the game. Here is the video marked at the battle. Tune in tonight as I finish the game and make my way to HELA! THE Viking BOSS of HEL.

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Hellblade finale right now!!! ?? HELA !!!

*** And its DONE!!! WOW! What a journey! If you have a PS4 or PC you have to play this game… take it to the end… and HEADPHONES are a must…you shouldn’t play it any other way!

WOW! HELLBLADE!!! Senua’s Sacrifice!

I also beat Uncharted Lost Legacy this week as well. Both games are fully streamed and on my Youtube channel. Both games are Fn awesome!
Uncharted Lost Legacy

I don’t say this often, but…

Stream Inbound in 30 minutes. :smiley:

@FallofSeraphs76 @ItzTymeToDul @ZTRAINOVER9000 @xSkeletalx @oTigerSpirit


KI? Still on?

Will be deleting my stream posts above ^ for as long as nobody else posted in between to not spam up the thread.


FRIDAY and BEER with KI! <3 \m/

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