Post your Stream links here! Twitch Stream Link thread for the Forum Friends!

Back on “The Last of Us”!
Streaming a few episodes here an there…not a complete walk through. Im now in Colorado and into winter…so damn near the end of the game.
What a great story and this game has really got me hooked on the character development.
Joel Lives!!!

Well I beat The last of US so its time to move on to something new before Shadows of War drops!

Alrighty! I just bought 5 new games LOL (Thanks Game stop buy 2 get 1 free!)
I plan on streaming all of them tonight and though the next week until I get Shadows of War.

Cup Head
Tekken 7 (Xbox)
Blaze Blue Chrono-phantasm (Xbox)
Skyrim Remastered (Xbox)
Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2 (PS4)

Yall come check out my stream if your in the Twitch kind of mood and lets chat!

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Eff Shago… what a brainless character LUL.
On to the next!

KI Revival Series pt. 27/29 - KILGORE

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I can’t be bothered with the KI Revival tonight; I hate Eagle.

Just gonna play ranked with Arby and get that Top 32-★ on Steam. :slight_smile:

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I hate Arbiter! lol… i just cant do well against his grenades and command grab…ughhh

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Well Im anbout to stream for a couple hours but I cant decide what to stream…any suggestons out of these?

Shadows of Mordor DLC
The Last of Us DLC
Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2

Well IM starting with Injustice 2…Super girl multiverse and some Raiden online matches…then Im moving to KI or something listed above. Come follow or chat!

Arby sure as hell can be cancer!

Let’s make [Top-1★ STEAM] :facepunch:

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Shadow of War is here!!! Gold Edition in my hand foooooooo!!!
LOL…Nemesis system transfer from Shadow of Mordor is going to be sooo EPIC!

As soon as it installs and I input the DLC I will be streaming it tonight…come join me…drop by! Follow! CHat! SOmehting!

Hell I want to see more ppl streaming on here too beside just me and @INDIxion…where the hell is everyone?

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Shadow of War Part 2 stream starting now!!!

There are currently 41 Killers on Steam

Continuing that
Road to [Top-1★ STEAM] :facepunch:

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Shadow of War - Part 3 will begin at 9:15pm.

Come check it out, chat…blah blah…yeah yeah


Making [Top-1★ STEAM] :facepunch:
If only ZER0 would stop grinding…

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Just streamed a bit of Michael Myers and Dead by Daylight… pretty cool! I will return to that stream later tonight and try out Leatherface!

Now Im Back on some Killer Instinct! Lets Play!

Come on Forum friends! Post your streams here! Make content…support others content! Play KI!

Its time for Shadow of War Part 5!!!

I’ve been leveling up, taking out captains for XP, unlocking new moves…and now its time to finish of the Cirith Ungol area!
Such a great game!

Im about to hit up some Dead by Daylight and try out ol’ Leatherface.

Come on guys… post your streams here! I know there are more than 2 people on here that are streaming on a regular basis.

I streamed the last bossfight for CupHead on Mixer last night.

I know I’m not helping the cause her but I stream stuff on a whim as an afterthought - usually just hoping to show my brother what I’m doing. I have a very irregular schedule and I don’t even know how to find a link to my stream, lol.

I just copy and past from my dashboard. You had to create an account to even stream so you should have a dashboard log in for Mixer and twitch. Just favorite them on your PC and copy and past from there. Its a live link so whatever you are doing it shows live int eh title, ect.

I want to see more Stream Links up in here people!

Shadow of War Part 9 “Building my Army” starts in 10 mins.

Ill be streaming KI and Dead by Daylight tomorrow during the day and back to Shadow of War at night.

Shadow of War stream Part 10… building my Army and the 1st siege battle!