Post your Stream links here! Twitch Stream Link thread for the Forum Friends!

Ok friends…time to Stream Assassins Creed Origins and Wolfenstien 2 The New Colossus! Ill be back n forth between the 2 and other games all weekend! Come hang out…help me feel like Streaming is worth it! lol

Streaming for a bit if anyone wanted to watch.

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Streaming WOLFENSTIEN 2 The New Colossus now!
What a great game! they go straight for the jugular right out the gate! Waaaaaaay better than New Order and Old Blood so far! Come check it out!

Wolfenstien 2 The New Colossus - Stream #2 - Escape from the Penthouse! Drop by and say “Hallo!”

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Streaming Killer Instinct for an hour or so right now! Lets go!

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Hey friends… just wanted to let you guys know that streaming KI is needed … there are people out there that want to watch. I had over 10 views today and normally I never have any viewers when I stream other games. Maybe 1-3 when I stream Bloodborne, Shadows of War, ect…but every time I stream KI I get at least 7-10 and it grows each time.

SO please post your stream links here, facebook and twitter. Stream MORE KI… doesnt matter if you think you are good or not. There is an audience out there… give it to them!

@BigBadAndy @TheNinjaOstrich @R1stormrider @SadisticRage76 @MariusStriker @BubbRubb4Real @REYNOSOFUA11 @FallibleJoker14 @INDIxion @ItzTymeToDul


I’ve always wanted to do a stream, but idk how exactly. I only have an xbox.

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I was watching you drown at Wolfenstein last night for a few minutes. I hate those kind of levels, lol

I’ve been wanting to stream from my Xbox but my connection isn’t the best. Would I really have a hard time with playing people online if I was streaming as well?

thanks for the promotion, bro

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LMAO! That was you? OMG yeah that part sucked! The swimming in that game is horrible…bu the rest is great!

@FallibleJoker14 All you need is a Kinect ( If you want to be seen)…but if not you can still stream by just downloading the Beam app or Twitch app. Then log in on your PC and set up your account. Once you do that you can stream by:

Turn on your game, get to the menu
Hit the home button and select your Beam or Twitch
Broadcast game
Hit Home button again to switch back to KI

you are streaming!

@BubbRubb4Real Are you direct line in or WiFi? If Wifi…then prob yes, you would be using to much bandwidth…but its not impossible. Grab a Cat5 ot Cat 6 Ethernet cable form Walmart or any electronics store and run straight form your modem to the back of your Xbox for the best connection. My advice would be just try it and see how well it works

I also advise you have a lap top handy off to the side and have it on your Twitch Dashboard page so you can see your Stream Health.

@Crainiak24 No problem bro… keep streaming and post here as well. We need more people streaming because there are new players that want to watch.


I’ll post here. Www.twitchtv/itztymetodul


Back on Wolfenstien 2 for a bit… @BigBadAndy dude you are going to love the story of this game! OMG… once you play it please be sure to read all the little news papers, postcards, diaries,ect… they really tell a cool story of what happens when the Germans won WW2 and how they force Americans to learn German in 1 year and the “Great Change Over Day”. The day when the American way changes over to all out German lifestyle. So intersting… plus the Roswell conspiracy and how the Germans take over all the Area 52 bases and technology.

I’m streaming more classics now and some favourites =D
This is my twitch:

twitch: Killerqueen94

Even though the chat is in Spanish I don’t mind anyone chatting in English, I’ll do my best to answer everybody.

Few days ago I finished the Dino Rex arcade game (a really strange game from the 90’s about dinosaur fights :joy:)
You can see the final battle here plus the ending.

Following you now! We need to all trade follows so we have alerts and such.

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Streaming some Gold Kilgore now!

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Following you too :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone for the new follows! AS promised I returned each and everyone of them and will try my best to tune in!
I just got done with an hour long KI stream but didnt post it here. Had some good matches… and ran into 2 total A-holes.

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Hey, I am considering doing some art streaming but don’t really know how to stream what is on my desktop. Any advice? (also I use mac, not windows. That may complicate things).