Post your Stream links here! Twitch Stream Link thread for the Forum Friends!

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Have you tried just googling “How to Stream Macintosh Art design apps on twitch?”… maybe a youtube video showing you how to stream something that isnt a game? If i had to guess in the Twitch profile setting you have to link your base content like Xbox, PS4, or other? You might need a capture card set up like Elgato. I bet that’s what you are going to need if I had to guess.


MKX stream while waiting on WOlfenstien 2 to update…then WOlfenstien Stram…live now!


got it, will investigate. Thanks :slight_smile:


Grudge Match #1 Aganos (iDoMusic4Media) vs TJ Combo (Tha Boss44) Ft5


Starting my nightly stream in 10 mins…Wolfenstien 2 “The New Colossus” - Testing out the “New Body”.

What an amazing game and great story… just blown way so far.


Killer INstinct stream is live now!


Streaming Killer Instinct online chill matches now!


I’m going live now guys.


Killer Instinct live now!

Tonights Stream line up…

10pm - Forza 7 “Testing out the XBX and 4k goodness!”

11pm - Killer Instinct Online Matches

12am - SHadows of War or Wolfenstien 2

Come hang out for a min and chat. (No one every chats LOL)


Tonights streaming line up…

  1. Testing out Rise of The Tomb Raiders 4K enhancement. Its supposed to be amazing and in the new XBOX magazine they listed it as the 2nd best looking game behind Forza 7! We shall see in 5 mins

  2. Killer Instinct

  3. Forza 7

  4. Wolfenstien 2

  5. Battlefront 2 ( This is a maybe as my fiancee went to go rent movies and told her to grab it if its in)

Drop by and chat!

*** Ok so Rise of the TOMb Raider…HOLT SHEET! DOes it look amazing! It has 3 visual options and HDR for the XBX.

  1. 60 frames
  2. Native 4K
  3. Enriched Visuals and Native 4K
  4. HDR

I toggled between Enriched 4k and Native 4K and I felt Enriched looked the best. And boy does it look great! This game…this game really makes other games look amateur. Id have to say now with the 4K update its the best game Ive played in the entire Xbox One era.

Also rented Battlefront 2 so Im about to give it a go via stream once it installs. Lets hope it doesn’t take as long t install as Forza 7 did.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Story mode walk through part 2
Forza 7
Killer instinct

*** One thing about Star Wars BF…that ■■■■ is blinding! AHHHH my eyes!!! lol


Killer Instinct stream inbound!!! Lets chat or play!


Its been a couple weeks…finally “Back on it”…
KI stream inbound in 5 mins, then Shadows of War afterwards! Come hang out! Got my laptop open for chat.

I may even try to stream my first attempt at Warhammer…who knows? But Im going to try and stream the rest of the night.

9:50 pm… Time for Shadow of War Stream after a good hour of Killer Intrinsic! GGs to everyone I came across in Exhibition!


Time for more DARK SOULS 2 Scholar of the First Sin!
Ive finally got the hang of this game and have come to really enjoy it now. I highly recommend NOT playing this game after coming straight off of Bloodborne or Dark Souls 3. The combat, tools, and UI are just so much faster and more modern in those 2 respectively that DS2 can feel slow and like a chore. BUt now that Ive not played either in a few months DS feels good. Its not perfect but its still a great game in its own right.

Come check it out as I head into the Iron Keep and battle the Smelter Demon!


Its my Bday and IM off work fro 2 weeks! Stream time! Lets play KI or chat or whatever. Link above

Guys…post your streams here! Cant watch your stream if we dont know you are streaming!


Happy B-day @FallofSeraphs76!! :smile: :birthday: Enjoy your day and your holidays =9


Thank you! Streamed a bit of KI but the framrate droppings and lag just really got me salty. Spoke to James G and he said they are working on it but holidays kind of slows everything down. Which is understandable… its good to know that they are working on it though.

Im about to stream Dark Souls 2 for an hour or so if anyone enjoys that type of game.


Having my first stream now! Will be playing KI for a bit. Today is more of a test run. Drop by to say hi!


Hey guys and gals! I’m testing out my new bad asss racing gaming chair on Mixer while playing Assassins Creed Syndicate! Loving this chair and I’m liking Mixer more than Twitch! You can see the chat on the screen and move the View indicator to wherever you like. You cant do that on Twitch/Xbox.
Check it out!

*** Holy sheet ! There is a World War 1 DLC with the Frey’s grand-daughter as an assassin along side Winston Churchill…assassinating spy’s and shooting down planes and zeppelins! Awesome! Assassins Creed needs a game that is set in the WW1 or WW2 against the ■■■■■…that would be sick! This game just keeps getting better and I haven’t even tried the Jack the Ripper DLC!


Streaming KI now on Mixer! Follow me and Ill follow you!

Well every match is disconnecting after character select… restarting Xbox