Post your Stream links here! Twitch Stream Link thread for the Forum Friends!

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Eagle is finshing his journey to top 32! Join me on twitch!


Having a short stream today to keep my level on ranked before the reset. I’m open to any sets. See y’all on Twitch.


More Assassins Creed Syndicate now on Mixer! Im loving the combat in this game! I wish they would do a 4K patch fro the XBX! Dont let anyone tell you this game isnt good…its amazing. Its takes some time to get used to the controls and to be strong enough to do really cool stuff…but once you get to level 5 and up the game gets really fun! Get it another chance if you gave u on it early.


Hey guys, tomorrow at some time in the morning I will be hosting a stream on twitch that will be focused on explaining game mechanics and answering questions regarding the game. If you have anyone you know who might need help or seem interested in the game,send them my way tomorrow! Hope to see some new faces :slight_smile:

(Plans are subject to change if rank servers are not fixed) (Probably will stream around 11 am Mountain Time)


I am pretty darn sure I will have work that day but I would love to help if I could. If I don’t end up working, do you mind me dropping by?


I would love if you did. You don’t have to ask tho lol everyone’s invited


I will let you know if I can do it when I figure out my schedule


The Spirit Dojo is online! Will be playing story with new characters since ranked is acting dumb.


** Streaming The Order 1886 while waiting fro SFV AE and SKullgirls ENcore to Down load.

Snowed in from work KI stream coming in about 30 mins! Its snowing like crazy here in LA and when that happens the whole city shuts down! LOL… Us southerners aren’t used to ice and snow so ppl are terrified to drive. I always drive to work regardless as I did today but since no one showed up I was able to call it a day. YES!

SO KI, Assassins Creed and more will stream today on Xbox via Mixer or Twitch, haven’t decided yet. And later this afternoon Ill stream SFV AE on PS4 and probably some Nioh, Bloodborne or some sort of Soulsborne game.


And of course KI is dropping frames like there is no tomorrow! Never fails… when I want to have fun and play competitively the game just drips like crazy…ever since the X patch its been shitt

** Well I gave it a shot but overall the frame rates and little bit of lag just ruined it for me. I dont get how everyone is able to play this game seriously online right now.
Its a mess… from my perspective anyway. If I do any sort of shadow linker my combos grind to a halt. I just cant waste my time on this today. Id rather play somethign that works correclty online.

Moving on to PS4 and SF AE and maybe some SKullgirls since i just bought it on vita the other night and its cross download.


Streaming SFV Arcade mode now on Twitch.
Not sure what Ill stream after this, maybe SKullgirls or Nioh?


Do you have a video of that? I would like to see what’s happening/difference on Xbox 1 X


Well I went to check my clips page and a lot of the clips I made the last 2 weeks are gone. Let me do some digging.


Birthday Stream!

Come and say hi!

Edit:seems my Xbox live isn’t working, guess I’ll play some MvC


Anyone down to watch a Kan ra player?? LOOK NO FURTHER I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at


Time to stream some NIOH! And possibly some Skullgirls 2nd Encore…I’m really starting to love this game even though I suck at it and don’t really know how to play it. Its great though!


Damn Demon boss on Nioh kickin my assss! But I wrecked the Ice Queen! BUt now to return to where I truly left off months ago…the Haunted Ninja mansion…oh boy :frowning:


Ok fella’s! Im super into WW2 and Nazzi history. SO after playing Battlefield 1 I was hype as hell and wanted more…so this new Call of Duty WW2 looks amaze-balls! SO I rented it and figured Id give the campaign a go… so I’m about to stream it. Come check it out for a minute!\

**** This game is awesome! WOW! Ive never played COD and I could care less about multiplayer…but this campaign story mode is great. I noticed there is also ■■■■ zombies mode…its a whole other story mode? Starring VIng Rhammes? Cool! My kids were hyped up, they went and got their toy guns and were running around taking cover, clearing out bunkers, and throwing grenades LOL It was great!


KI stream up next from 10-11pm! Come by and say hello!


Ok folks! Time for a bit of streaming… I cant decide on either picking up at eh Pipe smoking Ninja Toad battle on NIOH or continuing my mission into France against the Nazzis in Call of Duty WW2??

Ehhhhhh… cant… decide …lol

Either way Im starting in about 20 mins… come drop by!

OK so _ decided to stream a bit of COD WW2 …and it needs an update lol…so I guess Ill stick it out with that for probably an hour and then move over to NIOH.