Post your Stream links here! Twitch Stream Link thread for the Forum Friends!

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Streaming NIOH now on Twitch! Come by and see this beautiful game and say hello!


Thanks to all that dropped by last night on the NIOH stream! And thanks to the few new followers and those that joined the chat! The chat makes it so much more fun!

Back on NIOH in 10 mins… come hang out! Weed smoking Ninja toads beware! The last samurai is ready to slice n dice some fools! lol


Come on guys! Where have ya’ll been? I know some of you are streaming on a semi regular basis! Share your links and stream times here so we can support one another! I cant be the only streamer around here?

Back on NIOH in 10 mins! Straight into the Boss fight…Ogress! The Mom version of Hisako…crying due to her lost children. Her demon yokai cries have made Spider lilies grow suddenly across the town. Got to put her down!


Sorry man, things have been a lil time consuming as of late. I usually never have time to play for more then an hour at a time and I can’t play on weekdays. If time permits I’ll try to stream on Sunday (if I can!). I got a camping trip for school and it’s gonna eat up most of my time this weekend.


Ill be streaming NIOH again here shortly but fro now my son is streaming Gears of War 4. Come by for a minute and show him some support please! He is only 7 and is excited to get a viewer or 2.


NIOH begins in 10 mins! Trail of the Master mission with a damn near impossible Boss duo…arrrghhhh FML lolol! A flying Raven ninja plus a Paralytic Ghost lady!


Boi…I may be really tired, but I guess I’ll do a stream.

Come say Hi if you want!


I too stream ki I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at


Man I just tuned in and you were shutting down…my bad!


Lol it’s all good, thanks for trying to see it though! Means a lot! Also thanks @ItzTymeToDul and @MaruMDQ for playing with me (and fighting the lag at the same time). Fun times! :yum:


Your Eagle is crazy! :grin: Nice set ups and pressure. It was fun despite the lag we had.


NIOH Stream live in 10 mins! Straight to eh BOss of the Defiled castle… the ever so hot girl friend of WIlliam, …Okatsu!

Image result for nioh defiled castle boss


You know what time it is!!!

NIOH TIME!!! (que calming Japanese wind instrument music)

Come by and watch me rage out and lets chat!

@FallibleJoker14 Thanks for stopping by just about every night I stream! Much appreciated! Sorry if I rage and curse too much, I usually forget Im even streaming LOL …but that damn game can be so stressful!


Lol it’s all good. Keep on streaming!


Quick KI stream at 9pm central and then back onto NIOH! Last night I made it to what I think is the final region of the game. A burning Japanese castle with tons of really tough baddies! Im not far from the next boss so it should be an interesting night of NIOH!

My KI stream will be a bit of warming up for my next WTF match which is hopefully tomorrow.

KI @ 9pm central
NIoh @ 10pm central till 11:45pm
Come by and chat!


Gonna be streaming KI for a while come hang out :slight_smile:


The Spirit Dojo will be online tommorow!

This time, I will be focusing on playing with beginners or those who want to learn, so that the chat and I can point out strengths and flaws where they can improve on. If you know anyone that would love to improve their play, send them to me! I will try to not play with any “regulars” or high level players since I want to focus on helping lower level player (but if there are no takers, we can still have some matches to improve both out play!)

Hope to see some new and familiar faces!


What time tomorrow? Ill try to tune in but Ill be out all night , taking the kids to a small local wrestling event.


I don’t know, but I’ll probably do it after school. So maybe I’ll start from 3-4 Pm mountain time


The Spirit Dojo is online!

Come help new players learn or just come and say hi!

Edit:Since there were no takers, I’ll stream a lil tommorow, see if I have better luck