Poll: Frequency of character dossier drops


It drops based on your selections, that’s how I got it. I don’t have any other info I can offer.


I’m satisfied. Getting more of the dossiers I’ve been aiming at getting.


Good for you :smile: I still am not sure. I still can’t get hatchery III. I have no idea how to get the Mask of the Ancients. I still might have a hard time considering I am above 90%


Last night, I got an Omen dossier, two Kilgore dossiers and two Shin Hisako dossiers plus a crimson snake dossier. That was in about 4 hours of play. I’m happy with that. I’m sure the final dossiers for those characters will take a long time but hopefully not too long.

I’m currently at 98%. So while I expect things to be slower, I like that it’s not where it was before, where I could play through multiple times and get no dossiers at all.

My only gripe with this mode now is Mask of the Ancients. I’ve had the item drop twice when beating Gargos. I’ve been waiting to see the Mask of the Ancients quest for Spinal for several play throughs now and it just doesn’t show up at all. I’ve probably played 200+ rounds since I got the mask the 2nd time.

I was hoping to equip Spinal with it and use it for that quest, just to see if that did anything. Maybe it’s just as simple as using the mask and then the dossier drops after a victory. Didn’t happen the first time I used it though, but maybe now that dossiers drop better?

Honestly, I wish @rukizzel would give us some type of clue as to whether this dossier is bugged or a hint as to how to get it to drop, because as far as I can tell, no one has it, and that seems really strange to me. Is there something we’re not doing? Does someone other than Spinal need to be in your party? Does that Mask of the Ancients quest have anything to do with getting the dossier to drop?

But that aside, I will say that the dossier drop rate seems to have increased and to the @developers that made that happen, I say THANK YOU very much!! Really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


I was waiting for your thoughts :slight_smile:. I am happy that you are at 98%. Did you notice that the total percent got moved up to 104%? This makes getting the last skin a little easier.

Let me know if you figure out the “Mask” dossier.

After playing a little but this morning, I also noticed that it is a little easier to get some. I still have not got my Hatchery III, or any Jago ones though

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Yeah I was really relieved to see that, especially considering the fact that I have no clue whatsoever how to get that Mask dossier to drop. I’ve been holding out for the Mask of the Ancients quest, but since it’s not appearing at all, I’m thinking I might just use the mask item and hope that the increased drop rate will give me the mask dossier. I’m not betting on it, but at this point, I’m prepared to try anything.

You don’t have any Jago dossiers at all? That’s really strange. I mean sure, the last few took me a VERY long time go get, but I got them all and I don’t recall having to do any special quests or anything like that. They just random dropped eventually. Hopefully with the drop rate increased, they’ll start showing up for ya.


Getting the drops for Kilgore and Shin Hisako is still extremely tedious. I’ve been through enough times beating Gargos with Shin Hisako on my team to get her mimic skin and still have about 7 or 8 of theirs left to get.


Yeah, it’d be really nice if they could somehow scale dossier drops when you get down to only having a few of them left. I have two Shin Hisako dossiers left as far as characters go and running in to a Shin Hisako mimic or shadow is rare enough, but the drops themselves are still so rare that I can play through several times, only face Shin Hisako a few times, and still not get a dossier drop.

I dunno, maybe they took this in to account, but on the off chance that they didn’t, it’d be a nice adjustment.


I’m still having the same problem with omen in addition to the others. I don’t have alot left to get just
Kan Ra
I think that’s all of em


You might have to get the other characters to 100% before you get the Omen dossier. The first Jago drop I had was after I got all characters to 100%. Not counting Shin H. The one Jago I did get was off a real Jago. Not a shadow or mimmic. It does suck that it takes over 300 hours to even get close to 100%. At least the game moved up to 104. Now the last skin is a little easier to get.

I still think there is a problem with collecting the dossiers. Someone at IG needs to sit down and play this mode. See if they think getting to 100% needs to be adjusted.


I finally got an omen to drop… Just one though.


Find characters that have missions together. That’s an easy way to guarantee a spawn chance of a certain one.

Omen spawns for Jago, Mira for Wulf ect.


You can’t get Omen dossiers from the Omens that show up from corruption, they only drop from quest line Omens (i.e. Jago’s mission and Omen’s mission) and if you’re lucky enough to fight a shadow Omen.


I’ve upped my % from 80-95 in just a couple of sessions, if you know which character missions spawn certain characters you can get % pretty fast. The one that’s been hardest for me is Maya but I know Mira has a quest with her. I want to say Tusk or Wulf does as well? I’m hoping to be at 100%+ by next week soon as I’m not dying at work anymore. Moving a store, thankfully we are mostly done but getting close to 170 hours for 2 weeks work. Then I’ll have a nice little break.


I’ve been trying to get the last 4 for Shin Hisako and Kilgore, and it is still a nightmare.

When you’re over 90% they should just drop them every time you face a character with any left. It’s rare enough just to face one of them, and they still barely drop.

I’m at 104%, and I honestly don’t know why I’m even trying anymore. It’s not fun.


Did you mean 101%? Not that it matters, but I have two character dossiers left for Shin Hisako and I’m only at 101%. All I have besides those two are Mask of the Ancients and everything pertaining to the Astral Tiki and Lion guardians.

Anyways, I enjoy playing the mode a lot, but I do agree that there should be some sort of scaling once you get toward the end like this. I’ve had entire run throughs where I’ve seen Shin Hisako once or twice at the most and dossiers don’t drop from the battles.

That in and of itself wouldn’t be the worst thing, but when it happens run through after run through? I think it’s been over a week since the last dossier I got and I play fairly regularly. I kinda wonder if they took this in to account when creating the mode?


Oops, yeah. Wrong number. I’m at 101% of 104%


I think I’ve been getting more dossiers because I’ve been playing way into later turns. Sometimes getting beyond 30-40 turns. Seems to have high drop rate. I went up a solid 15% in just 2 days of playthroughs. I should be able to have all of them this weekend when I can play.


What % are you now? It still dries up considerably near the end.


It’s cool! I just saw the number and was like “whoa, did he find a way to get the Tiki and Lion stuff already!?” :slight_smile:

I’ve had periods where I get a few in a night. Even as many as four or so when I was over 90%. But honestly, when it gets closer to the end, it starts to take forever to get a dossier to drop.

Technically, you can’t get them all yet. Two guardian videos for Astral Tiki and Lion, their dossiers and their Crimson dossiers aren’t yet available. No one seems to know how to get Mask of the Ancients either. If you can get down to those final seven though, good on you, man! :slight_smile:

I’m going to try and see if I can finally hammer out those two final Shin Hisako dossiers this weekend. Even getting one of them would feel borderline miraculous at this point lol.