Poll: Frequency of character dossier drops

Where are you at on how frequently you get character dossiers in Shadow Lords?

  • Character dossiers don’t drop frequently enough
  • Character dossiers drop at just the right frequency
  • Character dossiers drop too frequently

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Just curious.

Depends on who I’m using.

How so? Are you saying that some character’s dossiers drop faster than others (in your experience)?

Look, people have low dossier drop because, they only want to run through SL with thier mains. The SL character screen clearly emphazises to pick a varied team. So pick chars u dont like or those u cant use and dossiers will drop no matter the game difficulty

This is kind of difficult to say for me. On the one hand, it feels like they are dropping terribly often. But on the other, I think I have more than fifty percent of the character dossiers and like sixty-six percent overall and I still haven’t finished grinding all the mimic skins yet. So in that perspective and given that they aren’t intended to be super common drops, it seems like it’s just right while feeling super rare.

For what it’s worth, I always pick a variety and I never stick with the same characters from run through to run through. Well, except for Kilgore right now, but I’m trying to level him up. :slight_smile:

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The thing is, even tho Sl, dossiers say, beat mimc this to unlock his/ her dossier, you actually have to do that with specific chars, special conditions. Thats why many have fought mimic jagos but his dossiers never drop

While I’m obviously not asking you to list each and every one… Can you expand on this a little? I thought the character dossier drops were random except for the fact that you had to fight a character’s mimic to get that character’s dossiers.

I personally wasn’t aware that you had to fight that character WITH a specific character or that there were other conditions.

If use for the same characters over and over again gargos, eyedol, and rash example all of whom require to beat gargos 10+ times then I will only receive a limited amount dossiers every play through. If I were to switch my team up every play through using other characters that I normally don’t use I will begin to unlock them more frequently. If I’m deliberately fighting the characters whose dossiers I’m currently trying to get then that will also increase my chances of getting a dossier from them for example, I need tusks dossiers so I will whenever possible fight him using different characters instead of the same character over and over again.

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Did not know, will keep that in mind.

I don’t know if I was aware of this part either. I mean, I tend to switch my characters up after each playthrough naturally, but I honestly thought it was just “fight Sadira mimics to open more Sadira dossiers.” I don’t think I was aware that changing up who you fought her with had an affect on that as well.

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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This is how it worked out for me anyway, right now I have about 90% of SL completion with about 87-90% character dossier completion.

Pretty much this is how I based off my SL experience when the beta first released since one of the devs said this or something similar to it.

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Something I would like is for it not to matter who you play as our what difficulty you play on. If I were to stick to my usual good and play on normal all the time (I do occasionally play on challenging, and haven’t tried godlike yet) I should be able to find all the dossiers along with any other completionist. Truth be told I actually enjoy shadows Lords as a casual player just because I have nursing school to worry about as well as a family, I simply can not sink endless hours into the game.

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I wish the devs would chime in as to what exactly affects dossier drops. There’s a lot of speculation here but I don’t think anyone has actually provided “proof”. For what it’s worth, I’ve played extensively on all 3 difficulty levels and I haven’t really noticed a remarkably different dossier drop rate among the 3 difficulties. I’ve been slowly getting them in every difficulty. But of course I haven’t actually kept any kind of stats or quantified this so I can’t really say what the difference is. Of course I can be wrong, but all I can say is that I haven’t DISTINCTLY noticed any different drop rate.

I have every dossier except the Kilgore ones, so it doesn’t affect me much now, but it took a heck of a long time, especially for the last 10% or so. I pretty much just grind mindlessly while watching stuff, so I couldn’t even say how much I spent actively playing, but it was a heck of a long time. It could use a speed up near the end, as I don’t see a lot of people having the patience. Then again, They may not want everyone to blast through to unlock them all never to return.

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I think there’s a pretty wide gulf between blasting through and being so slow as to test most people’s patience. Right now, I tend to think it’s more on the latter side. I fully respect the fact that they don’t want people to be able to get this stuff in a matter of days just by grinding. But they could turn the slow drops in to a slow trickle at least. I don’t think that would hurt anything. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it could use some increase in drop rates near the tail end of collection at the very least.

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They don’t frop frequently enough but I’m not expecting to get one every single time I beat the snot out of a mimic. but at least drop for the most significant fights

Yeah I’m definitely not expecting a drop every single fight either. No doubt. I just think there’s a wide enough gap between “every single fight drop” and what we’re getting right now that could perhaps be filled in a little. Not a ton, but a little.

Not all of us just want to get all of them in one play though. What I don’t like is that i have beaten SL enough times to have unlocked every character mimmic in the game. I also have done so many runs with all the characters, that now I am not sure how many times I have beaten the game with each character.

Now the only people that are going to think the drop rate is ok are the players that have less than 50% of the dossiers. I know their opinion will change when they hit 70% and above.