Omen of Sorrow


I’m not surprised to hear that, considering it was based on one of the earliest builds. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get a better demo to replace it, I personally want to hit the ground running so to speak.


Its a fun game but my build didnt have any of the cool supers or anything that Ive seen recently so they ve came a long way!


Some of those animations and sound effects…


On the demo or the trailers? the trailers look great…the demo is lacking


On the recent trailer that I watched that was posted in this thread, I dunno some of the animations looked a little choppy and the sound effects I felt needed to be more meaty


Anyone tried this game? Is it released yet?


It’s out, yes… but for some reason it’s not on my PS store, so it might not be out in Europe, meaning I haven’t tried it yet. :frowning:


Yeah I was curious about this too.


They seem to have some localisation issues which they are currently working on fixing.


Hmmm i didnt know it was out yet! but I havent played my PS4 in 2 months. Just been way too busy on Red Dead 2, A Creed Odyssey and befroe that Shadow TR.

I need to get back on it but RD2 is just the GOAT IMO


If I buy RDR2 I won’t play anything else so I wisely held off :smile:… for now. As for OOS, probably won’t be able to play it as I do not have a PS4…(did not check if it’s other platforms though).


DUDE…RDR2 is amazing! ive NEVER played a game this continuously besides maybe KI. I havent touched Ki since I got RDR2 and Im not even a fan of RDr1 or GTA…never even played GTA.
Its that good!


So uh… Anyone play this yet? Still kinda curious about it but haven’t really seen any reviews.

EDIT: Okay, I just watched a few reviews and it’s about what I expected. From what the reviews said, the gameplay is fun, it has a few small mechanics that make the game feel slightly unique, and overall it’s a solid first effort by a studio making their first game. On the downside, the voice acting isn’t great, the modes and roster are a bit sparse and the load times are apparently horrendous.

Kinda seems like a game that would get between a 6 and a 7 or so if any of the major sites bothered to review it. Honestly, I can live with that. I dig the aesthetic of this game.


It is still not available in my country, so haven’t even tried it yet. :confused:


Ah that sucks, man. Is it coming out there soon, at least?


It was supposed to be available since the game’s launch, but several countries still don’t have it available because of some localisation issues. They are looking into it though, so all I can do is wait.


Ah, gotcha. Well, hopefully that wait isn’t too long.


Heres one of the more generous reviews. They seem much more concerned with the vibe of the game, it’s mechanics and how it actually plays, which I like and certainly care about the most. Many of the reviews that have posted so far are in the 7 range, but I’m finding that the stuff they’re knocking the game for is either subjective taste or faults based on comparisons to much bigger games.


For a small budget game like this to score a 7, I would say it’s really impressive. Remember KI only got 7’s and 8’s on release. How much does this cost (I don’t have a PS4)? If you like the theme and want to see more independent fighters I would probably tell you to take the leap.


Well, that’s a bit of a sticking point, apparently for 11 characters, a kind of bare bones (and apparently not well written) story mode, and the usual arcade, versus, online ranked, online matches and survival, it’s $50. I hope that means they’re coming out with additional DLC and maybe those characters or whatever are free, who knows.

My guess is that because they’re a small studio and this is their first game though, that this is the whole package. Making games is expensive, obviously, so maybe they did what they could and priced it how they had to price it?