Omen of Sorrow


Oh right, this is still a thing…
Have they shown off all characters yet?


"Engage in epic boss fights in a superb single player mode "

Interesting. Sounds intriguing.

While 12 characters seems a bit light these days, do you know if there are any plans to add more via DLC? I’m curious how this game will do score-wise. I get the vibe that this will be a 6 or a 7, but I’m really hoping it surprises me because I really like the overall aesthetic and the looks of the characters.


Still no release date? Ugh…I was just looking at the demo last night on my PS4 …The more I played it the more i liked it. Just really need a move list and better walk through of he characters.


If the game sells well then yes they will do DLC.


Quasimodo has been revealed for Omen of Sorrow.


Cool! They have added some new stuff to the game! Nice!!


Nice! He looks like a fun character to use. I’m becoming more and more curious about this game as time goes on. Wonder if they’ll have it at E3 at all?


I seen a guy on my FB that played the game at some famous Arcade place in CHicago. It was more than the 2 character demo on PS4…it had several characters so there is a build out there floating around.


2 new characters has arrived in Omen of Sorrow


WHOA!!! Looks great!! Wish it would come out already!


Still looks like a cheap version of Killer Instinct.

and what is with that frame rate, doesn’t even look like 60 fps, more like 30fps


Strange, looks fine on my end, maybe Youtube’s compression caused something?

@FallofSeraphs76 You played the PS4 demo when it was available right? Did you notice any massive hitching or FPS drops when you played it? Or is it one of those games that just puts a massive amount of hitstop on every move that’s done? I know it was an older version of the game but considering it’s budget it might still be relevant in some way.

On the topic of the new characters, I can’t stop seeing Kan-Ra moves in some of Imhotep’s attacks. I know mummy characters tend to follow a very similar formula but it’s how I feel about it. Adam reminds me of MvC Haggar mixed with Shazam from Injustice 1. Also it’s nice to know it didn’t get canceled or pushed back into next year.


I still have the demo. It plays fine… only thing is it doesnt have a tutorial so youhave to figuere out all the moves on your own, ect…
It doesn have absic moves list in the pause menu but it doesnt show you the supers and all the meter moves.
I didnt noitce any frame issues… I enjoyed what little bit you can play with 2 characters.


Omen of Sorrow now has a official release date pre order now.

Trailer -


November 6 for those who can’t watch the video.


Seems kinda strange that they’d put a horror / monster themed fighting game out the week after Halloween. Still, I think I’ll be buying this. I like the characters, even if some of them seem a bit too close to KI. I hope it has a fun story. :slight_smile:


you have PS4? you can play the demo… its only 2 characters


Oh no kidding? I think I’ll check it out then. Thanks, man!


Are you sure? I searched the game on the PS4 store but no option for a demo appears at all, it’s one step removed from being a blank page honestly. If they are doing pre-orders soon either that old page gets removed or they just revive it with a pre-order function later on.

Though if I recall, wasn’t that demo version only up for a limited time anyways? Maybe that’s why I can’t find it anymore.


Probably a limited time and is no longer available to DL