Omen of Sorrow


Yes, from what I could tell it has 5 buttons. 2 punch, 2 kick and a grab on the RB button.
Stages look cool, characters look cool, but the movement and animations are very stiff.

Nothing I could find listing the special moves or anything.


THe game is still playable. im not sure if it will still be downloadable in a few days…you may want to log into the PS store and go ahead and add it to your library…then download when you get home. That way you can try it.
I played some more just now and it gets better once you get the feel of the special moves,ect… there is a move list int he pause menu that I missed yesterday. Ultraspecials are done like SF Critical arts.

I think once its fully out it will be a decent game to have in the collection.


So to those who played the demo, how does it play overall? I remember seeing the older gameplay videos and got King of Fighters vibes from the moves and animations (like how the knight guy had some Terry Bogard-esque moves for example). Or is it designed to be more like SF with a stronger emphasis on neutral play and footsies? I feel it has potential to be a good indie game but I’m curious on which direction the game is taking in terms of mechanics.


Feels stiff like KOF… nothing about it feels like SF except the input fro the Critical art type moves


I’ve been watching Max and the doods play this game, and it looks and sounds a lot better now. I love how Zafkiel conjures light-blades from her fists EXACTLY like how Psylocke conjures her psi-blades! Makes me definitely wanna give the game a try.

Vlad is just fabulous, and I love it! And I still think Caleb looks better than Sabrewulf’s retro. THAT is how it should have looked like!


how are they playing full roster though? the demo only has 2 characters?


Not full roster. It has Gabriel, Vlad, Hyde, Caleb and Zafkiel.
I think Max got an early build from the dev team. They were playing it on PC.


AHHH…maybe the PC version is broader than PS. cool ill check out the video.


At about 2:17:30…


That was a fun game as I recall.

I’ve learned japanese fighters through KoF. I never enjoyed SF, I don’t know if that’s good or not because I lack things some players have. Anyway, I’ll need to push my skills more to understand most of those concepts.

But if I was took back to 1994 and had to pick a game again I would not pick KoF at all, I would pick KI and Primal Rage.


OK so i just played a bit more and this time used the girl Zafkiel…she is awesome! Way better than Gabriel! Im starting to like this much more and will def buy when its released!


More new gameplay footage with another new fighter/character shown now:


She reminds me a lot of how Valkenhayn from Blazblue moves when in his wolf form.


Gonna be honest, this game doesn’t look fun to watch. I hope that’s not an indicator of the gameplay proper, I know a lot of games have this issue, but after so many upsets nowadays it just feels like a red flag if the game doesn’t impress you from the footage they show to the public. Hopefully the final build cleans up those animations at least, I know it’s a budget game but first impressions are everything to a lot of people, and few people bother to give second chances.


Have you played the demo? Its not that bad…I enjoyed it the more I played it.


I thought the demo they made available to the public was PS4 only? If that’s true I can’t play it, I only have an XB1 right now.


Yes its only on PS4. At first I didnt like how it played because I was using Gabriel and he just felt odd. But when I tried again a week of so later and used the angel girl…it felt much better and I enjoyed it more. IM sure once all the characters are available and there is a story mode or arcade mode it will be fun.
I wouldn’t pay more than 20$ for it unless they add some more stuff…and even then I probably wouldn’t play it much.

**** I just went and played it again and I really like it. I cant wait fro the full game to release to try all the other characters… but for now the Zafkiel girl is really cool…if i could just understand how her specials really work and the angel wing cancel. I just dont really know what the actual combat plan is supposed to be in this game.


I really hope this turns out well. I love the atmosphere and art style and the character choices thus far.

My only issues are that many of the moves feel a bit too standard, like I’ve seen them in too many fighting games already. Maybe that’s a bit too much of a nitpick though, as every game has some stuff borrowed from other titles that came before them.

Anyways, the characters seem a bit small somehow, and I still can’t help feeling like it’s got that sort of Mortal Kombat animation going on, like moves come out too quickly or end too quickly or something along those lines.

But that’s all small potatoes to me. I keep liking this game, the more I see of it and it’s definitely on my radar.


Dr. Hyde was trying to smash Radegonda’s head open.


Hey guys you can pre-order Omen of Sorrow now on Amazon. But just keep in mind this is a timed exclusive.
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