Omen of Sorrow


MORE NEW gameplay footage of Omen of Sorrow :grin: :smile: :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


It honestly doesn’t look that great. The background is really cool, but the animations are very stiff. It feels more like MK4 than anything else.


Yeah, it’s definitely stuff. I’m still seeing more KOF than MK4 but it’s stiff animation. Vladislav III looks a bit out of place. With his ripped upper body he does look a bit MK4 ninja and not so much vampire. Further, he contrasts with the angel girl (can’t remember her name) who has some hanky move animations but is lovingly animated for things like her idol pose. Whereas he looks like a puppet from the old 60’s Thunderbolts.

Recognizing that criticism is easy, and animation is nothing I’ve ever done. I have a hard time deciding if this is an amazingly impressive amateur made fighting game or a pretty awful professionally made one. I still hope it works out for all involved and produces something fun.


A (small) interview with AOne Games on the making/behind-the-scenes look of Omen of Sorrow :grin: :smile:


From that interview, I noticed something from one of the stages:

In the broader strokes (color, basic shapes) it looks awfully similar to this:


The developers have just revealed the final boss of the game.


…huh. Juri hair style huh…unfortunately just like juri it would look 100x better if it was down like in that amazing juri costume in sf5.

I do like the feathers though. It gives a bloodborne feel to the character and the blindfold is kinda cool too. I’m curious how the character will look in motion. I’m curious if that weird long neck would make the model look too weird


New official trailer this time with release date:


Nice trailer. The gameplay looks more and more like KOF to me, always with the caveat that I haven’t really played those games much.

Just as an aside, I wouldn’t call “2018” a release date.


I like the atmosphere and graphical style of this game. It doesn’t look nearly as stiff as it did in the beginning, which is nice. Still doesn’t seem like there’s a ton of characters, but maybe I’m mistaken? Either way, new fighting games are usually on my radar and this one’s no different. Hope it turns out well!


Any more characters in mind? Where there are creatures like Darkstalkers’

  • Morrigan and Lilith
  • Demitri
  • Talbain
  • Felicia
  • Rikuo
  • Victor
  • Anakaris
  • Bishamon
  • Lord Raptor
  • Sasquatch
  • Donovan
  • Hsien-Ko
  • Huitzil
  • B.B. Hood
  • Q-Bee
  • Jedah

Fairy Tale-based characters to join in?


It’s looking a lot better now, though I wish we would have seen some more gameplay instead of just a compilation of clips that didn’t even take two seconds, so we could get a better look at how smooth the gameplay and animations look.


Or rather in this case a release year? :wink:


A new for trailer for Omen of Sorrow -


Have anyone tried the omen of sorrow demo? It ends today


I just found it and downloaded it…didnt know it ends today though …that sucks. I guess Ill try it for a second before it goes a way.


Ah damn, I’m not home before Wednesday, so won’t be able to try it out.
Why do demos have a deadline these days? Can’t they just throw it up for people to try out until the game comes out, like they used to?


Well you arent missing much… its kind of janky. Only 2 characters available. Its def not as quality as KI, IJ, or SF


It’s made by an indie company though, right? So I wouldn’t expect for it to have as high a production value as any of those.


And indie company in South America, something hard to do in this lands and probably they put a lot of love.
I think it might be the first figthing game ever in this region (I guessed in Brazil a studio was working in a 2D fighting game, but don’t know what happened).
However game production here is very far from the ones in North America. Still I was told that game characters 3D models (like the ones in Injustice and SFV, among others) were done here! =O
In short, there’s outsourcing, but not full game production, that’s why this game did a very good job.

I would like to try it sometime, I want to play with the werewolf XD