Omen of Sorrow


It actually looks much better than I expected. I’m getting a KOF vibe from the combat, although maybe that’s just because I’m not as familiar with those games.

Anyway, when people say “KI is a budget title,” they should think about this game. This is what a budget title looks like. KI may not have a huge budget but it’s a major studio production.


You dont know that unless you play it.


I did not expect the werewolf to shoot that lazer lol



The animations look very janky, and the hit sound effects are a bit too retro and doesn’t really fit with the style. However, it has potential. Just needs to be more polished, the animations more fluid, maybe give the sound effects some more oomph!

The werewolf looks better than Sabrewulf’s retro.


+1 absolutely.

Sabrewulf with a hype beam lol talk about breaking rules! :joy:


So far it looks good but it still needs more work like everyone else here said. I did get a very KI-ish feel from it. Oh and also:


TWO NEW gameplay trailers with a reveal of an all-new fighter/character now added to Omen of Sorrow’s current roster :smile: :grin: :smiley: :grinning: :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


@KIFANATIC8488 Its getting better i like that.


Yeah, I know right? And you can definitely say that again too, Lewis :smile: :grin: :sunglasses: :thumbsup:

However there is STILL NO release date yet for that all-new fighter/fighting game :confounded: :disappointed: :slightly_frowning_face:


Which one Omen of Sorrow or Rising Spirit?


Omen of Sorrow


You do know its a small compny thats working on this game give them time.


I agree that the game is getting better. It still has a long way to go, and I don’t want to seem like a jerk, but I do wish everyone who ever claimed KI was a budget title with poor graphics would look at this.

In any case I like the burning background. The game looks to play a lot like KOF to me (although I’m not a KOF expert so that could be off base). The new character is cool looking but I’m less sure how she fits into the games monster/horror aesthetic. It also seems like the damage they do is incredibly small outside of the super move she does which takes off greater than 50% health. I can’t tell if that is just going to be adjusted in the end or if the game is going to involve a lot of crazy supers like a vs. game.


They should nerff the spiecals to 30 or 31% damage.


i like that they seem to speed up the gameplay with that dash/run i saw but i feel like the game still needs some hitstop and hitsparks with some cool sfx to increase the impact of moves, especially specials. also music man. the music doesnt sound like a fight at all.get an orchestra to create some badass music similar to Tocatta that corresponds to the stage.

all this game needs is more flair man. more flair and visually striking charecters. a bit too much of them have dull looking colour palletes


Ahaha, not the most difficult feat to accomplish!
I’m thinking this looks like KI, MK edition, like Capcom and SNK did with their crossover art style games, only extremely less polished, it has potential, but could do with it’s own personality instead of borrowing everybody else’s.
Predator stance-Devil Kazuya eye laser-Sabrewulf-normals werewolf makes this most evident.


Love this game’s aesthetic. If they can find a way to make the animations more fluid, I’d be all over this! :slight_smile:


The developers have confirmed its coming to PC first and Consoles later.


This game is certainly well on its way, like Iago mentioned it just needs better animations to work well with the graphics.