Omen of Sorrow


I’m thinking this too, I’ll stay optimistic about this one[quote=“xCrimsonLegendx, post:1, topic:16574, full:true”]
Kinda makes me think its Playstation’s attempt at KI, of course KI doesn’t own the formula and these characters are based in history/classic literature but the simple style of the game and the theme is reminiscent of KI if you ask me. I think I even saw Sabrewulf in there somewhere. Not saying this is a ripoff by any means but hey, it is what it is.

To me, this just might turn into the true spiritual successor of killer instinct.


Wow, just wow. I guess maximilian dood said it best, dreams can come true.


Omen of Sorrow lacks the production quality of KI. You’re unhappy with KI’s ultimates and are thinking of jumping ship to an Indy game that can’t even hold a candle to KI or have even a fraction of KI’s audience? Not to mention it’s, in many ways, a blatant rip-off of KI to begin with.

If you want a down-grade, then I suppose that’s your choice, because that’s exactly what you’d be getting. I must warn you though - if KI’s ulitimates disappoint you, then what that game has to offer you will make you cry.


Yet, KI2013 is a budget title.

None of those things matter.

The game is still in development.


With a bigger budget than Omen of Sorrow. :wink:


Still a budget title nonetheless. One that can only create lame imitations of it’s former glory.


That’s an opinion and not 1 I agree with. If you can’t see that the current iteration of KI is infinitely better than the originals in virtually every single way possible, then there’s nothing I can say or do to convince you otherwise.


Would you stop trolling? Wow, are my thoughts and the fact of the matter really enough to shake you up? It was never my intention, just stop with the trolling.


Lol. You’re on a tear lately. The phrase "disgrace " gets thrown around maybe a bit too much. It’s not the same things as “not liked by me.”

[quote=“VladKravich, post:20, topic:16574”]
searching through youtube for “games similar to killer instinct 1”
[/quote] well, score one for YouTube search, although I think it looks more like KI 2013 than the original KI.

That seems unlikely, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be a game that you can enjoy.

I don’t think Omen of Sorrow looks great but I’m totally in favor of more fighting games. Let’s hope people buy it and that it’s good.


In its defense, it looks VERY early. Hopefully it has another layer of polish, as the graphics, atmosphere and certainly the collision animations could all use a thick coat of polish.

But I could see it having potential, at least. I’m sure they’re going for less of a “how can we steal KI’s cast” and want something more along the lines of a penny dreadful-esque old school monster-fest. It’s also a fighting game, so it’s going to have combos.

However, combining monsters with combos of that specific nature? Eh… Now you’re treading on someone else’s turf.

Either way, I hope it winds up being fun, polished and unique. The more FGs, the better (at least in theory :slight_smile:)


Now I’m not familiar with european lore (except the werewolf stuff, and dracula?) so I’m not too sure what to expect from the cast, any guesses?


One of the other characters/fighters in the game I can very clearly tell happens to be basically a Jekyll/Hyde-type character.


I love Jekyll/Hyde but I’m not sure on the over-muscled potion throwing design though. I’ll have to keep an eye out for this title to see if it gets off the ground even. I don’t want another Thrill Kill or Primal Rage 2 situation where promotional material is released and I’m like alright I’m willing to give you a try let’s do this. And boom canceled for one dumb reason or another.


There’s a hunchback (a la “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”) in this much earlier trailer fighting the vampire guy.


K, bye.



A NEW Trailer for Omen Of Sorrow has just been released it is the early bulid of the game.

Trailer -


This doesn’t look terrible. Since this is an early build of the game I’m sure it’ll end up a lot more polished. My only problem with this is that there isn’t really anything that jumps out that immediatly seperates it from other FGs we have now. Within the first few seconds of the fight I thought " Did the wolf just use Riptor’s predator stance?".
Hope something is added to make it different, because right now it isn’t looking too good in terms of individuality.


It has potential. I like the art style, the characters and the combo system. I also like the presentation. I wish KI had the sort of cool fight pre-match fight screen. If anything, that looks more like the old KI game than the new one does, not that this alone should be a notch in the for or against column, I guess.

On the downside, I think the animations look a bit wonky, but that could easily be because of the fact that it’s an early build. Also, I tend to agree with those saying it doesn’t seem to have much of an identity beyond the monsters conceit. There’s nothing in the fighting or the characters that I haven’t seen already. I’m hoping they can improve on both of these areas, as they’re crucial, of course.

But yeah, if they can reach a sort of Guilty Gear level of fluidity in the movement and animations, up the presentation even more, and come up with a good deal of unique fighting mechanics and moves that really make the combat look exciting and rewarding, I’ll pick this up on day one.

That might be a tall order, but again, the game DOES appear to have potential. It’s early, but I’m interested.


It looks very rough.

That being said, I’m not going to judge it to harshly because it looks like it might have potential. That is depending on how early this is and how much of this represents the final product.


Just keep in mind that this footage that was recorded back in mid 2016 hopefully the textures, lighting effects and animations will improve over time before its launch.