Idea for KI sequel (KI4?) Edit: My view on KI3

Since a lot of people agree that this KI is amazing and should continue for a couple more years, an idea came to me that KI4 should be an HD remake… that way people can chose to play one or the other.

Well, this thread is off to a good start. :unamused:

I’ll try to explain this as short as possible: perhaps not KI4 but some kind of iteration of the original KI but with a better and easier to understand combo system and of course, enhanced graphics. But everything else pretty much should stay the same. I know that this will probably never happen and some of you will tell me “well just play KI 2013 with retro skins only”.

I often feel that KI3 is not true to the first game in some aspects like costumes. For example, I think orchid remains true to her original designs (her new costume is like an enhanced, evolved, upgraded version of her KI1 costume) but someone like jago isn’t, as he went from torn outfit (ninja suit?) to shirtless with baggy pants. I’m not saying his new costume should have been “torn ninja suit but now with armor!” I think it should have some how remained true to his original design. Honestly, the only thing that comes to mind is something similar to his first design but with a tibetan sword and armor that reflects his tibetan training and origin.

Characters I think are true to their original design:
Edit: Forget it. Just about every character is an upgraded version of their original selves except jago and riptor (riptor needed to be more reptilian-ish).

Anyway, I just wasted my time lol. Look, this version of KI is very fun and awesome but it’s just not a completely true spiritual successor to KI1. Maybe I’m just blinded by nostalgia. After almost 3 years of playing KI3, I’m starting to dislike it and well, I guess a game that has been dormant for 17 or so years should stay dormant.

Again, not bashing this game, it’s really fun and awesome, has wonderful, catchy and unforgettable music, flashy and cool ultimate finishers that fit the criteria of the overall image of the game and the netcode is perhaps the best I’ve ever played on. It just also isn’t fun when you get matched up against people who seem to be geniuses, as I’ve played against such people who are seemingly untouchable (might post those matches later).

If anyone knows of any game that has been released within the last 2-3 years or is about to come out soon and is similar to KI1 please let me know so I can check it out.

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Why did I make this thread?! lol :confounded:

Even the best of franchises evolve over time to stay relevant (Disney, Marvel, D.C., Star Wars, My Little Pony, etc.). ARIA will help you understand…

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Here is the thing though. If you want to play KI1, no one is stopping you. You can go play it. It even has online play.

I would but it’s combo system sucks.

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It’s so bad, though! Which, BTW, is why I don’t play it. Besides, good luck finding an actual opponent online. I imagine it’d be pretty hard, or at the very least, time consuming.

Well there is a reason no one plays it online after all :smiley: So you want an HD remake of KI1…with completely different gameplay and graphics…so this KI?

Dunno about you but I prefer his current look more. Mainly because if you’re going say he’s a Tibetan monk, at the very least look the part. Plus that badass tattoo though.

It’s part of the reason why I like all the 2013 redesigns. It gives a better representation about what the characters actually are.

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I suppose so.

See? That’s what people usually tell me lol.

Well what else do you want? You want KI1 with better graphics and gameplay. This KI does that.


Well, maybe to bail you out a bit, the original KI definitely had a distinct feel and tone that is different from either Ki2 or this game. But I’m not sure how to recreate that without keeping everything exactly the same…

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I think that’s something only the devs could explain but even if they could they probably wouldn’t discuss it publicly because who knows, they could be planning something but I doubt it.

To me the combo system of the first game doesn’t make sense. Too many button inputs need to be pressed and as far as I know, the timing is very strict. The way I see it: KI1 but with next gen graphics and a nerfed combo system. “Nerfed” as in, inputs with less buttons and not so strict timing.

So KI1 with easier combos and next gen graphics…yup sounds like this KI. I’m just not seeing how this KI isn’t what you are describing. Be more specific would help a lot.


just imagine a KI like this. The guy of this video is god


That was absolutely fantastic to watch - I’m sure ARIA would approve of this evolutionary process.

KI 1 system is easier than KI2. 2 has much tighter windows and harder motions.

The trick with 1 is to do everything super fast. You have to understand the button trail. If you use fierce you go to medium next. If you use light you go to light next. Medium to fierce…ect…

KI2 is the demonic loop or Jagos loop type trail of buttons. What makes it harder is the addition to manuals, super linkers, double manuals, parries, super ,meter…throw resets. And the motion windows are super strict and tight. Some of tusk and Jagos wind kick and sword spins are near impossible to do consistently becasue they start and end on down-forward/ back-forward instead of forward to back wards semi circle.

I even asked Code mystics if they could somehow loosen the strictness of the commands and they said no…its just how it was designed.

I think what you are asking is if the currently KI system could be inserted into the old games. Which would be amazing but doubtful.


Yeah, that’s how I’ve imagined it. Will probably never happen though.

That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to say. Along with the remastered graphics from that video @RafaelBr8795 shared.

It’s a great video. But if photoshop was all it took to build or “remaster” a game then everyone in the world would be remastering games in their spare time.

This is my point. There are no “remastered graphics” in that video. It’s a photoshop - and a super cool one. But that’s not something that you can then stick in a game. It’s just fan art.

People don’t understand that making a picture that looks like a game with enhanced graphics is nothing like actually making the game have better graphics which requires an infinite amount of work.

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