Omen of Sorrow


$50 might be a bit steep. Maybe wait for a sale.


FInally fired my PS4 back up and remembered to check this out…man it looks so good! I want to play it but 56$…ehhhh… Im going to have to wait for a sale. BUt the trailer does look really good!
I enjoyed the demo and I can tell its really improved since that demo was released.
I wonder if many people are playing this competitively?
Knowing me I wont be able to wait and will have it purchased by tomorrow LOL


The game is still not available on my PS store.
I guess I’ll just not play it then. :confused:


■■■■ that sucks… I wonder why? WHy would it not be available on a website in certain areas? Are you using the COnsole store or the PC website?

A Game stop store about 70 miles from me has a physical copy???..hmmm…i thought it was digital only? Amazon shows one too.


The PS store for PS4. It’s not available for me in either the console PS store or on the Playstation web-site PS store.


Thats so weird…must be are region restriction? But how and why is the question?
COuld you change your console region settings? Could you just buy the disc off amazon?


Yeah, I tried to find out why and found on their official twitter that they mentioned there were issues with the game not releasing in some regions. So I’m just waiting for it to be resolved.


A question to those that have purchased the game.

In terms of content what do you get? Extra costumes, customization or story mode etc?