Official KI Bug Reporting Thread

Hello KI Community and welcome to the new forums!

Here is our official bug reporting thread to let us know of anything you may find playing Rash in the latest 2.9 update among other things. Please follow the instructions below.

In order to help us get the most out of your bug reports, please follow these basic guidelines when bringing a bug to our attention.
When posting in this thread, please be as specific as possible. If we can’t recreate the issue we won’t be able to figure out what’s wrong.
Be concise. Try to get rid of unnecessary steps so that we can get straight to the problem.
Here’s a basic format that everyone should follow when reporting a bug -
Provide a brief idea of what the bug is.
Describe what the bug is and then provide steps that recreate the issue. If you can include a video that would be awesome!

Here’s an example –

TJ Combo can perform his Ultra Combo an infinite amount of times.

  1.   Perform TJ’s Ultra.
  2.   Backdash after TJ launches the opponent into the air.
  3.   Perform Shadow Tremor.
  4.   Perform Ultra Combo again.
  5.   Repeat.

That wasn’t so bad now, was it? If you don’t know how to perfectly recreate an issue, don’t worry. Just try to be as specific as you can and provide a video if possible. We’ll handle the rest from there.

Thank You everyone
Iron Galaxy Studios


“Ultra Danger” audio bug

Nothing harmful, just audio not performing right. Personally, I like the remix :slight_smile:

Ultra Combo and low health Danger mixed together as a lot of actions seemed to occur at the end of the round.


Hahahaha…Whoah!! That’s sort of awesome!


The achievement and profile background are still glitched for completing all season 2 story goals. When will this be fixed? I have done them all and have not been rewarded either.


Ok im here to report some Kan Ra bugs.

The first one involves his Tornado Shadow move used as a recapture.

Bug # 1

You cant Counter Break while doing his Shadow Tornado move when used as a recapture after an specific combo.

Step 1: Do any combo and end with at least a level 2 sand pike ender
Step 2: Quickly do a shadow tornado move it will recap the opponent
Step 3: Try to counter break

You wont be able to CB that move, giving the opponent a free breaker.

Bug # 2

Sacrifice wont teleport you to the sand pool at random.

Step 1: Put some sand out
Step 2: Do sacrifice

Thats it for this one, it will sometimes not teleport you to the sand, making it a big risk to kan ra, sometimes this bug will come out if the opponent is near you but you dont hit him with the sandsplosion.

Its really at random.


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impossible to give Omen 220 challenges completed, the bar Rashakuken was bugged at 8, just before getting to 9.

Fixed the image for ya! @Ravan86

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Glacius’ has issues cashing out damage. In every clip, his ender (differet scenarios) aren’t cashing out potential damage. The easiest one to replicate is Shadow Shatter ENDER after a crouching light punch manual. It gets blcked 100% of the time.

Spinal’s shadow curse refills enemy shadow gauge.


  1. Hit enemy with a Searing Skull.
  2. Watch as Spinal’s shadow gauge fills up.
  3. Watch as Spinal’s enemy’s shadow gauge also fills up.
  4. Lose fight.
  5. Repeat.

Checking for downloadable content takes nearly 3 minutes.

  1. Start game
  2. Wait for what seems like way too long just to check for DLC
  3. Eventually enjoy game

Just a minor gripe guys :smile:


I have completed all goals for each of Season 2’s story mode, I have unlocked the mural 100%, but I still do not have the “Rivaled!” achievement.


Continuing the discussion from Official KI Bug Reporting Thread:

[quote=“frgmano, post:11, topic:225, full:true”]
Checking for downloadable content takes nearly 3 minutes.

  1. Start game
  2. Wait for what seems like way too long just to check for DLC
  3. Eventually enjoy game[/quote]
    Have you tried a hard reset? Hold power till the console shuts off.

This has happened to me a few times.

  1. Play survival mode.
  2. Defeat Aria with an ultra combo
  3. No “supreme victory” graphic triggers even though I never lost my first health bar.
  4. Game says I lost and I can only exit to title or select screen.

I believe this was with Glacius twice and Omen once.

Please correct the bug for platinum KI icon (220 titles challenges for one characters season one) i have jago sadira and orchid at 220 titles and i got gold icon master and not change for platinum icon.

idem for the icon belt (blue, red, pruple, marron, black)

thanks, I’m not good to use the forums …

Hey i dont know if it is a bug but since the rash patch my whole KI data is lost all the sutff i have unlocked is gone and all i have left are my ranked stats, how can i get it back?

While under Kan-Ra’s grab slow effect, Saberwulf’s enders can sometimes miss some hits. Pretty sure this was from having a lot of potential damage (level 3 or 4) but performing the ender form range following an opener > manual situation.

Cinder’s Pyrobomb does not get removed when Kan-Ra connects with his throw.

Small bug I noticed today:

  1. Select Aria vs any character
  2. Choose Hisako’s stage (not verified on other stages yet.)
  3. Push opponent to farthest left side of stage so that you are facing them from the right side
  4. Use Aria’s taunt
  5. This will cause a graphical anomaly with her laser vision taunt

This may happen on other stages as well but have not tested.

Spinal refills opponents meter when he hits them with skulls.

Shoot a skull at orchid. Watch her meter fill up. Hate life.

Some bugs I reported with Hisako in the old bug thread that I wanted to reiterate

  1. Hisako cannot ultra after close standing MP while she has enough wrath meter to counter cancel (ie, over 50% or during instinct). Instead, she will just get catch counter. Examples where ultra don’t work include: forward throw, stand MP, ultra … Air ORZ, stand MP, ultra … and any normal combo where you try to use close stand MP as a manual (for example, after medium or heavy ORZ linker). You can use any other button that combos (all lights, stand MK, crouching MP, far standing MP, etc) and you can get ultra here. There is just something very buggy about how close standing MP works… it’s like the priority for canceling into counter is backwards for exactly this move and no others.

(An addendum: after more testing, I found that you CAN ultra after close stand MP in these situations if you massively delay the ultra cancel until what is probably the last possible frame. It’s really hard to do reliably, but it might give you insight into how to fix the bug)

  1. Hisako cannot ultra directly after a full-wrath Air ORZ, despite it being an opener and despite several other moves of its type allowing ultra to work. For example, TJ tremor and Riptor tail flip are also airborne recapture special moves that let you ultra directly after, so I’m not sure why Air ORZ is treated any differently than these. Aria’s Crescendo (both air and ground versions, all strengths that don’t launch) will lead to ultra as well.