New sadira player here. Help

Oh hello. Webs and stuff. I miss sadira.

@SoSRaGnArOk may help you!

I actually already seen his post and will certainly give out some great pointers, but I’m currently at work. :smiley:

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Was sort of a joke. Actually long time season 1 and 2 veteran. Just made an account on the forums and saying Hi. Came up with lots of strats and tricks with her that are used today. Was thinking about posting tech on the forums more often.


Heh. Nah, KDD is a long-time Sadira player, probably one of the best early Sadira players to my understanding, just never traveled much for tournaments. I believe we have him to thank for most of the early Sadie jump-cancel shenanigans actually, to include the infamous demon blade loop.

Welcome back man. :slight_smile:

Aw, no idea man. Wellcome!

Thanks guys!! I’m super busy during the holidays, but I want to get back to playing a bit and teaching my tricks a bit more on here that has probably been forgotten, or just not implemented in people’s gameplay. @STORM179 heard good things about your hisako would love to get some games in with you.

For sure man. I’m traveling over the Thanksgiving weekend too, but I’m definitely up for some games after I get back :thumbsup:

Yeah, it would be great to see tech so I can try to defend myself XD , she drives me crazy (jumping, and jumping, web, crozz up, grab setups, repeat!). I actually play once in a while with a very good Sadira player from South America and he gives me really hard times :disappointed_relieved:. But thanks to that I’m getting better in the match up. Still hard to beat him, he knows the Wulf match up very well =S

Hi KDD welcome back !!! One of the best Sadira, one the two Sadira players which made me want to play her👍.

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Welcome back KDD!!! Already been utilizing your tech. :smiley:

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the best way for techs “” never put it on here cause everyone could know even better, where to break our CHEAP S3 spider queen with too much technichal tools. justask a gametage and people’s could send you nice s3 setup’s but remember this( you have to work aloooooottttt for kill someone!)


I don’t have enough ways to tell you how selfish and bad is for the community this behaviour

The best players share tech because they want the community grow stronger.

This attitude is just selfish man. Seriously, I recommend you to drop it, it will not take you far

take it as you want i don’t care , just remember this guy @KDD86 is one the the biggest if not the biggest sadira from all time toghether with maciaga and iamthe441 aka the saltgod and ua kalypso , if today hes here tryin to look or have some techs thats because he surely feel lost with s3 cheap sadira damages! thats all…

Actually, he is sharing tech:

So… no

Actually, there is a huge benefit for sharing tech with fellow Sadira mains. I’ve always shared my tech, because for me, it is the nice thing to do. Also note, all people have to do is search for Sadira tech on Youtube to see all sorts of crazy things.

Kalypso even has a several hour interview on how to use Sadira hosted by KI4LiFE.

The biggest benefit of sharing tech is that it helps both vet and new Sadira players grow and thus KEEP using Sadira.

Also note, NOT sharing tech, really defeats the whole purpose of being on a forum. One of the most valuable assets of having a forum is sharing your knowledge one with another.

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You should only hide your tech if big amounts of money are on the line. Otherwise just share it. I wasn’t asking for help or tech it was just a joke title to say hello to everyone. When you share your tech, it helps others develop better skills at something they’re passionate about, and that is never a bad thing. People will adapt and start coming up with counters to the tech, which leads to even more creative thinking in developing more tech and strategies which makes the meta not as stale for that character. Forces you to think outside the box. Helps you weed out the gimmicky tech that will only get you a few random wins here, and keep the solid tech that is timeless.


I just picked up Sadira again after a long time and she’s become such a fun character! That said, I feel like I’m only at about 10% of her full potential. Any tips on how best to utilize her new combo trait? I mean, I like that it adds some unpredictability as to when it’ll be used and that helps messing with people’s breaker timing and what not, but other than some fun little Instinct juggles, it just doesn’t seem like I’m getting anywhere close to its full potential.

Imo I don’t like using it at all. It’s too easy to react to for combo breaking. I don’t think it has any real use other than a counter breaker bait and that’s it. Pretty useless combo trait other than that.

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I agree. Sadly despite all of my lab work, I can’t find any real meaningful way to use her combo trait other than to randomly throw somebody off. It would be interesting if you could also use this trait while in the air.

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