Fully utilizing Standing lk flip out jump cancel!

Hi Spider friends. I would like to show off what I feel is the best way to utilize her standing lk flip out into jump cancel, and why it’s important to master for the highest level of play. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/KDD86/video/23867048 So here is the link for it and I will explain what’s so differen’t about it.

What I’m doing here is making the opponent fall onto the last active frames of my standing lk to allow for the quickest possible jump cancel as you don’t have to wait for the standing lk animation to finish before the jump comes out when timed like this. The best way to achieve this timing I’ve found is to perform light widow’s bite before to pop them slightly higher than you, giving you time to press light kick early enough so they are falling onto the last active frames of the standing lk.

I show 3 examples here. 1 where I stay on the same side, 1 for the cross up, and 1 where I purposely mistime the jump cancel to show you that if mistimed, the opponent can hold up out of your follow up. This allows for tighter and cleaner pressure / mixups if mastered eliminating pesky players holding up, and if you go for the cross up option and they mash DP it will beat that as well. Of course if they have the read / reactions they can DP in the correct direction. As long as you time the widow’s bite to pop them slightly higher than you, this can be performed after most juggle situations. Super strong tech go practice it!! If you have any questions or like what you see let me know!!


Oh snap! Good stuff KDD. That’s awesome.

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Hey @KDD86 first off, thanks for the tech! I’ve tried working on this tech and I’ve noticed that I can’t cross-up. I always end up hitting the front of the CPU. Would you happen to know why?

This is pretty cool! Sadira already got pretty good utility out of flipout but anyone playing her should definitely be looking to maximize its potency.

@WeddedOx1116077 Hey glad you like the tech. Because this allows for the quickest jump cancel possible, you will be in the air much faster as the flip out is happening. You must delay your double jump a little to give the flip out time to happen, otherwise it won’t let you cross up. Hope this helps!

Okay, that makes sense. I’ll definitely try that later today. It would be great to play a set with you sometime!