New sadira player here. Help

That’s unfortunate. I wonder what they were envisioning when they came up with it. I feel like the theory behind it was to add some unpredictability as to when the opponent could be sent skyward, but in practice, it doesn’t seem to work quite as well as I’d like. Then again, I was never particularly good with Sadira before, so I’m still rather new with her. :slight_smile:

How do you mean? Just curious.

Personally, when they said that she’d get a new combo trait, I was kinda hoping for air linkers, though I’m not sure if that would throw off her balance or make her feel too MVC for some people’s liking. That latter part certainly wouldn’t be my goal, but it sounds kinda fun regardless.

On another note, have you guys been able to work in some good mix ups / attacks with Salticidae yet? I’ll be honest, I’m absolutely terrible at judging distance with this move and it feels like you need to be rather precise. Where I feel like I can be slightly off and still catch an opponent with Widows Drop, I just completely whiff with Salticidae and get walloped for it. :slight_smile:

The new combo trait has uses for getting into her hard-to-break juggles, it just can’t be spammed due to how reactable fang is if someone is half-expecting it. It has its uses though - I certainly wouldn’t put it on the super low end of useful combo traits.

Salticidae is very good. You have to get used to how it carries, but once you do it can be very tricky.

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Yeah, I just have to work with it more. I’m okay when the opponent is in the corner, obviously, but otherwise, I can have a hard time judging distance. That’s probably my next big hurdle with her in general, actually.

Her juggles are not that hard to break as there isn’t many variations to what she can do. Also something to note about the new combat trait is that if it’s combo broken, it counts as an air juggle, so Sadira gets knocked down on the ground instead of going back to neutral which allows opponents to instantly pressure her poor wakeup. It comes after an auto double which are easily broken as this point unless it’s a light auto double. So basically can only use after light auto, but even then the launcher part is easily reactable, which goes back to her getting knocked down if broken on the launcher which then leads to her biggest weakness aka very poor wake up / defensive options.

So basically just a counter breaker bait button, but not even a good one since they will most likely break the auto double that comes before. If you’re going to gamble on counter break, you might as well just do it on the auto double that comes before. It’s not even good for lockout combos as there are more optimal damaging ones to use.

I think the vision behind it was “We gave her a flip out, so we should give her more options to get the opponent in the air to do the flip out”. Unfortunately it just didn’t work out how they envisioned it. I can go on and on about how bad this combat trait is, but I feel you get the picture lol.

*shrug * I’ve been able to use it to good effect, even in high level play, so long as I’m judicious about when I bring it out. Reactable doesn’t not automatically mean bad - it just means reactable.

Not going to argue that it’s the best combo trait in the game or anything (it isn’t), but I’ve found uses for it in my Sadira play. Granted, I’m not taking her into tournament grand finals or anything, but like I said, it works well enough for what it is in my experience.

Yeah reactable doesn’t mean it’s bad, but the outcome of getting broken is bad. Causes a soft knockdown and gives the opponent plenty of time to dash in before she can quick rise. If she would just go back to neutral after breaker it would be different. Sadira on the ground is never where you want to be. It can make you lose the fight quickly with her lack of options on wakeup


Totally agree!
Riptor + Corner = Dead Sadira
Sabrewulf + Corner = Dead Sadira

In short anytime Sadira is facing off against a highly aggressive opponent who keeps her grounded, it becomes a much more difficult match.


Hello! I pay homage to all the Sadira players.
I look forward to working with you.
I’m not good at English,sorry.
From Japan.


I’ve seen you around @taka80! Great to see another Sadira fan!

Welcome to the game @taka80. Hope you have a great time! :slightly_smiling_face: