New Games on your playlist for 2019?


Yeah I was actually going to post an E3 2019 anticipation thread yesterday but realized it’s still WAY too early lol. But given that MS is the last remaining of the big 3 console manufacturers to be appearing with a full stage show at the biggest event in gaming, I’m kinda feeling like this year, and perhaps moreso next year are going to be VERY telling for the Xbox brand and its future.

I feel like we’ve had a few years now where Phil Spencer has more or less acknowledged the lack of first party support, which is good. It’s also good that they’ve gone out and purchased several studios and I’m fully aware that the fruits of their labor won’t materialize in the public view for years. I totally get that.

But given that those devs are almost assuredly developing for Scarlet (for the most part), I have to wonder what Xbox One’s legacy will be.

I mean, when I look back at the original Xbox, I saw the birth of Halo, Fable and Forza along with several games that haven’t quite made the transition throughout the generations such as Bloodwake, Crimson Skies, MechAssault, Quantum Redshift, Crackdown (until recently), Chronicles of Riddick, NFL Fever, Steel Battalion, Oddworld: Strangers Wrath, Mass Effect, Jade Empire, Project Gotham, Amped 1 & 2, Buffy 1 & 2, Conker, Tao Feng, Kakuto Chojin, Rallisport and several exclusives from Sega including Gun Valkyrie, Sega GT, House of the Dead 3, Toe Jam & Earl 3, Jet Set Radio Future, Shenmue 2, Otogi 1 & 2, Unreal Championship 1 & 2 and Panzer Dragoon Orta.

I’m not going to go through all the 360 exclusives, but suffice to say there were many and they were varied throughout the genres. But I look at Xbox One and I see… Halo 5, Halo Wars, Forza Horizon 2, 3 and 4, Ori and the Blind Forest, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3 and 4, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdive, Gears 4, Cuphead, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, Titanfall, Ryse, Crimson Dragon… I mean, it doesn’t take long before you’ve gone through the high tier titles and you’ve reached the 6’s and 7’s and there’s probably only about three or four 9 or perhaps 10 caliber games in there.

I bring this up because I can look at the original Xbox and Xbox 360 and I can associate certain legacy games with them; certain classics that more or less defined that system. Maybe it’s too soon to look back for the Xbox One, but what are the defining classics of this system? I’d say Killer Instinct is up there, but would most casual, non-fighting game fans say that? I suppose I’d probably go with KI, Sunset Overdrive, Ori, Cuphead and maaaaaybe Sea of Thieves?

I don’t really consider racing games too much given that each title tends to render the last one more or less obsolete, and I fully expect that to happen when the first Horizon game comes out on Scarlet.

All of this is perhaps a rather long way of saying that I think it’s time MS puts Xbox One in the past and I think we’ll see the beginning of that in June at E3. But I think in order to successfully do that and perhaps curry some favor with fans they may have lost this generation and perhaps even more importantly, fans that aren’t quite sure they made the right choice with XB1, they really need to show out.

They have to let us know that Scarlet is going to be a system with a massive amount of HIGH QUALITY exclusives that cover a wide variety of genres. They need to show that they have Japanese developers on board making exclusives for them the way they were for Sony throughout this current generation, because that was a substantial advantage for Sony regardless of whether you preferred RPGs like Persona, Souls-like games along the lines of Ni Oh or action titles like Yakuza… Name a genre (except for shooters) and Sony had an advantage based on this alone.

It’s entirely possible that they’ll have to have not only the most powerful console, but also the cheaper console AND they’ll have to do a significant amount to show fans across several genres that they have you covered, and not just one game her and there. They had Killer Instinct at launch and still lost a majority of the FGC to Sony. They need to show that their ecosystem is the place to go for the kind of games you like and that’s a very tall order.

Gone are the days where they can point to multiplatform titles and say “yeah we have a bunch of games in that genre” because it doesn’t fly when Sony has those games plus several others that MS doesn’t have.

Sony lost a lot of support in the PS3 generation by overpricing their console and perhaps not having the level of exclusives they had in the PS2 and PSone eras. MS lost a lot of support in this generation for the same exact reasons. Sony came back strong with a ton of exclusives in a wide variety of genres and beat MS on price. I’m VERY curious to see if MS can return the favor in the coming generation, because I think that’ll be a very tall order.


that is also true, we are drawing closer to the advent of the next gen console wave. for all we know they quietly scuttled battletoads to go to next gen, or they just told them to finish the ■■■■ game quick as possible. who knows! i dont want to be overly optimistic about it, but not too pessimistic either. i am kinda in the middle, but im also wary


Well… I’m going to sound cranky but I actually think Battletoads is an overrated game. It had some interesting ideas and varied gameplay but it was also deeply flawed. It had poor controls and “difficulty” tied to memorization and a three lives to complete the whole game design that had already fallen out of favor by the end of the NES era. This was literally the last NES game I ever bought and (forgetting the graphics) if you put it next to the early SNES games like Mario World or Actraiser it’s… just not very good.

So, if they are making a new Battletoads I think it’s already a pretty narrow pathway to capture what people liked about the original while making it less of an absurd frustration just to play.

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Sorry for the double post but I didn’t see your reply and it’s a sufficiently different topic so I didn’t want to just edit.

We are in that part of the cycle for sure. If MS doesn’t understand that Xbox backward compatibility is their best PR win from this generation they are completely doomed. Unlike previous generations where I had a drawer full of cartridges or CDs that I would keep for a year then toss along with the last gen system, I now have about 400 digital games in my Xbox One library. I should be able to play those day and date on the launch of their next console. Period. Controllers and accessories need to be compatible too. I’m not spending $1000+ to change platforms and accessories for one game (Killer Instinct) and a bunch of third party games that would run better on my PC.

And while I may be willing to sink money into the hobby , they should know that a console priced over $400 is not going to get mass market penetration. Period. And the “killer app” idea is dead. PlayStation has no killer apps at launch. The PS4 launch lineup was pretty abysmal. But why pay $500 to play call of duty at 720p when you could pay $400 to play it at 1080? A $700 console is not going to sell. Period.

This worries me a lot because the OneX remains stubbornly at $500 most of the time with sales for $400. I can’t imagine a newer more powerful system being introduced that would be worth a purchase. Either it’s not more powerful or it’s too expensive. Or worse yet, it’s not more powerful, it is more expensive, but it’s “revolutionary” because it has some Kinect 3.0 albatross like virtual reality, augmented reality, electrodes you put on your ■■■■■■■■■ to play or some other garbage that no one wants but sounded cool in a board room jam session.

So yeah, I’m very dubious about the “next” console.

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You know what would be cool, if you could just buy an adapter that boosts the power of your base Xbox One to the new model. Like, I’m not an engineer, but if there’s no new hardware feature than why bother doing anything else if you’re just improving the space/graphical quality.


thats cool, battletoads is special to me because that game taught me about loss lmao. it was my own lament configuration brought to life, but instead of summoning pinhead and his crew, it just gave me the turbo bike stage instead. it was definitely a frustratingly hard game based on memorization, trial and error, no doubt about it. i eventually got the super nes one battlemaniacs and it was a rehash of it with some differences. but the one i most had fun with was battletoads & double dragon, that one was a classic as well for me and definitely alot more easy to deal with


Console run logic is generally tied down pretty specifically - the system knows the architecture of its hardware, so it’s configured to run in very specific ways to take advantage of that. If you slapped on some additional RAM or some find of graphics card boost, you’d still need to change some core programming loops so that the system would know to actually utilize those boosters. It’s not that it can’t be done (the N64 RAM pack was an example of such, and it didn’t have any patch capability to upgrade its core system logic), just that it’s kind of a pain and can fracture your install base.

One of the weird things about manufacturing is that you’ll often find that it’s as expensive (or more expensive) to fix or adjust something as it is to make something completely new. Industrialization tends to make the economics of a brand new design much more attractive than tweaks to existing ones. You have to do a lot of the same work (new fixtures, new machining, etc) at similar scales, except that your tweak is constrained by a current design space, probably won’t be as popular and will almost certainly be less future proof. From a console business standpoint, upgrade to new hardware will usually be a more effective use of their resources.


Unless they made consoles like that weird android phone where you could add and remove individual peices. I’d rather just pay $50-$100 for the new processor or whatever then having to pay for the new disc reader and the new plastic shell and the new… I don’t know. Just sick of how expensive they’re getting without any real tangible changes. Like, graphical quality is one thing, but it’s not like it’s a new feature or anything. It makes it harder to feel like I’m actually upgrading, especially when graphics are so good now that it’s starting to not really matter how much more powerful the systems get.


Anyone playing the Division 2 beta? Its pretty good! SUcks I just got to it on its last day but still very nice looking game and controls well.

Still no one playing Metro Exodus either? SMH yall missing out on that one…its excellent!


I wanted to play the Divison 2, but I didn’t have time. I’ll probably just plunge money into it again. I did for the first one, and I enjoyed it! But I had some gripes with it that’s probably reserved for another thread about it lol


Dude…I just played fro 3 hours and Im loving it! I made it past the 2nd main mison…I saved some generals daughter and unlocked a bunch of safe zone stuff like crafting, side missions and a BBQ lunch sation LOL
Im definitely buying this next week!!! I didnt get into the Division 1 until a few months ago on Xbox game pass and I enjoyed it too…but 2 is way better so far when it comes to combat, flow, and story cutscenes and missions.


Good to know! I’m sure I’ll pick it up very soon!


Nah. I was very disappointed in the first Division, so haven’t been interested even a little bit on the sequel. Bullet sponges literally killed the first game for me…seeing Guy in Red Hoodie walk through a hail of gunfire to hit me with a baseball bat was insanely immersion-breaking for me :sweat_smile:


Yeah after you guys told me about that I tried aout D1 and had fun but not enough to go crazy over it. BUt this new one is much better and it kept me fully engaged int eh story and the missions I was able to squeeze in last night. THe bullet sponge health is about gone. I notice it took about 5 bullets to drop an armored enemy if you hit them in the body. BUt 1 shot to the head and they drop. I prefered to use this nice M16 style rifle that shot 1 bullet at a time. Id just pop, pop pop with a well aimed shot to the head and that turned out well for me in large combat scenarios. THe bullet spray method of automatic weapons I didnt like too much.
Id definitely recommend giving it a chance if you come across the game on a demo or rental, friend, ect… not sure Id spend $68 on it though.
@TheNinjaOstrich hey remember if you preorder from game stop the gold edition or up you get the game 3 days early which would be next Monday night the 11th!

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It’s sad because I want to say something about this, but it was the truth and that kinda sucks I don’t have a rebuttal :joy:

Good thing melee worked to stagger them. But yeah, Red Hoodie dude shouldn’t be a walking tank :joy:


These next few months are going to be hell on my wallet and free time. DMC5 today, Division, Sekiro, Rage 2, maybe MK11 and Days Gone. Help. :sweat:

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This was my issue too. The bad guys didn’t act rationally. If he could soak up the damage they just walked straight at you and then killed you. Frustrating and not fun. The world was pretty but the bullet sponge gameplay didn’t make the grind enjoyable.

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I still haven’t bought RE2R and DMC5.
Dunno which one to get first but I think RE2R might be it… different kind of suspense…

Of course the current Capcom sale on XB inspired me to post here.

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My son is plowing through Assassin’s Creed games. I barely even have time to play MK11, lol. They’re going to revoke my gamer card soon.

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I have been so busy myself I didn’t notice that my Xbox live expired :blush: been playing single player MK11 only in short 20 minutes sessions, so it was hard to notice lol

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