New Games on your playlist for 2019?


I really have to get back on track with a ton of games… each time I get into a good game i get side tracked into a new game.

Red Dead 2…didnt finish
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Then Assassian Creed Odyssey
Then Vampyr
THe Division 2
Metro Exodus
now MK11 has taken me off Sekiro…ugh… I dont think I can ever get these caught up. IM sure I left something off this lost as well. lol


Played a bit of Resident Evil 2 remake. Here’s how it went while trying to aim at a zombie’s head who walks in a very, very straight line at me…

First, I flick R thumbstick to the right, gun aims over zombies left shoulder…gently flick R thumbstick to top left, gun now aims at ceiling…even more gently flick R down and gun now points at zombie’s abdomen…no time left so I put four bullets in his chest and belly…still not dead but I am…

Same scenario trying to kill the second and third zombie. Switched from Chris to Claire and started over…same ■■■■… I guess playing FPSs, open world action games and shooters has spoilt me… :smile:

Next time I will check if I can adjust sensitivity of aiming…if not then RE2R goes to the bottom of the list… Lol so entitled :laughing:


Definitely check your sensitivity settings - aiming in RE2 remake shouldn’t be that janky from the playthroughs I’ve watched.

Lol. That’s pretty much my permanent state of being. I don’t think I’ve beaten 90% of the games I’ve bought in the last 5 years. Probably a full 50% of them I’ve bought and never even played :sweat_smile:

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Some games require that you keep your thumb on the stick rather than flicking it and hope it auto aims. It might be that RE2R is a game of the first kind. Will check settings…


Yeah, it’s not going to auto-aim much for you I don’t think, particularly if you’re playing on a harder difficulty setting. You’ll need to guide your reticle the whole time you’re shooting.


Yeah found it. Reticle deceleration was set to slow that’s why it was janky ( and Auto-aim is available but not on the difficulty setting that I am playing). At least now I can yell, run, scream, panic and most importantly aim all at the same time :joy:

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i want to play Mordhau next. fast forward to 1:20 lololol


Make usre aim assit is ON and you can tweak the sensitivity…but the real trick is to not spam the shots… there is too much kick back once the recticle gets smaller. Just slowly but steadily shoot…pop…pop…pop… you can aim much better becaue your rectilce stays the right size and that cause way less kick back on the gun


Thanks but at higher difficulty settings you cannot use auto-aim? Or I could be wrong? But the game did not let me on hard or even normal…


I think auto-aim should work on normal. It’s definitely disabled on hard and above though from what I understand.


Ok will try tweaking the stick sensitivity and just remember to shoot one bullet at a time slowly and evenly spaced. YOu will see the reticle shrink in the mili second you wait to fire your next shot…this causes the rebound of your weapon to be less. ANd always upgrade your weapon to have less kick back ( i think you can do that? I cant remember?)

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Thanks, yeah, I was shooting multiple bullets which is a no-no in this game. But the aiming is fine now after slightly adjusting the reticle deceleration option… even without Auto-aim.

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so, mordhau. i got into something i was not expecting. the combat in this game is deceptively deep and caught me off guard. i was expecting a ho hum arcadey melee combat game, not one where you need to be on your A+ game each encounter group or otherwise.

still, it is so satisfying when you kill someone. weapon impacts have great feedback, you’ll hear those crunching sounds and slashes when you chop someones head off or bash them to the ground. great game for the 30 bucks!


Same here. I still haven’t even started Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Division 2, Devil May Cry 5 or Sekiro.

I’ve been playing a lot of MK11 lately, and just purchased Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark. For anyone that hasn’t heard of it, think Final Fantasy Tactics. Apparently that was a STRONG influence on the devs. I’ve read that the story isn’t that great, but that the combat and jobs and what not are practically lifted from FFT, which immediately makes me want to play it.


i remember playing the original final fantasy tactics game before they brought the difficulty down a bit. it was a rough but very fun ride lol

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Hell yeah. It was probably the only RPG where I can say that I actually enjoyed the grind. Battles were just flat out fun, and the story was pretty solid too.

Plus it was just fun to cheese the hell out of it. Get all of the characters to learn chakra and set their secondary job to monk, then widdle a fight down to one opponent and weaken him, lower his courage, cast stuff like don’t act and don’t move, then get your party to a flat surface in a + formation and proceed to just kick the crap out of your own party with spells and hits and then heal yourself with spells or chakra and repeat ad infinitum.

I still remember being so overpowered by the end of my first run through in FFT that the final boss was a complete cake walk lol. I’ve played it through several times since then, especially the remaster, or whatever it was called. The one that came out on… PSP… I think? Anyways, it’s on iphone too. Still play it every now and then. Nothing like rolling in to a battle with a team of Dark Knights lol.

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I heard Final Fantasy Tactics :eyes:

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i didnt get that far into it, but when i played the remaster i got quite a ways in up until i had to move out of my place. unfortunately, in that move, i lost my saves and everything else in the chaos of it all. sucks! i was having such a blast too, i think i had samurais and ninjas, summoners, pretty neat classes. i had real strong knights too so id go around armor breaking everybody

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Just train Ramza as a Ninja and Monk and keep raising his bravery. You’ll dual wield punch enemies for hundreds of damage every turn. It somewhat feels unfair.

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LOL. That’s what my reaction would be too. :joy:

Yeah I haven’t tried Fell Seal yet, but everything I’ve read in reviews as well as heard from GameInformer’s podcast tell me it’s a LOT like FFT, which is one of my all time favorite games. Relatively similar art style, though they say the characters look a bit awkward (?), similar gameplay mechanics, etc. I’ve read that the story isn’t as good, but I’m hoping it’s just good enough to keep me going.

As for FFT, there really aren’t many games out there that I’d like to see a beautiful, next gen level sequel to than that game. They could set it in Ivalice during a different time period and tell a completely new story or tell a story that ties back to the zodiac brave story or whatever. Either way, more of that awesome gameplay would be amazing. I played the GBA versions and they were fine, if skewed a bit toward a younger audience for some reason, but a full fledged sequel would be perfect.

In the mean time, I don’t mind giving games like this a shot. Have you ever played Jeanne D’Arc? It was developed by Level-5 and originally came out on PSP. Definitely one of the better strategy RPGs out there. I think it’s been on PSN, but I’m not sure if it’s there now.

Ah, sucks that you lost your saves, man! It’s definitely worth another try though if you’re looking for something to play. IOS has the War of the Lions upgraded version that has redone cutscenes and a few new classes, like the dark knights. Not sure if that’s the version you played or not. Either way, I can’t stress enough what an enjoyable and worthwhile experience that game is, so hopefully you’ll check it out again! :smiley:

Oh yeah, there are about a hundred different ways to break the game’s fighting system lol. I just love using the chakra approach because you could earn so many job points and gain so many levels in one battle if you just kept attacking and healing yourself over and over again. But yeah, going against enemies you actually wanted to kill? Ninja + Monk + high braver… That’s a deadly combo right there!