New Games on your playlist for 2019?


The Surge is a SOuls like game about a handicapped man in a wheelchair that goes to work for a huge science corporation that has the Cryo-suits for their emplyees that give them the ability to work faster, stronger, ect… fork lift type arms, cutting tools, hammer tools and such weapons that are tools for working in this huge corporation that builds rockets and all sorts of stuff.
Scientists and engineers.
He gets there , gets his suit and he can now walk again! Great! But something isnt right…the employees have chips implanted that give them health, energy and other enhancements but they are losing their minds and getting aggressive.
You go around trying to find out what the hell is going on…too find out what did the rockets bring back from space?
Its really great…I think you would enjoy it story wise.


Problem is that as much as I am looking forward to MK11, I will end up buying it but not playing a whole lot of it. MK 9 and 10 were one of my favorite titles despite having played less than 100 hours combined. It’s just me supporting a good title and returning the love ($).
Samurai Showdown might end up getting the same treatment I am afraid.


So, Crackdown 3 is out? I still don’t know the game. It’s my second “Anthem” :wink: I feel ashamed :sweat_smile:


i got sundered on the nintendo switch. nice little metroidvania game with an artistic flair to it. gets kind of annoying though with the hunter enemies. they can just shoot through all the walls at you and you can be literally a mile away and they’re not even in your vicinity anymore they’ll keep shooting -_-

also got the genesis collection. so i been playing the old school games it has quite often. beyond oasis is on there, it was a major RPG style release back towards the end of the 16 bit era. its quite good, the animation and visuals are nice too, and i lol that it has recycled sound effects from streets of rage. its also got shinobi and shadow dancer, 2 very solid games


So I’ve been playing Crackdown 3 a bit, as has my son. We played it together last night in Coop and it was, as expected, goofy fun.

The coop performance is pretty terrible. We were only dropped once but lots of weirdness occurs - admittedly it’s still very playable.

I got the game with GamePass, and it’s… okay. But I would feel pretty miffed if I paid $60 for it. It’s really tough to see what the delays were for. The game is not “polished” - there’s lots of bugs and wonky interactions. Including unforgiveable little things like it tells you the airdash button is left bumper but it’s actually the left thumbstick button. How does that get through QC?

There’s no hint of “cloud processing” and the game looks nowhere near as good as the very first demo they showed. Which doesn’t bother me, but what took them so long?

It doesn’t fill me woth confidence about MS and their ability to effectively manage game development processes.


Maybe this is why they added all those indie dev teams last E3? TO avoid these MS games like Crackdown 3? They need to do something because the only reason I have a PS is for particular games…I prefer to have all systems at my disposal but most people pick one and are done. ANd they usually pick PS4. Xbox needs to get some big exclusive games on its lists to compete. Crackdown 3 isnt one of them.


I hope so. I hope they let those studios donwhat they’re good at instead of assimilating them into whatever corporate culture is responsible for churning out mostly unremarkable and occasionally garbage games.

I have to admit, I love Terry Crews. He’s funny im the game but woefully underutilized. But besides him, the most remarkable thing about Crackdown is how unremarkable it is. It has some personality, but it’s kind of “just enough.” Your colonel says occasional one liners like “I like this gun!” And “good moves agent.” But I don’t come out if it feeling like “wow that was over the top!” Sunset Overdrive did it better.

Besides Roxy the AI train station boss, the different boss characters are pretty generic. The one boss fight I’ve finished was pretty standard fare. Not bad, not great.

Otherwise it’s no different than a dozen other open world shooter or superhero games.


Even though I have Game Pass…I passed on Downloading Crack Down 3. I usually DL the new games so I seem to get my moneys worth so to speak. It just doesn’t excite me enough to install it. Ive came close a couple times but ultimately passed. I did watch a graphics comparison on it earlier on youtube and it looked pretty dammn good graphically!


Been playing Kindom Hearts 3. Almost to the end. It’s been okay, I guess? It’s gorgeous and the combat is fun but otherwise it largely feels very half-baked compared to the other main games (Pirates and BH6 worlds were great, though). I wonder why they cut out all the Final Fantasy characters.


Can you play KH3 if you don’t have any prior experience with the series? My son is kind of interested, but he hasn’t played the earlier games.


He’ll be completely lost on the story to the point of confusion and frustration. Which is sad because the gameplay is actually the most beginner friendly in the series. It’s ironic really.


anybody hear anything at all regarding the new battletoads? last i heard it was supposed to come out this year


I haven’t heard anything about the new Battletoads. Something tells me it’s either been delayed or it’s going to be a sort of lower budget “surprise, it’s out now” kind of deal when Xbox does their E3 conference. Something along the lines of Streets of Rage 4 where it looks new and pretty, but mostly plays like the old games. Just a guess though.

Has anyone heard of A Plague Tale: Innocence? IGN did a preview on it recently. Apparently it was announced at last year’s E3 (totally don’t remember that) and it’s coming to XB1, PC and PS4 on May 14th. From what I can gather, it’s somewhat of a stealth game, and you play as a young woman and you have her little brother with you. The story sounds pretty good and the graphics look great. Man, 5,000 rats on the screen at the same time?? Yikes.

Anyways, here’s the site for it if you’re at all interested:

No idea how it’ll turn out, and some of the video of them just running around make the game seem kinda bland, but the IGN preview made it seem pretty interesting, even if it had a few nitpicks. Either way, it’s definitely on my radar now.


streets of rage 4 is definitely one i am looking forward to playing.

i also saw an update for iga’s bloodstained project, i am really happy they decided to delay the game and fix it up some more. the gameplay on the demo from last year was already good, but the game just looked far too plain with the exception of those red hallways. they made a great call at bringing in wayforward, that is one strong dev team! i love their shantae series


A great indie title that I’d love to see a sequel to or remaster of is Mark of the Ninja. That game was sick!


One thousand times, YES! I might have to reinstall and play that again now…


22 more days till…dun dun duuuunnnnnn…SEKIRO!!!


I haven’t heard anything about Battletoads either. I’m afraid my confidence in MS is pretty low right now so I think at best we can expect @Iago407 ‘s low budget, low impact release. At worst we get the kind of Phantom Dust remake debacle or Scalebound style delay and cancellation. After supposedly learning their lesson from announcing games like Scalebound and Crackdown 3 too early it looks like the Battletoads announcement was made too early and without anything to show. And then 6+ months of complete darkness. I really like a lot of things about Xbox (mostly Xbox Live), and I have a lot of warm feelings for the guys who worked on KI and engaged with our community. But it’s getting harder and harder to have any faith in the process MS is following for game development. Phil Spencer says all the right things (in my opinion) but I’m looking at what they are making in terms of games and I’m just not seeing anything…


thats been my feelings as well for MS, they really havent brought anything to the table in recent memory. i sold off my xbox 1 last year because it never saw anymore usage at all beyond being a blu-ray player. i also saw no reason to keep it because killer instinct was then ported over to the PC and my arcade stick works with 3.0 USB slot. i was waiting for that one killer app to keep the console, it just never showed up. i think MS’ console just falls into the hole of everything being multiplatform with no really good exclusives that grab my attention.

as for battletoads, its a double edged sword i think going completely dark. it shows maybe they’re working really hard to give us a really great game and are focused like CD projekt with cyberpunk…or its going through development hell. look at metroid prime 4, they went dark, nintendo shows up one day and tell us they’re starting it all over again from stage 1 thus causing a 3 year delay

@STORM179 i picked up mark of the ninja on the switch, that game was really sick! beat it in a couple sittings. im going to replay it so i can try for clean non detection runs. love the way the game looks too, it reminds me of dexter’s laboratory/powerpuff girls

anyway, CD projekt red has said on their social media that cyberpunk 2077 will be at e3 again this year. i am hoping whatever it is they have to show will not be behind closed doors again making us wait a few months. i hope its coming out this year by the holidays, but i dont mind waiting until 2020


The optimist in me hopes you’re right. But CD PR has a solid track record of slow development leading to fantastic games. MS… not so much. I have a feeling all the studios they have gobbled up are working on “next gen” projects, which I think makes some business senses. But I don’t have faith in anyone’s (MS or Sony) next gen console at this point. Xbox One is essentially a third party game box for me at this point, and it looks like that’s how it will be until it gets mothballed.