New Games on your playlist for 2019?


The Surge is a SOuls like game about a handicapped man in a wheelchair that goes to work for a huge science corporation that has the Cryo-suits for their emplyees that give them the ability to work faster, stronger, ect… fork lift type arms, cutting tools, hammer tools and such weapons that are tools for working in this huge corporation that builds rockets and all sorts of stuff.
Scientists and engineers.
He gets there , gets his suit and he can now walk again! Great! But something isnt right…the employees have chips implanted that give them health, energy and other enhancements but they are losing their minds and getting aggressive.
You go around trying to find out what the hell is going on…too find out what did the rockets bring back from space?
Its really great…I think you would enjoy it story wise.


Problem is that as much as I am looking forward to MK11, I will end up buying it but not playing a whole lot of it. MK 9 and 10 were one of my favorite titles despite having played less than 100 hours combined. It’s just me supporting a good title and returning the love ($).
Samurai Showdown might end up getting the same treatment I am afraid.


So, Crackdown 3 is out? I still don’t know the game. It’s my second “Anthem” :wink: I feel ashamed :sweat_smile: