New Games on your playlist for 2019?


Sekiro and Anthem are so far the only two games I’m really excited for. Will play both of those (but especially Anthem) for a while I think.

Overall I’ll probably try not to buy too much this year. My current backlog of games I’ve bought and never played is way too large…no sense just adding more to the pile :sweat:


I have been trying a lot of games lately. But I will only be spending a bit more money on one or two this year. Therefore, I might go for the Anthem LoD pre order as I am planning to invest a bit into that game (buy skins, etc.) anyway.

But buying dlc packs for every game? Probably not. Likely I just finish the main game and then move on.


Yeah uh… me too. Heh heh…

@FallofSeraphs76 ace combat is more of a light flight sim game than an arcade game. It’s going to seem pretty slow and methodical by comparison. Plus a lot of strange anime style plot thrown in (lots of talking to say not much and a plot that makes very little sense).

Sorry I haven’t checked in here for a while.

Sekiro looks pretty amazing but truthfully I haven’t bought and finished a single player Xbox game in a while. I e also been impressed by Metro Exodus, but I’m not sure if I would ever play it.

I’m curious to see how Crackdown 3 will do - although it’s not really on anyone’s list. Considering all the delays it looks pretty mediocre. What happened to all the blah blah about “with the power of the cloud we can make this game super pretty.” Did all that just disappear?


I dont know about Crackdown 3 but that new commercial with Terry Cruise coming home to find Crackdown Terry Cruise int eh apartment is super funny! IM not interested int eh game tohugh.

Sekiro is going to be EPIC…Dark SOUls without the invading and multiplayer…just single player, story driven, skill trees, epic combat and more!
Metro Exodus is going to be a very scrappy, slow stealth driven game, with amazing graphics on the X. I cant wait for this one either! Currently playing Last light in preparation and its a great game too! You should try it on game pass…its on there. You have Game pass dont you?

Right now Game Pass is stacked!!! ANyone that plays alot of XBox should have this as there are at least 20 big games worth the price alone! Shadow of the tomb raider just dropped for petes sake!


Crackdown is really interesting to me. The first one got on my radar because the demo for it was so much fun, and then when I bought and played the full version I loved it. It was just zany and insane super soldier action, and jumping buildings and chucking cars and whatnot was stupid, good fun. Then the second one introduced that weird zombie aesthetic and apart from that it got no buzz, and since everyone seemed to hate it I passed on it too.

The third Crackdown seems like a return to form from the first one, but for some reason I’m only mildly interested (if that) in it. As fun as Crackdown was, it definitely felt like a surface level of fun, the cake of videogames. Very entertaining in the moment, and memorable enough that I still think of it fondly years later, but never managing to make a deep enough impression to make me say “I’m a real fan of this game and cannot wait for a sequel.” I hope it does well though - it was one of the most unique titles I’ve ever played.


Yeah I have GamePass. And a huge list of games I have yet to play.


At first it wasn’t worth it…but right now…man, MK X, All 3 tomb raiders, all GOW, Halo, Forza Horizon 4, Wolfenstien, Assassin’s creed rogue, Doom SHadow of mordor… just that list alone is worth 10$ a month.
I plan on having Game pass forever unless they suddenly just stop having great games.


Yeah I’m a little alarmed that things are starting to come “off.” But it would be good value if I ever played anything. I started Mutant Year Zero andnits very cool. But I didn’t get too far. Sea of Thieves is fun in a “looks pretty. Is this all therenis to do?” Kind of way.

On the subject of upcoming games Terry Crews is a riot. Based on the opening cinema I don’t thing he’s going to be in the game much. I might download it off GamePass just to take a look but I played the demo for the first one and didn’t feel compelled to buy it. As @STORM179 says it was goofy fun, but I can’t really get into open world games and I didn’t get hooked by it.

I keep trying to like dark souls style games and I just can’t. I never finished that sciFi one.


Mutant Year Zero! Still gotta buy that one.

Off topic, doing my duty and started up Mordor Shadow of War :smile: want to finish but the graphics are so 2017 :slight_smile: who would play such a game in 2019?! No one, right?! :laughing:


Lol. My son got it for Christmas and has played through the whole main story.


I got Shadow of Mordor and absolutely loved it, but as is my custom I just inexplicably dropped it one day in the second half. It’s on my list of games to complete…one day :sweat_smile:


I finished Mordor but still havent finished War… I dare say I liked Mordor better than War? I could probably jump on and finish War in a day but Im the type that has to complete every side mission and find every little item so that is what holds me back from finishing games in a timely manner and like you, I just get a new game and never go back.

@BigBadAndy that scifi game…The Surge? How dare you not remember the title!!! Remember Sekiro is made by Dark SOUls devs, the Surge was made by Lords of the Fallen Devs… a team most Dark SOuls purist cant stand…lol… I love the SUrge though, but it isnt quite as good as the Dark SOuls team games.


Yeah, I’m the worst. One of my problems is I have to walk away for weeks because of work travel and then when I get back it’s tough to jump back in to any single player game, remember where I am and what’s going on. I forget the map layouts etc. so the activation energy gets high. Plus, my gaming time overall is way down to just a few hours a week.

As far as the Souls games, I never finished Demon Souls, Dark Souls it Dark Souls 2. I take a lot of time to play these games because I’m cautious and don’t lolenti die too much. Which means a lot of running back and forth over the same territory and back to a bonfire figuring out how to get through an area. For not much reward - which is part of why I don’t go back. I like fighting the bosses with my brother (which involves a lot of manipulation trying to get the absurd matchmaking to work). I think I just have to admit that I don’t really like those games.


I have the same problem…if i stay away too long, its much harder to jump back in and have fun. You have to remember the controls, the map, the difficulty, everything really…and that gets tedious. IM in that spot with Nioh, DS2, Demon souls, A Creed… hell just about every game i play LOL

I did just finish Battle front 2 story mode today… I never finished it from when it came out, I rented it and then never rented or bought the game till last night for 5$. Gool ole story mode it has and there is a 2nd story mode I guess was DLC …thats a nice little addition i wasnt expecting! GOnna finish that this weekend I guess.


Anyone expecting Sekiro to be a new Souls game might be disappointed.


When I saw gameplay I never thought of a Souls game myself. Actually surprised that I heard that opinion about it being a Samurai type souls game…


YEah I already knew that…I read it in one of the first interviews they released last year. IM sure it will be a good balance of all From Soft games


Yeah, they’ve been pretty open about Sekiro being a departure from their previous work. I actually wouldn’t be interested in it if it were just “Japanese Souls”. I think the DS games are weirdly clunky and awkward, and it’s only because Nioh’s combat was so fluid and fast that I enjoyed it so much.


Did you ever finish Nioh? I didnt…Im still at the big skeleton boss that’s in that pit beyond the huge battle field. Pretty close to the end I believe. WHatever happened to the Nioh guy on here that used to give you a hard time ? lol
Did you ever play the Surge? Its great…Surge 2 is going to be even better with character creator and with more areas outdoors.
I ordered the Sekiro Ultimate edition with the statue, poster, map, coins, and art book. I already received the 2 posters from gamestop and the manager gave be her Sekiro lanyard badge.


He was still posting a month or two ago, but don’t think I’ve seen him recently? :thinking:

Nioh is on the list of unbeaten games for me - got caught up playing multiplayer to get crafting materials to make better weapons, and eventually just stopped playing :sweat_smile:

Never heard of the Surge. Don’t mind finding out what it is, but doubt I’ll be interested at all. My bandwith for new stuff is super low right now :-p