New Games on your playlist for 2019?


YEah I haven’t figured out how to combo yet. Most of the codex materials dont have any data in this demo either.
trying to play right now and its stuck on the loading screen for the mission where you go after Matthais when he takes a Javelin and his counterpart feels like jelly and smells burnt toast…LOL. SO I guess I have to close out the game and try again.
Honestly Im on the fence about buying the game. Ill make my decision after next weeks demo and a bit more research on how to combo.
How do you combo?? Any tips you can spit out in a few sentences?

I was really disappointed in Ace COmbat 7… I traded it back in yesterday for RE2. I wouldn’t buy AC7 for 60$…maybe rent it and give it a try first. Its really not good at all.


nintendo threw down full transparency and now metroid prime 4 is delayed at least 3 years minimum. i have no idea why they would go with bamco if that rumor is true. they shouldve used retro studios from the get go. oh well, at least now its gonna be fun to play but FFS im gonna be pushing 40 by the time it releases -_-


I mean, most of the people who made the original Prime trilogy don’t work at Retro anymore. This switch dosn’t really guarantee anything.


theyre still talented


Didn’t they scrap the entire project and are starting over from scratch? Metroid 4?


I know when most of those games are releasing, I just don’t know if all of them will release this year. We still don’t know if Ghost of Tsushima releases this year and we haven’t seen anything about Babylon’s Fall.

Also, has there been news or something that says Ori and the Will of the Wisps comes out early this year? As far as I know it’s coming out at an unspecified time this year.


yep, and the studio is really good too. theyll do a fine job for sure


Hankering for Retro to do Metroid again is like hankering for Rare to do the next KI. The teams are still talented, but they are wildly different from what the teams that created the originals are. They might still do a fantastic job mind you, but the teams that people think of when they think of these studios largely don’t exist anymore.

Long story short, standard Bioware primer/detonator combination. One ability primes, another detonates. Most of the suits’ melees are also detonators, while the Ranger’s primes.

Each suit also has a unique mechanic associated with its combos: The Ranger does additional single target damage, the Storm chains the primed elemental effect (so if it detonates a frozen target it will freeze all nearby targets), the Colossus does bonus AOE damage, and the Interceptor gains a temporary aura that turns its melee into whatever element served as the primer (so if you detonate a frozen target your melees will now freeze targets). Who primed the target doesn’t matter - these effects proc any time each suit detonates a statused enemy.

You can tell if an ability is a primer or detonator by the symbol beside its name in-game. Primers have a little double circle beside them, detonators have a big fire symbol beside them, and other attacks do neither (these will tend to do higher burst damage). If you want to know ahead of time, here’s a handy graphic listing all abilities.


Very similar to ME:A combat. I like it. Kreygasm


Similar, but also feels a lot better in some key ways. For one, the gunplay feels much weightier and more solid, which was an issue with ME:A (where enemies would just charge forward under a hail of gunfire). The other one being that movement is also “heavier” while somehow managing to be both faster and more fluid than the jumpjet mechanics in Andromeda. It’s a weird balance they strike where the haptic feedback and sound design make sure you never forget you’re piloting a 1-ton hunk of metal and guns, but at the same time the actual movement itself is easy, fluid, and very fast, especially if you’re in something light like the Interceptor. The Colossus, on the other hand, handles like a brick with a jet pack, and then makes up for it with a ton of health and a big honkin slab metal shield. They do a good job of making movement easy, but each javelin handles so differently that it legitimately changes how you play and approach encounters.


Whoa! thanks! ill give this a try next weekend!


So I had purchased Ace COMbat 7 a couple weeks ago… it turned out to be a dud overall…just not exciting and “Top GUn” like I thought it would be. I noticed on my receipt a few days later that there was a pre order bonus code, I figured it was some skins or something. TUrns out I was a few planes and an entire Digital game for Ace COmbat 5 Unsung War. It works even with out AC7 disc. SO even though I traded in AC7 I got AC5 for free. I looked up best ranked AC games and AC5 is #1…so that’s cool I guess. SO far its kind of boring like AC7 so …meh. lol

Back to Resident Evil 2 remake!!! Just buying time till Sekiro comes out! I might play some Nioh today…who knows… or God of War. I have the PS4 fired up so.

Oh and I bought Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe yesterday for PS3. I now its supposed to be whack but I figured Id get it for the NK collection and see whats its all about!


Haha since @STORM179 lured me in with his sales pitch, Anthem is now on my playlist.

Cannot wait to learn Colossus and do mayhem combos.


a couple of my friends tried anthem and came away unimpressed. they said it was like destiny or some ■■■■. either way i cant be buying anything or spending money frivously until i get a project out of the way. anthem looks cool, i might get it later when its on sale maybe. because its EA, im going to wait several months and let the devs fix the bugs

as such, i have been playing games that i have sitting around, like pillars of eternity 2 from obsidian. its a throwback to baldur’s gate with many dialogue options and allowing you to play the part of a heroic persona, or the total scoundrel. right now im goin full blown evil because ■■■■ everyone lol.


fired up apex legends last night because why not…its free. anyone else try it out on PC? game is nice, not sure how long im gonna play it, but its nice


Have heard good things about it. Don’t really have time to pick up another game, but it’s the first BR title I’ve ever even considered trying out.


I’m downloading Apex Legends onto the XBOne right now. Looks like fun. If anyone else is trying it and needs a team mate hit me up.

Edit: So after about five games I’ve come to the conclusion: I REALLY suck at this game but it’s a blast to play. I had a lot of fun with it. Just have to get used to it is all I assume.


Try it! Respawn did a good job of implementing Character abilities and ultimates in way that does not feel overpowered. Plus, it’s in the Titanfall universe, so that’s always a plus! :smile:

Wraith is probably the most dynamic of them all. She is so cool :slight_smile:


Im on RE2 right now… and a bit of Metro Last Light here and there…
Getting Metro Exodus next week…
But the only game that truly matters in my world right now…

SEKIRO “Shadows Die Twice”


Apex legends is a bit too colorful for me.
Probably Sekiro, Samurai Showdown, Anthem are my most anticipated games. Then the new DOA and MK as well as Metal Revolution. Too many fighting games scheduled to come out…