New Games on your playlist for 2019?


Don’t have anything that really makes me want to go buy it. One Piece World Seeker and Jump Force have my interest but I’ll have to see if they’re solid games first.


New Streets of rage? Did I miss something?



That’s awesome. Totally missed the announcement.


i thought it was BS at first lol. pleasant surprise all around


Im going to get Monster hunter one day :wink:

So you think RE2 will play like God of War or any of the “over the shoulder view” recent games?

@BoJima404 Oh yeah Devil may cry 5 demo was awesome! Im definitely getting that! I would have bought it after i finished the demo if it were available!

@R1stormrider defintiely Cyberpunk!!! I hope it releases this year!

Also Wolfenstein 3…whoever said that up above… @Iago407?


Easy for me:
Doom: Eternal
Mortal Kombat 11
Outer Worlds
Cyberpunk 2077 (if it comes out)
Shadows Die Twice
Skull and Bones


Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled
Black Desert
Metal Wolf Chaos XD


My two most anticipated games aren’t on anyone else’s list (here):

Trials Rising
Shenmue 3




Gears 5
Crackdown 3
MK 11
Doom Eternal


Ok …I Preordered ANTHEM tonight so I can play the VIP demo this weekend! Downloading it now!
I’m excited to give this game a try since it looks amazing! ANyone else playing it this weekend? I’m supposed to get 3 free friend codes but I’m not sure where the hell they are at! LOL

Also picked up Resident Evil 2… I beat the demo last week and it looks soooo good! Ill probably stream that tomorrow but tonight…tonight is ANTHEM!


Well, I just learned from this thread that there’s a Samurai Showdown reboot coming. My heart is fluttering. I just hope it delivers


Hey @STORM179 , what did you think of the Anthem demo so far? I seen you post some screenshots on Xbox. Looks like you got a bit farther than I did. I played the first 2 main missions and …ehhhh… it wasn’t horrible, but the pacing and loading screens kind of kept me from being blown away. I think there needed to be a big bad awesome boss fight very soon in the demo to get people really “WOW’d!”
AM I missing something? I’m about to give it another go her shortly .

I read the VG 24/7 review on this demo and what he said about the game is exactly how I felt as well. It looks amazing, controls well, but something hasn’t pushed me over the edge yet…something is missing.


I’m sure not all these games are coming out this year, but:

Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Resident Evil 2
Mortal Kombat 11
Devil May Cry 5
Doom Eternal
Ghost of Tsushima
Ace Combat 7
Code Vein
Samurai Shodown
Babylon’s Fall


Mortal Kombat 11
Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fuled
Devil May Cry 5 (Maybe, if I can afford it)


Forgot about Code Vein! Yeah that one is way overdue!
Ace COmbat 7 is out and I bought it last week…eeehhhh… its not that great. THey could have done way better with the graphics and flow of the story line. I was confused as the cinematic story doesnt match up with the missions. I didnt know what the hell was going on. I traded it back in yesterday for 28$ and got RE2. The VR portion also is a side part of the game…its not the main campaign.


I’m loving it to be honest (at least when it’s working). Anthem is kind of interesting though, in that I think you kind of need to have a general understanding of several of the game’s mechanics to really enjoy it. There’s a lot of nuance that you can find in the codex (or for me, online in the last few weeks), but those things aren’t intuitive or in your face that players will easily stumble onto them, and they do have to be understood and executed for you to really get the most out of the game. The way combos work and how they differ for each javelin, the way to maximize dashes with the interceptor or how to DPS high priority targets with the arranger - all of these things work really well and feel really good, but they aren’t things that will come naturally I don’t think.

I think it’s really cool how the two javelins I’ve played as are both viable in completely different ways, and I think the customization and loadout systems have a ton of depth that hardcore gamers will love digging into. Even in the demo I can already see different builds and loot optimizations taking place, and I think that’ll be really cool to explore in the full game.

I’ll be mashing out on Anthem some more today, so if you want to play with me let me know! The game is solid alone once you “get it”, but is definitely more fun with some friends :slight_smile:


Ace Combat 7


Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Sometime in early 2019.
Resident Evil 2 (Remake): Already just released this month in January.
Mortal Kombat 11: Will be released in April 2019.
Devil May Cry 5: Will be released in March 2019.
Doom Eternal: Sometime in 2019.