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No, but you

are triggered when you are doing just what you’re doing, it’s wrong.

You’re not discussing the character AT ALL or providing feedback on why you disagree about the CHARACTER only addressing me lol

If you feel the character is not subpar, state that, you can disagree, but you can’t tell me I’m wrong for that.
Just stop it it’s not a contest of who has the last say.

how about discussing the TOPIC

And you keep doing it beyond the point of being civil, just to have the last say.
Give it up.

It’s a forum. My opinion, your opinion, why your back and forth over things beyond the original opinion.

What you are doing, @BigBadAndy is taking it away from the original post and not stating why you feel the character is otherwise redundant

Prove where I insulted someone.
thoughts on the character? ok then


What’s wrong. You’re not usually like this. You’re usually better than this. What happened?


MK 11 blood sports for today it appears lol


Am I supposed to respond or stop? You ask me to do both in your post. Just let me know. But since you seem to have missed it, here’s my thoughts on Jacqui stated pretty plainly.


Round 2… FIGHT!


What is it about Jaqui that looks generic though? MK has one black woman in the game, so it’s not like she’s copying some massive trend within the MK world at the very least.

Do Sonya and Cassie look generic? All three are military. Sonya just kinda has her black and blue “Sonya” outfit on and Cassie’s default isn’t all that dissimilar to Jaqui’s from what I’ve seen. If you were in here talking about how generic they look, then my apologies for missing it. I guess I just dont’ see why Jaqui stands out as a generic design. I just don’t see it.

She has short dreds, a much better, more detailed looking face this time around and like I said, she’s wearing something similar to Cassie, which to me is a bit more exciting than what they both wore in the last game. Is it the best outfit in the game? No, I don’t personally think so, but it’s a solid start, and I’m excited to see what her other looks are, as the devs seem to be pretty high on them.

As for the whole triggered thing… I’ll just say this. When someone is saying “just stop,” “give it up,” using all caps repeatedly and imitating someone talking to them by saying “BARKBARKBARK,” it’s not a huge mystery as to who’s actually triggered in the conversation.

Opinions lead to debate and sometimes that can lead people to question each other. That doesn’t mean anyone has a lump in their throat, are hurt, or are triggered by just having a conversation about a video game character. If you feel personally attacked, Bblackorchid, then my apologies, but really, we’re all just talking here. You’re the one that seemed to raise the pitch in your voice a bit.

What trend is that, exactly? Is it techy looking black people with dreadlocks? I dunno, I see three examples that aren’t all that similar to Jaqui. I don’t know if that qualifies as a trend. I mean, some black people have dreadlocks. In video games, designers tend to want to make their characters look cool and dreadlocks are kind of a go to and have been for a long time. Some white women have blond hair and pony tails, just as they’ve had for a long time. Again, does that make Cassie and Sonya generic?

I duno man, I’m looking at them and none of them look the same at all. The first character is a guy, for one thing. He has a plastic looking, near-cartoon like graphical appearance and what looks like nerf armor on his legs.

The second character has what looks like google glass and while she’s semi-similar to what Jaqui looked like in MKX in that she has a kind of military vibe, it looks way more stripped down and far less detailed than what Jaqui looks like currently.

Master Raven looks nothing like Jaqui. She just doesn’t. Long dreds, hyper futuristic, almost robotic look, all decked out in silver, she has makeup on, and seeing her in Tekken 7… I wouldn’t even think to draw any comparison to Jaqui.

That’s just me though. I haven’t seen a ton of games that have black women with short dreads and to me, her outfit is kinda unique looking. Not great, but not bad either. Hopefully her gameplay and her other looks will impress more. We’ll see.


thanks then we agree

I don’t know if i’d label them as generic, no…

to me, she does though… that’s why I posted an online image of all three idk

well at least kudos for actually discussing the point -


a bit of interesting reaction to skarlet’s hair update


Jacqui, as a character, works as a successor to Jax at least. They tried to pass down the robotic arms, but to show her progression, they make her arms fire things which makes her stand out. From the looks of it, from the looks of it, they’re carrying that over which is all she really needs in her design. What else could they really do anyway?

To answer that question, it seems like instead of giving her a uniform, they make her entire outfit match the level of technology of her arms. It seems kinda similar to other characters they’ve put out which is why it might not seem unique to some people. Personally, I think it’s acceptable.


interesting views out there in both sides of Jacqui Briggs


I see now what the fuss is about. Will check out the vids later.


I agree it’s not the best, most exciting outfit in the game, but I don’t think it’s bland or generic either. It has some color with the green, it looks far more exciting (to me) than what some other characters are wearing, and I think it fits her.

It’s strange to me that people see Sub Zero and Scorpion wearing variations on outfits they’ve been wearing since MK1 and no one thinks much of it. That’s just what they look like. To NRS’ credit, they’ve added more color on Scorpion’s as well as the option to change colors, which is great. But in terms of their default looks, I mean… They look like Scorpion and Sub Zero. They look like ninjas, just as they’ve always looked. Yet no one says they look generic.

Sonya has the blue / black military style, just as she’s had for a few games now. Again, it’s really nothing exciting and if I had to pick who the more interesting looking character was between Sonya and Jaqui, I’d take Jaqui, but again, that’s just me.

I also think that Geras looks kinda bland in his default and honestly in his other outfits too. I love some of the aspects of his moveset, but I actually have to remind myself of that sometimes because when I see him, his look just kinda seems “eh…” I think Jaqui’s is better and also more detailed.

So while there are outfits that I like more in the game, most notably Skarlet’s, Jade’s, Baraka’s (though I’m admittedly biased toward this character, as he’s my favorite) and Kabal’s, I still probably think Jaqui looks more interesting than Sonya, Cassie, Geras and probably one or two others.

Again though, that’s just me.

See that’s what I’m kinda confused about. Sonya looks like a military character with a plain blue / black outfit. There’s really nothing going on there that we haven’t seen from her in MKX already. How does she not look generic, but Jaqui does? Help me understand. Obviously we’re just giving opinions here, so if that’s just your gut feeling, ya know, it is what it is, but if I looked at those two characters without knowing anything about them and had to pick one, I’d 100% assume Jaqui was the more interesting of the two.

I dunno man, I don’t quite get how you look at those two and see a ton of similarity. Master Raven’s outfit is futuristic, bombastic… She has these huge shoulder pads, this techy looking scarf, long, multicolored dreads, cleavage… Her outfit has what looks like borderline knight armor in some places, like on her hands and legs, etc.

Jaqui meanwhile has a much more understated look about her. Short hair, darker complexion, a more detailed face, different colored and textured outfit… Her outfit looks more like practical military gear with a touch of futuristic elements. She doesn’t look like a tech ninja from the future.

I just don’t see the similarities. It’d be like saying Yoshimitsu and Sub Zero look the same. To each his own though.

While I do miss the long pony tail look from MK9, I do think that this has more style and texture to it, which is nice. I honestly love the short hair look, mixing the black and red, but I like this as well. Glad to see more options either way. Man I can’t wait to use this character!

Yeah I’ll be really curious to see what her alts look like. I think this is a sort of safe, practical look, which works for me. I agree that I’m not really sure what else they could do. I think she honestly looks great in this game, and a big step up over her MKX look.

I’m even more excited by the fact that the devs seem to think that some of her alts are among the best looks in the game, so I’m really curious to see what they came up with.

Just that first quote alone… They put time in to Sonya and Cassie but give Jaqui a face and hair update and a few uniform mods and call it a day? Look at her in MKX and then MK11. She’s wearing a different outfit. She looks different. Here’s MKX Sonya Vs MK11 Sonya:

Am I crazy? I look at those two outfits and I see that the MK11 model is more textured and detailed, certainly. But other than a color change, those two look WAY more similar than Jaqui in MKX vs Jaqui in MK11. If anything, I think Jaqui got a lot more attention than Sonya.

Of course, Sonya has other looks, and I dig them. I actually don’t mind this one either. It fits her. I just don’t get why people think they put so little effort in to Jaqui when she practically looks like a different character. Here they are for comparison:

Different color scheme, different hair, different face, different outfit, different gloves, different skin tone, different theme even (a little more tech and a lot less military inspired)… I see far more of an evolution in Jaqui’s look than in Sonya’s. I see far more unique elements going on as well, yet I see no one calling Sonya generic.

Ah well… We can all look at these and see them differently. I just see a lot more hate for Jaqui in the forum crowd and I guess I just don’t quite get where it comes from, at least with regard to her looks. I wasn’t that in to her gameplay (it was okay, nothing great), but I’m hoping she’ll get significant upgrades and that regard as well.


MK11 Online Stress test starts tomorrow!

I know act excited but I also know exactly how this is going to go for me.

Some matches I’ll be Carmilla… Most of them I’ll be Godbrand


Hold on. Did they say who’s getting in first?


You are not crazy. People can have whatever opinion they want about Jacqui’s MK11 look. But saying she didn’t get as much attention or as many updates/changes as Sonya is just wrong.


I appear to have misread. So I MIGHT get into the stress test this weekend
The Pre-Order Beta is 29-31st

…regardless I’m still going to get thwomped lol


When’s the next cast?


Apparently Gears’s blood was changed to red.


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Presumably next Wednesday. They said they’d be back next week and Wednesday has been as close to a “normal” time as we’ve seen. Just a guess though. People seem to think Kotal Khan will be the next one shown off. Not sure if that’s the case or not though.